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  • Philippe

    it is not exactly true for point #3. You can do personalization in Asia too, the artisan is in Taiwan.

  • psny15

    <3 Goyard

  • Doodles78

    Discreet (sorry)

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thank you!

    • Updated! I got a new, much smaller laptop two weeks ago and I’m still getting used to typing on it, I am generally super vigilant about discreet/discrete because I took a discrete math class in high school, ha.

  • Kate

    I love posts like this. I appreciate brands with a real pedigree, and I like Goyard’s way of doing business. It’s getting more common nowadays to see people carrying Goyard, but a few years ago it was unusual enough that you had to know what you were looking at to know why it was special. I like that its products aren’t totally ubiquitous.

  • Maria V. Montgomery

    Delvaux has been in business since 1829. So, Goyard cannot be “the oldest leather goods maker still in business.”

    • The more accurate statement might be “the oldest French leather goods maker still in business.”

      • Daphne

        Even that’s not accurate. Moynat was founded in 1849.

      • Sara

        True. And their leather range is much nicer. They too do hand painted personalizations on their totes. Very expensive though!

      • Kristoffer

        Moynat has beautifully crafted bags. Perhaps the statement about Goyard might mean that it has been in solid business continuously under one family since its renaming in the late 1800s. That claim for sure can be deceiving to a lot of people. BTw, Delvaux has to take the cake with its pedigree :)

  • Vicky

    This post makes me interested in the brand more.

    • Sara

      Me too! Even though I’m not crazy about the pattern or the styles, I still want one knowing I can’t get one unless I travel to a city with a store.

  • T Tara Bagnista

    Plus, in-store boutiques at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, CA and Chicago, Il.

    • eee

      Yes – I purchased mine at NM in Chicago! It’s the orange bag they show and I just love it!!

  • gt66

    I love my goyard. In cities with a boutique, the bags are everywhere. Mostly the St. Louis tote. It’s kind of like an effortless chic, like, “oh this old thing? Why, I always carry my gym clothes in a 2000 dollar monogrammed tote!” I find it kind of hilarious. A secret club.

    The reason that this tote is probably my favorite bag is that:

    1. I love my initials plastered in obnoxious colors on my canvas tote.
    2. It really is a very casual bag, so it works with the “elegant effortless mom” look I’m trying to achieve(!!).
    3. Goyard never changes, so this cute tote will never look dated, which means you can wear it to death and it will still look chic in 10 years!! Almost no other bag will do this (hello fendi baguette!!).

  • Passerine

    I appreciate the background info/history and acknowledge that these bags really appeal to you, but the brand just doesn’t do a single thing for me. The bags with leather are better than the non-leather totes but overall…a big mehhh. And Goyard is far less under the radar than it used to be. If I want a lesser-known luxury brand, I’d go with Delvaux (which, as noted below, has an even more distinguished pedigree) or, my favorite, Fontana Milano 1915. You can only see/buy the full FM 1915 line-up at the flagship store in Milan — what’s available via Barney’s is just a small fraction of their collection.

    • gt66

      I saw some of their bags in our Barney’s recently (Fontana Milano), and you are right; they are gorgeous. I was blown away!
      But I like Goyard because it’s not fussy and it’s not formal. The bags take a beating and they are casual enough to be almost appropriate for my personal lifestyle with kids, soccer games, and all of that. Most luxury brands would look out of place in the average city mom’s daily life, but Goyard blends right in.

      For people who live in Goyard cities (SF, NYC, Chicago, etc), these bags are not at all under the radar, but rather they are more “all the rage,” especially with a certain set. That’s kind of what makes them so fun. And I agree about the personalization… Not for everyone, but once you see it on enough people, it will grow on you!!

  • Ruby

    I find the personalizing a thousand kinds of ugly.

  • MissDemeanor

    Chanel doesn’t sell its luxury goods online either. Only makeup or perfume.

  • Ms Karisha

    I have been watching this bag for a while. it might be time to pull the trigger.

  • KGK

    Personalization is performed in San Francisco, not in Beverly Hills as noted above in #3. There is a boutique in SFO while in Beverly Hills, Goyard is sold via Neiman Marcus only; I just purchased my Goyard in Beverly Hills, but had to be sent to SFO for personalization as that is where the US West Coast artisans are based.

  • Phil W

    What about Delvaux? They’ve been in business since 1829

  • Aoedele

    Never been a fan of Goyard, imho it photographs cheap. Not impressed.

  • Lisa Nguyen

    I guess they forgot about Fauré Le Page….est. in 1717. They look like the inspiration for Goyard.