So I came in to this week’s episode ten minutes late today…kinda forgot it was Wednesday, honestly! So, uh, what in the world is the challenge this week? Mothers and daughters? But are they designing for both? Seems like only for the daughters, and possibly a job-hunting outfit…and Suede is still talking in the third person. And he’s still, you know, on the show. Hmmph. This will never do. You know how this works by now – good stuff happens after the jump.

Actually, this challenge is kind of cool. Selecting clothing with mom around is always doubly difficult, even at these girls’ ages (which happen to be basically the same as my age!). Even though they don’t have to wear the clothes themselves, moms always have something they do to undermine you and make you panic over the choices you’re making, even if they’re good choices. My mom’s move is looking over her imaginary glasses at me and saying “aMANdaaa…”

…and mom also reads this blog…shout-out to Mama Mull!

Ahem. Like I said, good challenge.

…is that freakin’ Tila Tequila???? No, it’s not. Whew. Just looked like her from the side. I was going to flip out for a second. As it turns out, she’s going to help with the daughters’ makeovers and styling. Good. I panicked a little.

For this challenge, I miss Terri even more. So many of these folks don’t know WTF they’re doing when they’re trying to make a tailored, clean-looking jacket, and Terri had it down. Straight Guy Joe, Suede, Leanne are all annoying me a little bit with their jacket choices. Leanne rarely makes a misstep, and I hope they don’t punish her for this one. Makes me nervous.

Kenley’s having some issues too, although she’s not self-aware enough to realize that pink tulle sticking out of a dress is kind of, uh, tacky. Kenley is almost as annoying as Suede at this point, and that’s a really dubious distinction. She found a little “mini me” of a girl to design for, though so it kind of looks appropriate on her. Even though I’d like to say mean and nasty things and see her crash and burn.

Speaking of issues – Suede has way more than just his odd, bell-sleeved jacket. As one of the other designers said, the whole look is kind of 90s, although I hate the jacket a lot more than the dress. The dress is…ugh. I hate Suede. A lot. In order for Kenley to lose this challenge, she would have to be worse than Suede, and…well, that’s not possible.

Leanne. Leanne, my dear. You do such great work. The dress? It’s cute, really cute. But it’s not for a kindergarten teacher, who will probably have play-doh smeared on them at some point during the day. And the jacket is really not cute.

And Straight Guy Joe? Well, he managed to take a cool, artistic girl and put 30 lbs on her body and make her look like she was going to a costume party with an 80s theme. It was bad. It was on a Suede level of bad. Silhouettes like that are not good on a chest-y girl (and this chest-y girl outta know), and Straight Guy Joe didn’t seem to have any idea that a lot of people (particularly those in creative industries – his girl was a graphic designer) don’t wear suits to work. And ultimately, although I don’t think it was was possible to be worse than Suede for this challenge, Straight Guy Joe goes home. I’m kind of ambivalent about this – both he and Suede should have been done a long time ago, so at least ONE of them got the boot. I’m calling it now – Suede is gone next week. Please, God, let me be right.

Korto and Jerell’s Designs

As far as winners go, there were only two people that didn’t suck in some way, shape, or form this week – Korto and Jerell. Korto’s was cute and something a ton of women could buy and wear in a variety of ways, but Jerell was probably the most obvious winner of any challenge thus far.

His outfit was sleek, thoroughly modern, and very high-end. It probably helped that he got the only client with a model-like body, but his taste level has been surprisingly high lately, and I think he would have done something just as good for a regularly sized woman. Plus, his client loved how she looked so much that I thought she was going to cry, and the ultimate test of anyone’s clothes is how his customers feel in them.

Next week, according to the preview, is some kind of outrageous and crazy challenge. Yeah yeah, Project Runway producers, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’d be very surprised if they have anything that zany left up their sleeves. After they make dresses out of car parts, I don’t think they’re going to shock me anymore. But, you never know. What do you guys think it’ll be?

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