Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Cosmetic Pouch MMI’ve been on the look recently for a very tiny pouch or wristlet to use as a clutch. I want something small enough to fit easily in my hand that will hold only the very essentials – house key, car key, ID, cash, phone. But the phone is where I’m hitting an impasse, because I have an enormous Blackberry with an even more enormous clear plastic shell to keep it safe (gotta brag for a minute – it’s one of the new click-screen ones! I love it!). As such, the thing is approximately the size of a small computer, and even if I can find a wristlet into which it fits, nothing else will fit alongside it. So I’ve decided to get a bit creative in my current search, and this morning came across something that could potentially work very well – the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Cosmetic Pouch MM. I realize that it’s meant to hold lipsticks and whatnot inside of a larger bag, but since it doesn’t have cosmetic pouch emblazoned on it anywhere, I doubt anyone would know the difference. Besides, I’m all for repurposing things (kinda of like the tv stand holding the microwave in my kitchen. Ahem). At any rate, it looks like it’s just small enough to fit in my hand while being just big enough to contain my giant brick of a phone, and it zips all the way across the top, lest I drop it or hit anyone in the head with it. Perfect! On top of all that, amarante is my favorite color of LV vernis ever and would go really well with all the black I tend to wear. Now if only LV ever went on sale. Buy through eLuxury for $450.

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  • Marion

    It’s beautiful! I think you can use it for a night out too if you don’t want something big? :P the color is so elegant too! Talk about a make up pouch turned wristlet!

  • QueenMAB

    You will LOVE it – these Pouches are adorable, and there is a larger GM size too!

  • Ping

    Can’t go wrong with amarante color. I have two LV bags in this color, and even have the boots from last year..love love the color.

  • Cakebaker

    Actually, I would really like this in silver Mirroir GM. The Vernis Amarante colour though, is to die for.

  • Fabutopia

    I LOVE the COLOR of the bag…and the embossed monograms :)


  • leslie

    oooh i love it. Amarante is a colour I want to build a wardrobe about

  • Sarahsaurus

    Oh… I think I just had a bag-gasm.

  • Merve

    ooo yeah silver mirroir would be delicious plus nice price too

  • holly

    I love the color! Ah it is so pretty, too pretty to be relegated to cosmetics only.

  • eorchid

    Absolutely love it. Now I want one too!!

  • luvhautecouture

    WOw! It is so gorgeous! I am totally not a clutch person tho… I can’t stuff my bags underneath my arm… I wish there was some way to add a trap, but then it would be ugly… maybe I can use a clutch just this once!!!

  • bindc

    One of my favorite bags. Love love love it.

  • Tara
  • Cats

    If there were a way to attach a chain and make this into a little shoulder bag, it would be PERFECT!

  • 007andabit

    Wow u inspired me! I just ordered it… Can’t wait to see it!

  • Julia

    Beautiful pouch! But you should get something that your blackberry fits comfortably in

  • jenn

    Beautiful bag! I think this is one of the finest bags from the Louis Vuitton collection.

  • dani_twotwo

    very nice. i also wish for a strap or chain, maybe something like the leather wrist strap could be added to it?
    example, the LV “Wapity Case” @ $320.00

  • beanyce126

    my favorite item. (ipad)