So this is it, folks! The season (series?) finale of Project Runway! Like last week, I continue to feel kind of…meh. But at the same time, I’m kinda sad that this big fabulous experiment of a show might be coming to an end (the Weinstein Brothers, who produce the show, seem to be bent on ruining it). Consider this show compared to its reality brethren – “Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” “Flavor of Love,” “American Idol.” All of those shows, and pretty much every other reality show on TV, are bastions of crassness, mediocrity, and manufactured intrigue.

Proj Run, at its best, celebrates creativity, talent, inventiveness, and diversity in its contestants, models, and ideas. It certainly has its not-as-awesome moments, but what other show would deal with a contestant’s increasing insubordination with something as subtle as an eye-roll by someone as subtle as Tim Gunn? None of them, but that’s exactly how he does it at the beginning of tonight’s finale. If this were Tila Tequila’s show, someone would have cracked her over the head with a half-empty Jack Daniel’s bottle by now. Hmm, maybe I DO wish Project Runway was a little less intelligent….eh, anyway,

Newsflash, folks: Kenley finally follows some of Tim Gunn’s advice. He tells her to not dress her main model in the wedding gown because, despite it’s utter gorgeousness, it’s a total McQueen knockoff and she doesn’t want the judges to be reminded of that when they decide her fate. She hems and haws and acts self-righteous and insulted about it, but then deigns to follow his advice (which was excellent, btdubs).

And then the world almost fell off its axis, because Kenley criticized a fellow designer and I agreed with it: she said Leanne can’t work with color, and she’s right. She can’t. I’ve hated almost every color choice that she’s made this season, even when I’ve absolutely adored her clothes. I’m glad that it’s the last episode of the season for the very reason that I’m agreeing with Kenley now. Seriously, enough is enough.

Leanne’s colors are still blah and everything looks likes waves in a way that is possibly a little too literal, but in a nice turn of events, Korto actually listened and made two new looks to replace her bridesmaid dress and wedding gown. What? There are people still humble enough to listen and take advice when given?

So we’ve heard plenty about how things looked in the workroom – how did they look on the runway?

Well, actually, wait a minute. We need to address the judges first. J.Lo was supposed to guest judge but she pulled out (officially over a “foot injury,” allegedly because she got beat out for a role in a Weinstein movie before the show filmed), and I’m glad she did. I don’t like J.Lo, and I don’t know a single fashion-watcher that think much of her personal style.

Kenley was first up and, surprisingly and disappointingly, I didn’t hate hers as much as I wanted to. At times it was a little too Betsey-Johnson-meets-50s-costume, but I sorta dug the vibrant colors and honestly, I love vintage shapes. Harumph. That’s all I’m saying about it. I’m protesting my own affection for her clothes. I refuse to be on Team Kenley tonight. I don’t reward bad behavior.

Then came Korto – the thing that stood out to me the most was that her materials appeared to be a little more…earthy…than you normally see on a runway. Lots of what looked like raw silk and treated linen, and I didn’t know if I was going to love it, but I did. The clothes were chic, beautiful, and not over-designed. They appeared to fit beautifully and it made me want a piece of emerald green clothing. My favorite look of the entire night was the floor-length gown of green raw silk that Korto’s normal model wore – the necklace being part of the asymmetrical strap? Genius, I tell you.

Leanne…Leanne is where I’m sort of torn. The skill it takes to make a collection like the one she made is enormous. Incredible. That’s tailoring that few people her age are capable of, so I give her enormous credit for that. It seemed over-thought and overly literal, though, especially coming after the incredibly chic simplicity of Korto’s collection. If she could have reigned in the resemblance to waves just a BIT (or used less structured fabric to make them), then I very well could have been on Team Leanne tonight. I also didn’t care for her palette – almost everyone looks terrible in those colors.

As such, tonight, I’m on Team Korto. Nina Garcia did well to point out that a lot of people can wear Korto’s clothes. Korto could dress her models and she could dress me. And I’d feel fabulous and lucky to be wearing her clothes, and I’d be immediately drawn to them in a store because I would recognize them as things that would flatter me and make me comfortable. Her simplicity is deceptive and her clothes are for all different kinds of women. That’s something I can get behind in a fashion world obsessed with only one body type.

But they pick Leanne because they never agree with me so, you know, whatevs. Someone out there needs to offer Korto a fabulous job in the industry because she deserves it. I want more Korto!

But hey, there’s a real victory here – Kenley didn’t win ANYTHING!

