Fendi’s Fall 2013 runway was full of fur used in inventive ways, from neon zebra-striped bags to shoes that feature multicolored mohawks for your ankles. If it had surface area, Karl Lagerfeld probably found a way to make it fuzzy. If you’re not such a maximalist, though, you can always pick up a Fendi Fur Monster Charm to spike up an existing bag in your collection.

I know some people will think this little guy is hideous, but I’m totally smitten with him. With his green scruff and big pink eyebrows, he looks like the kind of little monster around which an adorable Pixar movie might be based. Of course, I’m making a big assumption that this little dude is, in fact, a dude – it might be a girl! A cute little lady monster to hang from your bag so that people know you have a sense of humor about your personal style. Unfortunately, it’ll also let them know you have a lot of extra money to burn – this charm will set you back $700 adorable dollars via Neiman Marcus.

Fendi Fur Monster Charm 2

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  • Amanda

    Awww. That’s just cute!

  • Susan

    And $700 for that is just insane.

  • JaneH

    I like it because it reminds me of the little “soot gremlins” from My Neighbor Totoro, but $700???

  • Joshua

    It’s so cute! I love bag charms, but $700?? I’ll just stick to my MK Rabbit Fur Puff Charm that I got for $15.

  • SK

    I think it’s adorable, but $700 is WAY too much for something that looks like a muppet.

  • QuelleFromage

    Seriously. So cute, but $700, and in ten days of hanging off a bag it will look like a cat toy….

  • Kat517

    That is cute! But I honestly wouldn’t shell out $700 for it :)

  • MAC

    LOL at “adorable dollars”. Exactly how i felt when I saw the price. Oh $700, How cute lmfaoooo!

  • R K

    Take a look at my site. I have so many fur pom options!