Fendi bags have upped the ante in the past few years, with many of the brand’s new releases quickly becoming must-haves. From the Peekaboo, to the 2Jours, to the adorably playful Bag Bugs, Fendi has yet to disappoint.

I’m always interested to see what a brand comes up with after a several-season hot streak; few are able to sustain that kind of success for long, but Fendi looks to have a solid hold on its accessories. The newest bag to hit the family is the Fendi By The Way Bag, which is also known as the Fendi Bauletto.

Fendi By The Way Bag (2)

The By The Way will be making waves for so many reasons. First, the design is pretty. The shape is a bit different from most bags on the market and very different for Fendi, but the bag can actually be carried multiple ways. The top handles easily pull tighter so you can slide your hand under them and use the bag as a clutch, which works best with the smaller size. Then you can also carry the bag by hand with the top handles, or with the strap either over your shoulder or across your body.

Fendi By The Way Bag (3)

Very few bags are taking the East-West shape and doing it well right now, but this is a bag that does. The By The Way comes in two sizes; the Piccolo is the smaller option and is big enough for daily use but also can move into the evening, and the Grande, which will carry much more. I adore this bag and am so happy to see Fendi continuing to design bags that the accessory market needs.

Prices for leather By The Way Bags start at $1,400 for the smaller (available via Nordstrom) and $1,750 for the larger (available via Net-a-Porter).

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Not long ago, Mulberry publicly announced its intentions to alter its price structure and handbag offerings in order to try to stanch its recent sales slide, and now we’re seeing the opening salvo of those changes. The Mulberry Tessie Bags, which start at $860, are the brand’s new beginning.

There are a couple of notable things about these four new bags, which are mid-season entrants that are likely meant to get the ball rolling more than to make a big splash with consumers. (The splashy bags, surely, will come later.) First, they lack the big Mulberry turnlock that has graced almost all Mulberry bags released in the last several years. Instead, they have a small gold square with an embossed Mulberry tree.

Second, the bags are discreet. The collection consists of a tote ($990), a hobo ($1,190) and a long-strapped shoulder bag in two sizes ($860 – $990), and the most daring color available is a sedate burgundy. These bags are workhorses, and the kind of thing that every woman needs to have in her closet. They form not only a good foundation for a wardrobe, but also for a brand’s accessories collection – there’s plenty of room to expand creatively from here, but these are the types of bags that earned the brand its loyal following in the first place.

Mulberry is currently functioning both without a permanent CEO and a permanent creative director, so it’s possible that the addition of one or more executives in the near future could drastically alter the brand’s current trajectory. Until there’s more stable leadership, though, this is a back-to-basics olive branch that Mulberry fans will likely be glad to see, even if they hold off on purchasing for the moment.

Or maybe they won’t hold off – at least one of the bags is already sold out. Shop the entire line here.

J. Mendel is already a name that many fashion lovers know, but when you think J. Mendel, you probably think of the brand’s stunning gowns and impeccable furs.

I’ve been a longtime lover of J. Mendel, and when I heard that Giles Mendel decided a focus on bags to be integral to his brand’s future, I was thrilled. Each season, Vlad and I sit at the show and feel ourselves taken into a world of majestic beauty on the runway. Seeing the items off the rack takes it to a different level, and my newest love revolves around J. Mendel bags. (more…)

By now, we’re all aware that Louis Vuitton is in the middle of a massive re-brand, with a new creative director in Nicolas Ghesquiere and a renewed emphasis on discretion and craftsmanship instead of the ubiquity and showmanship that characterized Marc Jacobs’ tenure at the French powerhouse. (It’s important to note, though, that Jacobs’ tactics turned record profits for Vuitton for much of his decade-plus stay.) In order to play up its signatures without using its monogram, the brand has debuted Louis Vuitton Damier Couleurs for Spring 2014. (more…)

The sister duo behind the famed jewelry line Dannijo has already made a name for themselves with their standout baubles. Their jewelry has been spotted on everyone from fashion insiders to Hollywood celebs, and it’s easy to see why: their pieces are both intricately luxurious and boho chic. I’ve been a longtime fan of the girls’ brand – pairing a statement piece with a pair of jeans and white top is right up my personal style alley. If you love the brand’s jewelry and also love handbags, then I have some good news for you: Dannijo is bringing its stand out style to the handbag world with their just-launched handbag line.

Dannijo Handbags follow the aesthetic of the duo’s jewelry, and there are touches of embellishments on some designs while others stick with clean a finish. The bags are meant to stand out and have aspects that will surely grab attention without being gimmicky. Dannijo has made a name for itself in the jewelry arena and I suspect the brand’s handbags will continue to gain traction – they’ve already been seen on a bevy of celebs, including Rashida Jones, Sophia Bush, and Hilary Rhoda. Prices range from $495-$1,295 via Dannijo.com, and you can check out the collection below, complete with purchase information.

