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  • Lily

    So, happy to see the Fendi Petit 2Jours, on this list. It was my choice for my first premium handbag, when I splurged on a Chanukah gift to myself. Amanda, like you said…. it is not too big, not too small, and always sophisticated.

  • Great list!

  • EliCaroline

    Great list. Glad that it included bags at all different price points. Very happy to see the Bottega Veneta Olimpia as it’s a great looking bag, but I feel doesn’t get much love.

    • Passerine

      I have the Olimpia in the larger size and it is a fab bag. Its only drawbacks are that it is kind of heavy given the leather, suede lining and double chain and that the chain (on the larger version at least) can be quite noisy, clanking away if you set it down on a glass or hard (granite etc) surface. I love it anyway :-)

      It is a great list, but I would pick the Alma PM over the BB size. And perhaps in an epi leather instead of Damier.

      • nygirltrappedinfl

        I agree completely….the epi leather is much classier. I’m a BV girl but most people don’t appreciate BV.

  • Lori

    Of course this is an excellent list! I wouldn’t expect any less from you all. And even though I have a rather large selection of designer bags, I want a bunch of these myself!

  • Lisa

    Love this list, but I’d also add the Hermès Evelyne at $3300 or so, since anything they do is luxurious and timeless.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I agree with you. The Evelyne is a great bag to have in your collection, although it is pricey for a beginner, it is definitely one to own at some point of your collection.

  • hIRA

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  • Sara

    Oh the Fendi is such a gorgeous color

  • alexa lee

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  • ElainePG

    Terrific list, Amanda. I’m not new to collecting designer bags, but I found a few drool-worthy ones here that hadn’t been on my radar. The Loewe Small Puzzle Bag now has pride of place on my Nordstrom wish list!

  • KatleyS

    Thank you for the suggestions! When I started becoming addicted (sounds terrible!) to this blog, I also tried to find the actual bag in the store and try it and look at it before buying. I feel this will decrease the hype and impulsivity that tends to come with designer bags (at least for me). That’s because all of a sudden, the voice of practicality will sound alarm bells in my head. Make sure a bag works for you! Just another unsolicited word of advice when starting a designer collection.

  • Boss hall

    Great list! FYI the Burberry Banner has housecheck on the sides and not novacheck.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I agree with almost everything. Loewe Puzzle bag, though? I’d understand if it was Loewe Amazona.

  • Imgoingbroke

    The Gucci Disco is a “must-have” for sure.

  • Stephanie Murphy

    This is a great list, even for those who aren’t completely new to designer handbags. Whenever I spend that sort of money, I tend to go for items with lasting power over anything trendy. I just bought two bags this year to start my own bag collection: the Fendi Petite 2jours in black and a Prada Saffiano tote in ink blue. I already have my eye on some of the other bags listed here for bag #3! :)

  • Hanakimi87

    I’d just like to throw out there for first-time bag owners not to make the mistake that I made going for a light-colored lambskin. Until you really know how you (and jeans) treat (or mistreat) your bags, or which bags require the utmost TLC, perhaps stick to more robust leathers!

  • MissDemeanor

    No Dior? Some of these are a bit blah and basic. Thankfully no Michael Kors. I started my collection with Chanel, I didn’t go straight for the traditional flap bag and went for a flap bag with a twist!

  • Karen C.

    Yes, a very good list! Another idea when starting a collection is to focus only on one designer and purchase a few bags from that designer and then move on to the next, and so on, and so on…
    Love the Fendi. I think it’s time to start my Fendi collection!

  • Mike Sulewski

    Amazing and beautiful designer bags. I really lived them. Thanks for the update!

  • bg

    Balenciaga is always my favourite but also DesaNineteenseventytwo is a new brand of great bags

    • Christine Kofman

      I’m so glad someone else has mentioned them! I just wish there was even a single store on the east coast that sold their bags.

  • Susan

    Excellent choices…but the rockstud? Really?


    • Gloria

      Agree!! I cannot believe the rockstud made the list…

  • Jen

    Great list! I’d love the get my hands on that puzzle bag. Such a cool, unusual design.

  • crescent

    Trendy would probably be the last word I’ll use to describe the Sac de Jour since its shape is relatively safe but lovely list nonetheless. The Gucci Disco I love love love.

  • Nin

    Great list. I have some of those bags in my collection, a bag from most of those designers and a few bags on the list I might consider. I think for someone starting their designer collection, another good option would be any of the Chloe “Marcie” styles. The different shapes, sizes and colors seem endless. And I feel like they are also on their way to becoming classic bags since they’ve been around for a number of years now, and depending on the size, the price points aren’t that bad either

  • MG

    I got my first designer bag this year! And I love it! YSL black wallet on a chain with gold hardware. It fits all I need for a date or brunch with the girls and it makes all my outfits look stylish.

    • Jennifer McGee

      This is the perfect starter bag! I love YSL especially the logo…and I am not a logo person. I bought a Chanel WOC years ago and get so much use out of it (maybe I need a YSL WOC). Enjoy your beautiful bag.

  • Kate

    Love all the bags you listed, wish I could have them all!

  • Lavish_Box

    I have to broaden my brand collection…Lanvin is worth adding to the list of must haves.

  • Mary

    Ahh i love my city bag.

  • Dave

    Loewe Puzzle is a great election!!! The Loewe Amazona or Flamenco. too but Puzzle is new, original and versátil. Fendi and Givenchy are good elections, too!!! I am a little fed up of Valentino studs bags.