4th of July is synonymous with summer. It signifies everything summer is about for me, like beach vacations, bikinis, parades, barbecues, baseball games and late nights out. It will be my second summer to celebrate Independence Day in NYC and there is something magical about being here. Between the fireworks and the overall pride and joy felt in the city for this country, I look forward to celebrating the 4th here with friends and family.

From when I was a little girl, I always dressed in my very best red, white, and blue clothing and accessories for the holiday. Being a true handbag lover, it is only right that I have found some of the best red, white, and blue handbags out there to show American pride. From vivacious red leather, to crisp white, to true blues, these bags are sure to get you feeling USA pride. Stay safe this holiday and Happy 4th of July!

Louis Vuitton Epi Alma | $1,610 via Louis Vuitton (more…)

I rave constantly about Net-A-Porter as one of my favorite online shopping destinations, but it occurred to me recently that some of you may still not know about its sister site, THE OUTNET.COM. With deals on some of our favorite designer pieces, THE OUTNET.COM has been constantly filled with products from designer bags to the most sought after shoes since its launch in 2009. As the site has grown, there have been many additions that not even I knew of, including the fact that THE OUTNET now has items exclusively made for the site. I know from first-hand experience about the out-of-this-world finds that can be had on the site, and I’ll share my story with you all soon.

Though we are in the midst of one of Net-A-Porter’s semi-annual sales, you can visit THE OUTNET.COM year-round for great deals. We chatted with their team to find out 10 things we didn’t know about THE OUTNET.COM that you probably didn’t know as well. (more…)

Mother Nature seems to have skipped over winter and went straight into spring this year. Today is the first official day of spring, and I have no idea how that happened or how it is already here, but I’m not complaining. NYC has been bursting with signs of spring for a while now, but especially in the past few weeks I have noticed flowers blooming and the weather making a turn for the better. I am planning to change out my winter wardrobe and bring out all of my warm weather clothes in the next few weeks.

Spring is synonymous with flowers, and there is no better way to kick off the first day of this season than with the 5 best floral print bags for spring. (more…)

Clearly, my nightmares revolve around missing out on amazing bag deals. Earlier this week I shared the bags on Net-A-Porter’s sale that are haunting my sleep, and today I have to tell you about all the lovelies on ShopBop’s website that I am currently eying.

ShopBop is another favorite e-tailer that I find myself constantly scouring. The site carries some of my favorite designers that reflect the downtown cool style I love to carry and wear. From Alexander Wang to Botkier to Rachel Zoe, these 9 bags are all on sale and will certainly be sold out soon. If any of these bags are the perfect gift for you or someone else, you better hurry and beat me and everyone else to the punch. GAME ON. (more…)

Sale Season is both a high point and low point of each season for me. With sample sales galore in New York City, it is hard to walk down the street and not find a great deal on something I previously had to have. I know many of you wish you could be in NYC for all of the sample sales, but the advent of the Internet means great deals at everyone’s fingertips, even if you live in the middle of the desert. All you need is your trusty laptop.

With that being said, one of my absolute favorite sales of the year is on Net-A-Porter.com. Their sales mark down some of the most coveted items in the fashion world and it feels like a virtual battle to get the best pieces. I have been religiously checking their site to see if anything new pops up or what gets marked down more and I have found 9 bags that haunt my sleep. From trendy to classic to elegant to funky, these nine bags are the ones that continue to call my name whenever I visit Net-A-Porter.com. (more…)

Can you believe the most wonderful time of the year is knocking at our doors? We can sit around and chat about how fast the year flew by, but it is time to get our shopping lists made and start buying gifts for those we love (and also for ourselves, of course). For those of you who are looking for great handbags under $500 for holiday gifts, we have a list of the 9 best, just for you. Check out our under $500 gift guide!

When it comes to ensuring that your belongings don’t get soaked in a sudden downpour, your pickings are slim. Go ahead, Google “waterproof handbags.” I’ll wait! See what I mean? Nothing but a bunch of camping equipment, which means that you should always carry an umbrella if possible. That doesn’t mean, though, that all regular handbags are created equal when it comes to inclement weather. Far from it, in fact!

We’ve got three suggestions for three different personal styles, but this is the important stuff to remember when you’re getting dressed on a rainy day: Make sure it closes all the way, make sure it’s big enough to hold an umbrella and make sure you won’t weep if it gets ruined. Those are the rules, ladies. I don’t make them, I just share them. (more…)

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. Everything about it – the brightly colored wigs, the over-the-top makeup, the elaborate costumes, the slutty hosiery and shoes – appeals to my inner drag queen, and ladies, my inner drag queen is especially glittery. When you combine those tendencies with my penchant for black and my preexisting love of fun size candy, Halloween and I are like a match made costume-closet heaven.

I still have no idea what I’m going to wear this year (I have a green wig. Give me ideas based on that in the comments. This is a serious request.), but I do have a few ideas on what everyone should be carrying in order to properly embrace the Halloween spirit. Whether you’re attending a swanky costume ball (I wish) or a kegger at your friend’s sketchy apartment (slightly closer to reality), I have assembled a group of bags to keep your hands and arms occupied, both on Halloween and well beyond. (more…)

All images via Vogue.com

Despite the fact that Spring 2012 was kind of a down season for runway bags, there were still plenty of highlights that deserve to be noted. After all, in a season where Louis Vuitton gives you wall-to-wall exotics and Hermes reintroduces a long-shelved shoulder bag, things can’t really be that dreary, can they?

So here we have the ten best bags from the Spring 2012 show schedule, presented in alphabetical order. We picked only bags that appeared in major runway shows because those are the ones to which we have access at this point in the season. Once bag designers who didn’t have shows start sending out lookbooks, we’ll have lots more bags (and lists) to show you. Tell us which bags are your favorites in the comments, and let us know if we missed anything! (more…)

I know you come to us to see the latest and greatest in the designer handbag world, but sometimes there are trends that simply do not work and are so ugly that they are asking to be called out. For this fall and winter season, many designers brought both real and faux fur to their collections. The bad news is, most of the renditions fell short of our fashionable expectations.

I have compiled six of the worst fur bags for fall, because a what the hell were they thinking post is the perfect midweek pick-me-up. Sit back, sip your coffee, avoid other necessities in your life, and laugh at these atrocities. (more…)

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