This is the second time we’ve spotted Tamara Ecclestone with this well-dressed, well-bagged man friend – here they are arriving together at LAX. According to The Daily Mail, this is Scott Harvey-Nicholls, Tamara’s close personal chum and “brand manager”. (I’d let Mr. Harvey-Nicholls manage my brand any day.) You’ll notice the very tan Tamara is rather conspicuously flashing her silver Hermes Crocodile Birkin at the cameras.

If I had a nickel for every time we featured a celeb conspicuously leaving a hair salon dressed to the nines…I still wouldn’t be able to afford a Hermes Kelly, but I’d be closer than I am now. Here’s Eva Longoria exiting the Ken Paves Salon in West Hollywood after a low-key evening of primping and styling, with her Hermes Kelly Bag in tow.

When most people think of Hermes, they think of the coveted Birkin and Kelly, but the brand offers so many more bags. Sometimes when I want to go off to dream world, I dive into the Hermes website because it’s one of the best-designed and most fun and interactive sites any luxury retailer has put together. While playing on it today, I ran into an inviting look at the Hermes Berline Bag as a slew of them swayed from side to side while bells play in the background.

Here’s Portia de Rossi, trying to sidestep the paparazzi while leaving a hair salon in LA. If you’re startled by her short new ‘do, Portia apparently chopped off her long, wavy blond locks sometime this summer, FYI. (Missed that newsbite completely.) Less shocking: You’ll notice Portia is carrying a black Hermes Birkin. Let us all take a moment to pay homage to the most popular celeb arm candy on the planet.

Today, for your handbag peeping pleasure, we have Formula 1 Racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone, mixing it up with a very mod black and white outfit combo that includes the coveted Hermes Limited Edition So Black Crocodile Birkin! If you’re not familiar with Tamara or her sister Petra Ecclestone Stunt, they’re British socialites/models/insanely rich folk who probably buy Birkins like the rest of us buy fro-yo.

Regular Black Friday sales are fun, but you know what’s really fun? Being able to get your hands on vintage and gently used pieces that aren’t normally available on the Internet at all. That’s where our friends at Rue La La come in – they’re known for offering the best vintage and gently used rare pieces on the Internet, and because today is such a huge day in online shopping, they’ve cooked up something particularly special for you with the Rue La La Luxe Gifts Sale.

‘Tis the season to be giving…so we won’t speculate as to why Lindsay Lohan looked considerably more polished than her overworked, overstuffed black Hermes Birkin when she headed out to do an interview for “Good Morning America” last week. Or why she was photographed God knows how many hours later looking like a drunken caricature of her mom. We’ll say something nice.

With the holidays fast approaching, it is imperative we all begin to work on our holiday shopping lists. Consider me selfish, but the first person I think about is me when it comes to what I want to receive or buy myself for a gift. There is no better way to wake up on Christmas morning than by finding a large orange box under the tree, and this year is helping my dreams come true.

Not only has Kim Kardashian been stepping up her accessories game lately, but so has the entire Kardashian family. It seems they all have made Hermes a part of their everyday lives, and if one of the sisters isn’t carrying a Birkin, their mother Kris most definitely is. The family that so many loves to hate continues to relish in the spotlight, and with each bit of extra attention they get, their value goes up.

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