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  • kindled

    So many of these are so pretty. Burgundy/wine is such an attractive leather color.

  • Sandy

    You missed the most beautiful bag in oxblood IMO, the Antigona!

  • pinksky777

    You forgot the most important one! Givenchy antigona!

    • I tried to pick bags that we don’t have on here all the time! Except for the Peekaboo, because that leather treatment was just too pretty to pass up. I trust all of you to develop affection for the oxblood Antigona without any assistance on my part :)

      • GivenchyLover

        We do! The Givenchy Antigona in oxblood is more beautiful than these beautiful burgundy bags.

  • Mary

    Part of the list should have been one of the oxblood Mulberry bags of AW14! Absolutely beautiful!

  • viennaprinzessin

    I can’t believe it. I ordered the Balenciaga this morning. I am Never on spot with anything!

    • Congrats on the new bag! It’s a beautiful design in such a pretty color.

  • Doodles78

    Gorgeous Balenciaga

  • Marnie

    That bag is everything.

  • EGlez ?

    I can’t stand that Rebecca Minkoff bag, the stitching hurts my OCD :(.

    • Saymama

      The Rebecca Minkoff looks like a straight knock-off of the small Chanel Boy. How unoriginal.

  • Newyorking

    The Balenciaga is too tall for me. I saw it in store and liked it, but somehow I couldn’t picture myself in something so plain and tall. I LOVE Burgundy but I wish the bags were more innovative.

  • Lorel

    I just think this color looks very “old lady.”

  • RG

    that fendi peekaboo is a beauty

  • lancelbbsac

    Ainsi. il peut y avoir se déplace pour obtenir modernstyle positivement dans les sols Extérieurs, déclenchant toile Damier accrocheur: Ces gens qui veulent regarder élégant et charmant sac lancel et qui souhaitent utiliser des sacs à main de marque.

  • WhosThatBag

    Thank you for featuring M2Malletier! We are in love with what they’re doing.

  • That’s really an amazing collection of Burgundy Bags. All bags are so well- designed yet simpler but looks to be stylish. Great stuff!

  • Crazyaboutbags

    Anyone likes the Hermes Loop Bag? or Shops at ShopBop?

  • bagaddicted

    anyone shopped at ShopBop?

  • loveaboutbags

    Hermes Loop Bags

  • Lisa

    Memo to Lauren Merkin: Ever seen the Ferragamo logo? Oh wait….

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