Being a full-time accessories blogger means that, of all people, I’m usually pretty “up” on the trends. Not because I’m extra super cool (even though I am, trust), but merely because it’s a requirement of my continued employment, and like all of us, I’d very much like to continue to be employed. With that in mind, even I couldn’t have predicted that luxury leather coozies (FINE. They’re cup holders. But “coozie” is a much better word, and not all that wrong.) would become a thing that we all now have available to us.

I first covered the Hermes Coozie a couple of weeks ago, and now that the Internet at large has begun to discover its existence, people are pulling random leather cup holders out of all kinds of weird corners of the accessories business. As a result, we have the Jimmy Choo Rika Cup Holder in embossed croc to present to you today. Watch out, though – it’s only $25 less than the Hermes version. This is why they hate us, ladies. But wait, what? There’s now a CROCODILE version of the Hermes cup holder?

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Yes, this is a thing. The crocodile version costs $250 to the regular leather’s $190, but based on the prices for other Hermes small leather goods in exotic leathers, that seems lower than I would have expected. Like the leather version, the crocodile cup holder is part of the Petite h collection, which is Hermes’ effort to use scraps of leather, silk and other materials that are used in its regular products that might have otherwise been thrown away.

Most luxury houses are incredibly wasteful, particularly those like Hermes who have the most meticulous of standards for what might constitue a flaw in a piece of material, rendering it useless for its normal products. The effort to use the waste toward something playful that consumers might enjoy is a good one, and Hermes has said that these products will only be manufactured when extra material is available. It’s like extremely high-end recycling, which is likely why the prices (relative to other Hermes price points) are low. For a brand with rabid collectors, these kinds of small items make a certain amount of sense; they cut down on waste and satisfy a group of customers that is willing to shell out money for anything with an H on it. Brilliant.

Jimmy Choo, on the other hand, would simply like to sell you another nearly useless leather doodad, and for nearly the same price as Hermes. If you somehow find yourself needing to choose between the two (and I’m not really sure how someone gets to a point in life where that’s a decision that needs making), I think that the correct choice is obvious. Buy the Jimmy Choo version for $165 via, or contact your local Hermes store for more information on how to obtain Petite h products, if any are left. (One never knows these things with Hermes.)

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  • J Umm

    looks like something from primark. i hate that edge that sticks out, it is so unpractical and ugly.

  • bisbee

    Wow…talk about a totally tasteless waste of money!

    Sorry – I just can’t imagine it.

  • rose60610

    Call me a klutz, but I’ve always found it awkward to drink anything from a can. Either I stick a straw in it or pour it into a glass. To me, these designer coozie gismos are marketed to rednecks with money. Even for coffee, don’t give me the boo-hoos about “reducing landfill waste” because if you REALLY gave a rat’s rear end about reducing waste you wouldn’t buy the paper cup in the first place. What next? Designer disposable bibs for eating fast food?

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      @rose60610, in your world, how can rednecks have the money to buy such a thing if Google defines a redneck as ‘working-class white person, esp. a politically reactionary one from a rural area’. Guess your version of rednecks wouldn’t give home made pies or jam to a new neighbour, but would sell it to them at a decently overestimated price! You know, just to fund their designer coozie cradled can cravings!

  • james

    I prefer it if my “Coozie” goes in the trash with my paper cup. Some people just have way too much money and care way too much what others think!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Ridiculous. Don’t people realize that the leather would only logically turn colour after being heated by the cup, and then you’d be left with an ugly slab of smelly leather you paid thousands for just to show off the fact that you had the money to show off in the first place. Let’s hope someone’s wrist is small enough to fit this thing as a bracelet, or else all this is, is a wasted piece of animal skin.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      However, Hermes is smart to use pieces of leather that would otherwise be thrown away – as the daughter of an environmentalist with non wasteful sensibilities, I support any company that thinks of a way to reduce waste and still make a buck.

    • Jennie

      I never even thought about the color change from the heat. Interesting point.

    • Sil

      i had never thought about that before
      but then, i never even thought that i’d like a leather cup holder either

  • 19yearslater

    I have a reusable coozie that I bought from Starbucks, for Starbucks. It’s felt, it was less than five dollars, it gets coffee spilled on it and that’s okay. It doesn’t make any more sense for Hermes to make crocodile versions than it does for Jimmy Choo. Leather or croc coozies are a weird idea from any brand.

  • AW

    Hate to say this but that just looks like a tacky piece of plastic. I worry that if i really did use this for my starbucks, i would forget how much i paid for it and chuck it out with my empty cup.

  • Nadia

    I’d be afraid to use it and ruin it after spending all that money on it! This is so pointless!!

  • Tiffany

    You have GOT to be kidding me! I’ve heard it all now! ROFL What next???? A Hermes straw???

  • A

    I feel like these are only made for people who want to make sure everyone knows they have a designer coozie (roll eyes).

  • Erin

    This is so silly! I bet if I had one, I’d forget that I have it on my cup and it would end up in the trash can.

  • Jennie

    I like that Hermes is using leftover materials but this level of consumerism is too excessive.

  • Molly’s mom

    Perhaps this is the product that was the nail in the coffin for Tamara Mellon at jimmy choo. Just terrible

  • Shereen

    Definite waste of money. Would end up in the trash can after the first use.

  • Leslie

    The Jimmy Choo looks cheap and tacky but I like the design and quality of the Hermes. I just have to say, I would shed a tear if I accidently spilled tea on one of those.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    I don’t want to have to dig it out of the recycle bin!

  • Binkysmom

    I like the fact that Hermes is thinking about recycling, but I don’t know how much of a market there is for this sort of thing.

  • Jessy

    I don’t even use cardboard cup sleeves… haha

  • Dana

    Wait, these are CUP HOLDERS?! Ridiculous. I spill coffee everywhere. The nice orange one will be brown after a week. Who comes up with these ideas!?

  • sara

    stick to hermes for sure!

  • Sheila

    Just plain ridiculous!

  • mimi

    I actually think it’s a good idea, because by using this we are actually saving trees… but the price is still ridiculous ….


    It would be a good idea, but it seems a little waste of money.

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  • Mari

    They are pretty but there comes a point when materialism just takes over completely and I think that’s at designer coffee sleeves….

  • katia

    Would rather spend my money on a beautifull bag!

  • Sil

    i think that both of those are equally ridiculous, but at least hermes is recycling
    but the worst part is that there’s a market for those kind of products. i can picture a lot of teenege girls buying them

  • Dana

    i really think people a high end coozie is a waste of money….i mean come on! i feel like our level of materialism has hit a new low.

  • Kathryn

    I’d hate to keep the coozie after throwing away the cup, and I’d probably end up accidentally throwing it away anyway. It’d be a waste of money for me.

  • Baddisco

    If the designers truly cared about the environment and not profit, they would give these away for a limited time as a gift w/ purchase. They could give a rats @$$ about the environment!

  • Actually the leather Hermes Coozie is $320 and the Crocodile is $510.