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3 Reasons Why Your Collection Needs a Silver Bag

The new neutral...

It’s no secret that one of the biggest handbag trends of the last couple of years is metallic bags, specifically silver. Most brands and retailers have us sold on the idea of a statement bag, but when many of us think statement, we think novelty, a bag that’s not for the everyday.

But I’m here to convince you otherwise because one of the most popular ways to make a statement with your bag also happens to be one of the most wearable.

Yes, I’m talking about silver bags. It’s time to up your bag game in 2024 with a shiny new carry, and if you’re on the fence, I’m here to give you three reasons why a metallic bag, specifically silver, is a must in your collection.

It Works as Both a Pop and a Neutral

Silver is one of those rare colors that can act as a neutral and as a pop of color simultaneously.  It looks great with bold, bright colors and neutral outfits alike. It’s one of the most versatile hues out there, not to mention that it is also virtually seasonless and can be worn year-round.

3 Reasons to Own a Silver Bag pt 2
Mirrored silver bags have become the go-to for designers in recent years.

We all know that designer bag costs have become astronomical, with every bag purchase feeling like a splurge. That said, cost-per-wear is a smart way of shopping, and because of its sneaky versatility, silver is a great choice. While black may appear to go with everything, it’s certainly not a hue that pops, but as mentioned above, silver can do it all.

It’s not too dark of a color to carry when it’s warm outside, but it’s also not inappropriately bright during winter’s dark and cold gloomy days. You might be surprised, but a silver bag can be a great everyday bag.

Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Every bag collection needs a universal shade that works with most of what you own/wear, and silver can be that for most of us. It’s so easy to dress up or down—you can pair it with all black and a kitten heel for a night out or jeans, a tee, sneakers, and a baseball cap for your day-to-day.

Take Chanel’s new high-shine silver flap. While it surely makes a statement at first glance, and the inclination to style it dressed for a night out is warranted, it still works when paired with a casual outfit.

It Screams Effortlessly Cool

Silver absolutely screams cool. It just does—no matter the shape. And that’s the thing about silver. You can opt for a classic shape like the storied Chanel Flap or Lady Dior. Conversely, you can go with a more on-trend silhouette, like the pillowy Louis Vuitton Coussin.

There are also various options to pick from, like crinkled aged-metallic leathers, matte silvers, or the high-shine, mirrored silver bags that have been booming in the last couple of years. There’s a silver to suit every bag lover.

Either way you go, your bag will ooze that elusive cool-girl appeal.

3 Reasons to Own a Silver Bag pt 4
The Chanel 22 is the ultimate cool-girl carry.
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The Silver Prada Cleo Remains a fan-favorite.

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