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  • Ellie

    As beautiful and eye catching the multicolour Chanel bags are, I feel like they won’t be very practical in terms of styling your outfits around

  • ECooper

    I never actually get to see the Resort bags in person, so thank you for the pictures!

  • Gigi

    Love all of the shopping bags!

  • Dominic Leto

    CHANEL’s prices are officially insane. Even Hermes doesn’t charge $7,200 for a canvas tote. For $400 more you can buy 2 Double Sens totes for that price.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Loving the leather shopping bags! Such a good replacement for the Executive/Cerf tote.

  • psny15

    its the same usual stuff they make – i dont see anything new or creative

  • FashionableLena

    Love the top handle flaps. The bag in #35 is very cool, and #11 is pretty. I’m just curious to know if the price on slide #41 a typographical error. $43,400 seems obscenely overpriced for that bag. It looks like it’s made out of canvas.

    • Maybe it’s a typo? It seems unreal to cost that much!

      • Kate B

        It is a typo. I checked Chanel’s web site, and the price listed there is $3400. Still overpriced in my opinion, but at least it’s not $40K overpriced.

  • Passerine

    Pass. There are few that are…okay…but nothing that makes me go wow. The shopping bags and a couple of the Boy Bags are nice if not thrilling and won’t look outdated in 18 months, but overall…not impressed. Esp at those prices. No hablo Chanel — at least not from this collection.

  • Coco

    Can someone please explain to me why the brick bags are so expensive!? They are really just thick plastic with some slight embellishments on them.

    • Susan Kelley

      While technically they’re under the umbrella plastic, I would argue that Plexiglass or acrylic is generally expensive and a must more sturdy material than just normal plastic. It’s sorta like saying concrete and cement are the same thing.

  • styleguide

    I heard from an SA at Chanel that they may be discontinuing the caviar leather (because it’s so durable and ergo, people don’t need to buy a new bag as often). This made me so sad!!! It’s the best and most sturdy leather too….. Chanel’s leather quality is slowly deteriorating while the prices continue to skyrocket.

    • Aileen Diaz

      Omg!! I hope they don’t remove them. I hate lamb skin, I just don’t like the plain look.

    • Susan Kelley

      It won’t be for a while as Chanel stores buy products a year in advance and there’s no indication that it’s stopping as stores through next fall have caviar products coming in.

  • Kimberly

    How much for the alligator trolley in slide 1?

  • Sparky

    Love #34, #48 and the Boy bags. Is there a typo on #41? $43,000?? It looks like a canvas bag.

  • Smartin

    $10k for a crochet backpack? Seriously?

    • Suz

      I think you missed the 43,XXX dollar cloth shopping tote :)

  • Holly Stanton

    I’m saving my money now that the Trumpocalypse is nigh.

  • MissDemeanor

    I see the prices are up to keep the riff raff away! Lol. If you pay 10k for a crochet backpack you need help!!! I have a classic black flap and that’ll do me nicely.

  • jenjen

    43K for a non leather large shopping tote?!?!

    • M Naima

      I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

  • SPA

    If the bag was a person then no 56 looks like a very happy bag-person!!!!!! :))))

  • KO0926

    These bags are officially the ugliest bags (from one collection) I have ever seen (other than the cheap plastic bags you see some people walking around with) but the difference between $28.00 and $5000.00 might make me tempted to carry the ugly cheap bag versus the ugly expensive bag…. what were they thinking? I fully understand spending several thousand dollars on a beautiful bag you love… but these are just ugly… No joke here… you could not give me some of these bags (if I had to actually carry them) and you might be able to convince me if you paid me… now that is saying something… I’ve never been a boy bag fan… but some of the totes are nice… This collection made me realize something (and that makes me happy) I am not a label whore… LOL I love nice quality beautiful bags… but if the bag is not beautiful… I don’t care what the brand is….

    • Aileen Diaz

      I totally agree with you. I care about quality, classic look them brand. Some of this bags are not better than the 5 dollars street bags than I can buy in the street. The price are insane for crochet bags, look like home made bags. The only bags worth in this collection are the tote bags and the top handle bags.

    • SandraHvar

      Really? I think a lot of them are beautiful, some in a fun and whimsical way. I love that multi-colored tweed hobo! If I could afford it I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat.

  • fassionpassionbee

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  • lulilu

    These are pretty much a joke

  • Kaneshop

    I’m sure I saw these at target last week

  • tess

    These are for the most Fugly yikes and the prices for such atrociousness…

  • thepixinator

    What do they call that green canvas, Castro Khaki? It’s ugly, and makes light of 60+ years of dictatorship. Ugh

    • Suz

      celadon ?

  • mardigras

    Love the yellow bags!

  • persononhere

    these are neither classy nor elegant, two things i usually associate chanel with