Marc Jacobs Jeweled Stam Satchel As many of you who read my Fashion Week posts know, I’m a major Marc Jacobs apologist. In my eyes, he can do almost no wrong and his main personal export is fabulousness. So it’s only natural that my huge personal bias towards His Excellency may be clouding my vision when I look at the Marc Jacobs Jeweled Stam Satchel. Because I was doubtful of it at first, but I seem to have somehow convinced myself that it is really fantastic, in a bling-tastic, bedazzled, Liberace sort of way. The bag’s quilts are covered in zillions of light blue Swarovski crystals against a backdrop of dark blue suede (may this be the first suede Stam?) with the traditional gold chain for even more shine. I think we all know that MJ is only continuing to make new versions of the Stam to capitalize on its former status as an It-Bag, but my 2005 black leather version is still one of my favorite bags, so I can’t hate on those that continue to snap them up. This particular wild-n-sparkly version would have to be for a very specific, very bold customer however, given its assumed ability to completely overpower anything else you’re wearing. I give Beyonce two weeks before we see paparazzi photos of her carrying it. Do your thing, girl. Buy through eLuxury for $2350.

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  • shara

    I hope it’s full of money! That’s a very pricey purse Marc….. wonder if his salary is going to be capped?

  • Cat W.

    I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to fashion and handbags but I truly love the intricacy and stunning beauty of this purse. If I had $2,000 laying around I would definitely snatch this one up! Besides blue is my favorite color and I absolutely adore the shape!

  • Carrie K

    This bag comes in black also & personally I prefer the black one over this navy version. I’ve actually seen this bag in person(@ both Nordstrom & Neimans), the ball is even more gorgeous in person. Neimans currently carries the black one on their website.

  • holly

    I think it is very pretty, but I would never buy it for fear of the crystals falling off.

  • QueenMAB

    I’m a BLING positive person, and I just can’t see myself carrying this – maybe in black…

  • Ping

    I have never been a stam bag fan, but this color and all the crystals are gorgeous!! i have an old sonia rykiel bag this color with bigger crystals on it and it’s one of my favs.

  • Jackie

    I love the blue, but I personally would rather see the metal in silver.

  • Teri

    This bag is show-stopping gorgeous, and apparently a great way to meet people! I bought it as they were unpacking it at Saks NY last week. I wore it yesterday w just navy jeans and a white sweater. All day long I was stopped by friends and strangers alike wanting to look at it. Even my uber-conservative friend (let’s just say she won’t wear a heel higher than one inch) claims it’s the best bag she saw on our recent trip to NY.

    And MJ also made a small clutch to match, so if you love the look but want to make a slightly more subtle statement, try that! The only place I’ve seen the clutch is at Saks NY, (ask for Julianna – she’s great!), but NM (online and in stores) carries the larger stam in both navy w blue crystals and black w jet crystals. Online only the black is photographed, but the blue is listed for sale.


  • Bonnie Jean

    This bag is stunning! -I love the shade of BLUE ! I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot. I want it-now.

  • Lauren

    I like this bag! Serena on Gossip Girl had a blue one like this at the end of the episode (last night) when she was jetting off to Spain…but I don’t think the wardrobe people sprang for the one with the Swarovski crystals. When I saw her bag I thought of Purse Blog :) Plain blue still looked good!

  • wongy74

    I thought the bag Serena was carrying had the Swarovski crystals on it. See here:

  • Àíàòîëèé

    Èíòåðåñíûé ïîñò, ñïàñèáî âàì. Ìåíÿ èíòåðåñóåò òîëüêî âîïðîñ – áóäåò ëè ïðîäîëæåíèå? :)

  • Kendra

    Very beautiful. The blue is perfect. (fb)