When we set the date of February 20th, 2009 for our wedding it seemed as if that day was so far away. Slowly but surely the day creeped up on us and as it got closer to the wedding day, the amount of work for the wedding grew exponentially as did my excitement.

For some reason, I’m in a slightly punk rock mood this morning. I want black leather, dark silver hardware, and something fashionable made out of both. The 7 For All Mankind Metal Link Large Tote fits that bill perfectly – the metal links on the front seams remind me of huge surgical staples, which is something so medical and un-pretty that I kind of love that I’m seeing them on a bag that’s actually quite nice-looking.

So, the 1980s throwback trend is, like, a thing. I get that. I’m even a moderate supporter of it, when done correctly. The 80s were a time of excess and fashion-forwardness and questionable taste, and everyone loves that, right?

In commenting on one of my previous posts over on the Forum, our lovely member gacats mentioned a piece of classic style advice that I think many people (designers and fashionistas included) have totally forgotten lately: when dressing, always remove one accessory before leaving the house.

I don’t even really know how to begin. I am bringing you a Christian Louboutin handbag that isn’t a clutch? I think this is a first. While there are times I write about handbags for no reason other than shock or surprise; this time, being surprised is a good thing.

Lately, Marni has been going slouchy and I like it. Sure, growing up my mother, grandmother and various family members would always tell the kids, “don’t slouch”. Well, I’m going to go against that and tell the folks over at Marni to keep slouching their way into our hearts and our closets!

Say what you want about Juicy Couture. They make their fair share of missteps, and they’ve produced some truly horrendous bags in the past. They don’t always get it right, which is the case with a lot of young brands.

Hear me out on this one, folks. I know what a lot of you are thinking. You’re thinking “Holy crap, Amanda has fallen off the deep end and appears to be unable to claw her way back up.” And, in all fairness, you may be right.

Yes, I’ve said it before, I love celebrity gossip. It really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t know why, but as soon as I open a celeb infused magazine or type in a celeb heavy site, I am fixated.

I can’t decide what my feelings are on the J.Crew Silk Gala Clutch. On the one hand, it’s totally warm-weather-appropriate and I kind of adore the color. On the other hand, it might be a little bridesmaid-y and I’d surely destroy any silk bag with which I was to come into contact.

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