Gift guides are probably coming fast and furious at you from all corners of the Internet lately, and we’re here to try and make it simpler to find gift inspiration, place your orders and cross a couple more holiday tasks off your list. (If you’re shopping for yourself, that’s okay too. We won’t judge you.) That’s why, starting now, you can access all of our holiday gift guides in one easy place! See up top, where it says “gifts” in fancy gold script? Click on that. Feel the stress melt away. Go ahead, it’s fun, and it’ll be updated every time we publish another gift guide.

Check Out All of Our 2013 Holiday Gift Guides!

Finding a new designer is always exciting, especially when you consider the tight hold some big brands have on the handbag market. Earlier this month, I was introduced to Dillon Des Pres. When I saw his line, I felt a freshness that I always yearn for; the designs are simple and natural, with a beautifully finished aesthetic. It looks like Dillon Des Pres has an exciting career ahead of him – shortly after his launch, Moda Operandi commissioned this exclusive iPad case/clutch from him.

Crafted from vegetable-tanned leather, the Dillon Des Pres iPad Case has an envelope-style construction with a cutaway front flap, brass rivet embellishments and a contrast bridle leather belt-style strap that reminds me of Restoration Hardware. The fact that this reminds me of the famous housewares is not just a good thing, but an amazing thing – half my apartment is furnished from Restoration Hardware, and I love the brand’s feel. This case can be easily used for a woman or a man and looks both strong and feminine at the same time. There will be much more to come from Dillon Des Pres, but for now you can buy this iPad case for $215 via Moda Operandi.

When it came time to design Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad Bag, my idea was to make a bag that is ideal for the lady on the move, which I constantly am. When I’m home in NYC, I change my bags out often, but Vlad and I travel a ton and I’m not someone who takes along a bunch of bags when I’m on the road; they’re cumbersome to pack, they could get lost, there’s just too much hassle. I told the designers behind Mackage, Elisa and Eran, that the Nomad needed to be made with a hectic lifestyle in mind. I wanted to make something both compact and spacious, which is not an easy feat. On top of that, I wanted the bag to be convertible.

After a very long design day, many emails back and forth and months in the making, we ended up with a bag that actually gives you three bags in one. From a two-compartment shoulder bag, to a stand-alone clutch that can be zipped off of the rest of the bag and carried alone, to a pouch with an optional shoulder strap, this bag is the ideal travel companion. And for everything you get, the price can’t be beat – $395 via Mackage.

I’ve been traveling with my Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad Bag the past few months and wanted to show you the journey of my Nomad bag, from the pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the Toronto Needle (CN Tower) to the bag’s launch parties in both Toronto and NYC.


Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 12
The journey with my Nomad started in beautiful Bermuda
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 6
We started the day with walks on the pink sand beaches and ended with dinners overlooking the sunset
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 7
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu


Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 5
A warm welcome from the Mackage team when we arrived in Toronto
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 13
Wherever you go, always remember to look up…
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 11
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 4
The Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad, enough said – $395 via Mackage

New York

Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 3
A wall of Nomad bags in the Mackage store
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 10
DJ Brendan Fallis and Mackage designer Eran Elfassy
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 8Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 9
Two of my favorite people, Theophilus London and Adrienne Bailon, who loved her Nomad
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 2
The center of attention, the Nomad, $395 via Mackage
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 16
Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan of Mackage, Megs and Vlad and DJ Brendan Fallis
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 15
“The journey starts beneath the stars…” – Theophilus London
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad 14
The design trio of the Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad Bag, Elisa, Eran and myself
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad – $395

I’ve been super excited to share the bag I designed with Mackage, and the time is finally here! We’re pleased to introduce the Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad Bag, which I helped design with the hectic lives of modern women in mind. Even though it’s my first design venture, I knew what I wanted to create: a bag that was functional for my busy life, a bag that is easy to carry and works with everything in my closet, and a bag that stands out from everything else I own.

When I sat down with Elisa and Eran from Mackage, we discussed making a bag that served multiple purposes, and after many iterations, the Nomad was born. It’s actually three bags in one – you can carry it all together, or separate the two storage sections to be carried as two small clutches, plus all options allow you to use the shoulder strap if you’d like. The two sections are connected by a cool zipper that adds a nice metallic element, and the black box leather is sturdy and sleek. We added a special finishing touch with blue edge paint.

I will have tons more photos and information to come, but today is the official release and I am so happy to share the Nomad bag with you!

Pre-order your Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad bag for $395 now.

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