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  • Toni

    Well, there’s not much I can add here for my 2 pennies. I agree with everything you said Amanda. I do, however, like Leann’es blues, creams and whites (I’m partial to blue) – I just wish she had a more varied color palette. Kenley’s line was fun and exciting to look at; very vibrant. Korto, I feel should have been the winner here. I hope to see her clothes in stores some time in the future – I would be honored to wear them.

  • Kaytey

    I was soooooooooooooooo disappointed. I’m totally done with this show, seriously. I think the judges just have no taste at this point. Leanne’s clothes are beautiful, but she has ONE LOOK. That’s it. Korto was infinitely more humble, more adaptable, more wearable, and innovative. I’m so shocked.

  • Barb

    I thought Korto & Leanne were both amazing. I do agree that Korto’s aesthetic is more accessible for most of us than Leanne’s. Leanne seems more conceptual. I’ve been thinking about it & really believe that Leanne won based on the variety of pieces she showed: ie. Pants, shorts, skirts, vests, gowns. Korto was amazing & really did a great show, but I suspect that here (only slightly) more limited silhouette & style types are what ultimately put her scores below Leannes. I think that Korto will get backing quickly & will probably be able to get more buyers when she brings out a line. Her styles are just much more translatable into RTW in high, mid & low ranges.

  • dela

    As a whole I liked Leanne’s line the most. The cool color palette was unexpected and the waves had a great movement. Her white oversized collar jacked was my favorite piece (so couture-like) and it could be easily translated to the real world (at the same time bring something unexpected). I also liked Korto’s line but that white ruffle dress she sent down the runway was my least favorite piece in all three collections. But, the puffy-sleve mini she whipped up at the last minute was a real winner. Kenley, as I have said before, reminded me a lot of Balenciaga. I know fashion has tendency to recycle same looks but few of her dresses were dead ringers for Balenciaga and Alexander Mcqueen. If you are going to copy two of the more individualistic fashion houses (unlike Michale Kors’ redundant prade jackets, pencil skirts and torusers) people will call you on it. For this simple reason she should not have been in the final three, no matter how beautifully made her wedding dress was.

  • mia

    Loved – Korto’s design, Leanne’s were well constructed but agree with most that Korto’s are much more wearable. Kenley’s hand painting, and color choices were exquisite – they really should have prizes for everyone. I am shocked though by how the models esp- Leanne’s line looked like – skin and bones, clavicles sticking, arms stick thin – arrrghh – those poor girls need to eat.

  • me

    Korto was my favorite all season, and Leanne my second favorite. This held true for the finale; but Leanne was closer this time. I’m pretty happy with the decision and glad that Kenley didn’t win (who isn’t glad Kenley didn’t win?) She mouthed off to the judges during her final time on the runway. Come on.

  • Angie

    Very disappointed in this season. I really didn’t like Leanne’s collections. All those silly wave flaps — the skirt, especially, reminded me of those air turbines you see on tops of houses (you know, like these things: )

  • CoachFreak

    I am SO GLAD Kenley did NOT win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have preferred Korto’s clothes as Amanda did, but seriously I am dancing in my shoes that Kenley did not win.

  • girly_bits

    Amanda, you are right on the money as far as I’m concerned. I thought Korto’s collection was fabulous in all of the ways that you mentioned. I think she’s going to do really well esp after the PR exposure. Still, I would have preferred to see her win. Leanne’s ‘waves’ were quite showy, buy one note which is my reason for preferring Korto’s over Leanne’s. Kenley didn’t let me down, we had a couple of the Great Balls o’ Tulle dresses :) . I did think her collection was stunning, but just can’t condone her childish behavior. I had to laugh at her comment when she found out that Tim was going to be a judge. It was something like “I guess I should have been nicer”. Yep Kenley it pays to be respectful, huh?

  • girly_bits

    oops, the word ‘buy’ should have been ‘but’.

    To Angie: LOL, that is what they looked like…turbines. I kept looking at them trying to figure out what they reminded me of and you nailed it. lol….turbines.

  • ATLCutie

    I’m so glad Leanne won! So I have to disagree with you Amanda on this one. I absolutely loved Leanne’s color choices (maybe because that color is my favorite), and all the waves. I thought it was beautiful and innovative. Yes I can see how someone might think its redundant, but she made shorts, skirts, dresses, and I would wear almost everything she made. Needless to say I’m beyond happy she one. Korto’s collection was beautiful, and her green finale dress was TDF. Kenely, well Kenley was Kenley. Her hand painted dress did remind my of another designer. Well I’m not overly excited about next season on Lifetime, but I will prolly watch it anyway.