Bottega Veneta Half Moon Clutch

I remember learning about the lunar cycle when I was a kid. I found myself infatuated with how the moon changed shape, brightness, and location. Of course, I was pretty young when this first infatuation occurred. Well, over time, I still find myself fixated with the moon. Sometimes it is so big and bright, other times it is a small sliver and yet other times it is perfectly cut in half. Just as I am infatuated with the moon, I can also find myself infatuated with Bottega Veneta handbags. For the most part (and especially when BV sticks to what they are good at), Bottega Veneta handbags are gorgeously intricate yet simply divine.

When I came across the Bottega Veneta Half Moon Clutch I instantly thought it was a handbag I would love to tote. At first glance, the handbag is fun, flirty and versatile. Then as I continued to examine the bag, I noticed the supple leather with exquisite detailing. The terracotta colored leather boasts amazing detailing that is fabulous yet not overwhelming. BV has gone over the top before while trying to do too much at once. This is not a problem here. The soft color matched with detailing gives you a bag that is sure to last for seasons to come. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1650.

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  • Choco

    Does this remind anyone else of that hand held ice cream… Choco Taco?

  • Merve

    Yeah its like a choco taco for sure…or if u squeeze yr eyes a little it could look like a burnt crepe. BV thanks but no thanks

  • holly

    Lol! You ladies make me crack up! Now I can’t stop seeing it as a Chocotaco!

  • Ping

    Gross is my first impression of this bag. and I am a fan of many previous BV bags, but this one misses it’s mark and i hate this color too!

  • Free

    I would TOTALLY get this bag if I saw it for $15 bucks at my favorite consignment boutique … I’d be so hippie-chic – with my terracotta chocotaco clutch!

  • Fabutopia

    what is up with BV’s designs lately? I know they are trying to think outside of the box, but sometimes when the box is nice on the inside…maybe they should stay there for a while.

  • pursemama

    Whoever designed this bag was craving tacos!

  • Jackie

    It definitely looks like a taco.

  • B

    LoL at the choco taco comments. I do love this bag! It’s rather unique (as a bag at least if not as a taco).

  • Mary

    This moon bag is just plain UGLY!

  • Kendra

    Looks like a flippin taco. (fb)