These designs tell the story of how we got to the accessories-crazed fashion industry we have today

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  • jess

    no fendi spy?

    • KellyB

      No, because they look like ballsacks.

      • Jennifer


    • Natalie K.

      I think they feature bags still in production. Spy was discontinued.

      • S

        Pattington is not in production.

      • Natalie K.

        Paddington was still in production at the time article was published, and it was available in Nordstrom (they did sort of “come back” for one season or so).

    • Although the Spy was popular, I don’t think it’ll be looked back on by fashion historians as more influential or important than other bags of similar popularity.

  • KathyB

    LV Speedy should be on the list.

    • We debated whether the Speedy or the Noe should be on the list, but we went with the Noe because it created such a specific genre of bags.

      • LizzieHollowaybot

        My Aunty recently got a 9 month old Buick Regal Sedan by working part-time online… Get the facts -> FREELANCING WORK <-

      • Marms

        I totally agree! The Noe started the “draw string” bag! Im a fan!!! The Mansur Gavriel bag wouldn’t here ;)

      • KathyB

        I still see Speedy’s out and about. I haven’t seen a Noe’ in ages.

  • Natalie K.

    Lady Dior is hugely missed here. Even such a specific designer as Judith Leiber made it to the list , but no Dior?

    • We will do a part 2 soon – there are SO many majorly influential bags!

      • Natalie K.

        Looking forward to it.

  • Grace

    How about a good hobo? BV Veneta comes to mind, or Gucci Jackie. There’s a great exhibition about vintage bags and their influence on contemporary design at the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, focussing on amongst other things the classic shapes that designers keep going back to.

    • wbwbwb


  • faure le page, Goyard hermes hac

  • nita

    Are you kidding?? Seriously.
    i could have done thiS list better.

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  • Cristina H

    I’m ashamed (?proud) to say I have 7/10

  • Emily Lai

    Good list. It would be interesting to see a revenue estimate associated with these influential products.

  • Joana Richard

    Ok I think like the Hermes the Louis Vuitton have to have the speedy, I really beleive that its more star then the Neverfull and Noé! But I agree that the Noé Its there!

  • Sparkletastic

    I pretty much can agree with this list. But of them, I only like the Chanel and Hermes Kelly.

  • Christine

    Marc Jacobs Stam!

  • Lance Lenzi

    i love that instead of being like “hey beautiful list! make another!” everyone just complains about what is missing. girl please, there have been a million it bags, these are just ten…..dont be so butthurt.

    • Lance Lenzi

      so allow me to say hey! beautiful list! make another!