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  • Sparky

    I like my small accessories as slim and flat as possible so they fit in my bag. I especially like Goyard card holders and wallets. I don’t shop for Chanel small accessories because the quilting makes them quite bulky.

  • That lizzy WOC is just what my life needs right now! You should do a feature on their costume jewelry, I got the prettiest pearl earrings this weekend. Some of them are *relatively* okay priced.

  • guest

    I just looked at the Chanel Flap Wallet and said, “$1000, hmm that’s not bad” I can’t believe my reality is so warped. What has my life become? lol!

    • Sparky

      Don’t I know it! Seems like yesterday I thought $300 was a lot for a bag. Now I see $3000 and do the “hmm, not bad”! Plus the shoes – $400 – $600 is the reasonable range.

      • Suz

        Its sick I’m telling you LOLOL

  • M

    I feel that Chanel’s exotic leather goods and bags are quite reasonable comparing to the normal lamb and cavier leather. Anyone?

    • Imgoingbroke

      I own a Chanel python shopper and it is the most expensive Chanel that I’ve purchased, but it’s so worth every cent. Chanel python is so soft and subtle and wears fairly well, so yes, I would agree with you and say that the exotics are reasonable compared to the lamb leather of Chanel.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Why couldn’t all the Chanel wallets be priced around $700-$800. I wouldn’t bat an eye if they were and I’d have a pretty bitchen collection of Chanel wallets too. First purchases would be photo #2 and #5.

  • B.S.

    I’m completely obsessed with that turquoise color! I want every single piece that color comes in!

  • Nida

    Didn’t like this collection so much. Hmm, I hope a new collection is coming out soon. Really want to buy a Chanel flap bag in medium size and beige color, but it’s sold out everywhere. I called some Chanel stores in Paris and they were like: we can’t tell you if we have the bag or not, because it can be sold any minute :-/ but I tought the classics bags in Beige and black was always in store

  • Aileen Diaz

    Beautiful lizard woc, but I tell hubby that I will not get any bag until next summer. Lol!! Men’s don’t understand the beauty of bags or even the need of it.

  • Lara Wills

    I’m loving the colours of this range. Glad to see some brightness about.