Smythson Soho Diary, $515. Jonathan Saunders x Smythson Panama Diary, $245. Both via Net-a-Porter.

I am a huge Jonathan Saunders fangirl, and it has long been my fervent hope that Saunders would dip his very fashionable toe into the accessories pool. Although Jonathan Saunders x Smythson doesn’t include any handbags, the lovely colorblocked notebooks and iPad cases give me hope that some day, maybe not too far in the future, I’ll get to review a bonafide Jonathan Saunders purse. Or just a wallet. I’d settle for a wallet!

In the meantime, the Jonathan Saunders x Smythson Soho and Panama Diaries will have to do. What chic notebooks to carry in your purse or work bag! I know that most of us probably use our smartphones for short notes now, but doesn’t a leather-bound diary seem positively civilized in comparison?

At first blush, the Saunders/Smythson collaboration might seem counterintuitive. Although both brands are British (and the Brits do love to collaborate with each other), Jonathan Saunders is know for sharp modernism. He mixes colors and prints like a master, and his digitized patterns have been some of my favorites over the past several season. Smythson, on the other hand, is a very traditional leather goods company that’s been around for well over a century.

These pieces marry the two aesthetics well, though. Modern ideas in familiar shapes are something of a Saunders signature, and when toned down to his colorblocked essence, Saunders does fit within the Smythson brand image. I would have rather seen two patterned panels instead of two solid colors, but this collaboration is a good start to give Saunders the push he needs toward a full accessories line. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $515 and $245, respectively.

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  • swati

    I don’t like using my smartphone for note taking. and i love stationary especially diaries and i don’t mind buying a diary even if i don’t need it. But i do mind paying more for a diary than i would for a smartphone.
    $500+ ??? for a diary ??? seriously.
    Brands need to use some logic when pricing.

  • J Umm

    very sleek, kind of expensive though

  • 19yearslater

    Ooo, I like them. I don’t have a smartphone, I still carry a small notebook in my purse.

  • Sohini

    I love to write things down and have paper planners, a diary and use note pads and print paper copies of everything for work. But, as Swati said, these designers need to get a clue about how much they charge for items.

  • jrl

    i have a leather diary from db, an old one that i keep well taken care of. when i open it and see the rich tan leather i swoon just a little each time. these are nice but would make a fantastic wallet.