Why in the world did it take so long for Project Runway to come up with the challenge that we had this week? Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of forcing the designers to create a cover look before?

Once again, for the second time in as many recaps, I got a healthy dose of perspective from my weekend house guest while watching the penultimate episode of this season of Project Runway. After about twenty minutes, he looked at me and asked, “Is this as entertaining as it should be?”

My answer?

What scares a bunch of gay men and young, urban women more than a pregnant lady? As it turns out, not much! And that might be the primary lesson that we learned on this week’s Project Runway.

So, here we are again. It’s a familiar place. This week on Project Runway, we had another challenge in which our designers were asked to take some money and buy some fabric and make an outfit.

The brutal war of attrition between Bravo and the Weinsteins is over, and the first episode of the sixth season of Project Runway has come and gone, and guess what! It didn’t suck, like, at all!

If you want to continue to watch the rest of this dismal season that is Project Runway, I have but one suggestion for you: don’t watch any of the previous seasons when they play them in marathons on Bravo.

Thursday night saw the end to our long national nightmare, also known as Project Runway Season 6. Three brave but dubiously qualified women took the catwalk of battle and squared off with their marginal design talents and delusions of grandeur, and only one would be left standing among the tattered ruins of swatches and…felt helmets?

For all of you Project Runway fans out there, AOL Entertainment has set up some fun links.

First there is the ‘Project Runway’ Preview: Oct. 18, 2006. I try to keep the suspense high, but I caved in and watched!

So tonight is the main event – the much-awaited debut of Project Runway on Lifetime. It’s been over a year since we last saw Heidi & Co. strut down the runway, and a lot has happened in the interim.

Despite the fact that none of our designers can ever hope to be as spectacularly talented as Christian Siriano was two season ago (or as any of the top four were that season, really), they still continue to plug away at this thing we call Project Runway, even though it’s on a network that no one watches and it directly competes with Real Housewives.

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