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When we set the date of February 20th, 2009 for our wedding it seemed as if that day was so far away. Slowly but surely the day creeped up on us and as it got closer to the wedding day, the amount of work for the wedding grew exponentially as did my excitement. And finally, when the day arrived, I was overtaken with excitement, nerves, and love. One week ago today, I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams. Seems so cliche, but it is absolutely true. Vlad and I have been together nearly six years. We swam together in college. He moved to Germany. We started a website together which turned into our company and full time job. He moved back from Germany. We moved to Florida. We went though so much together, but from day one I knew I was going to marry him and live my happily ever after. Our happily ever after began six years ago, but the wedding last Friday was the last little piece of the relationship finalization.

Hermes Kelly Longue

I woke up on the wedding morning with a bit of wedding day jitters. Hair and makeup came at 10 am (many more details on hair and makeup in a later post). I am the Purse Blog Queen, so my accessories truly had to be fit for a queen. Luckily, I had the most ideal wedding handbag and jewelry to complete my look. My handbag that I carried on my wedding day has a special place in my heart. Two years ago over two-hundred of the lovely members of Purse Forum shocked me with a gift that left me speechless. For my birthday I was gifted the ultimate gift of all time, a gift that I knew would be a major part of my wedding day. I anxiously opened the orange box to find an extremely rare Hermes Kelly Longue in white with palladium hardware. Tracking down this bag was a massive feat in and of itself, creating quite the chase around the globe for a white Kelly Longue. But with persistence and perseverance the bag was found. This was the first accessory that I thought of and knew I HAD TO CARRY. I planned on carrying this bag with my on my wedding day before I was engaged. THAT is how much I love and adore this bag! Thank you again to every single person that made this wedding day dream bag a reality. {Read more this gift at tPF}

Now when it comes to the bridesmaid handbags, there will be another post! Once our photographer, Jeff Kolodny, found out that we were unofficial King and Queen of purses, we took many shots of me with my Hermes Kelly and the bridesmaids with their matching Adriana Castro clutches. We will share many shots of the rest of the bags later.


wedding-bouquetMy shoes will go on another post as well. In fact, my shoes are so magnificent that I am now on the hunt to find a shoe cleaner to help spiff them up so I can store them to someday show my daughter. Since many handbag lovers are also shoe lovers, I think the shoes will be appreciated! For many of the photos we carried our handbags rather than flowers, but of course I had a bridal bouquet. Jorge from Dream Occasions was so much fun to work with and gave me the bouquet that I dreamed up in my mind. Garden like, elegant, flowing; and he completed this look with white mini calla lilies, champagne and ivory roses, green amaranthus, ivory stock, green berries, seeded eucalyptus, and an ivory ribbon crystals finish. The bouquet was perfect for our part garden wedding, thank you Jorge and Dream Occasions!

Wedding day GiftThe last wedding day accessory I will share with you all today is my wedding day gift from my groom. Close your eyes if the mushy-gushy-so-in-love comments drive you crazy. Vlad is most certainly a romantic. Sure, it took a bit of time for him to come around to this, but since he figured out how much I love romantic gestures, he has been amazing. A homemade meal, a date night plan, random flowers. It is not the gifts that get me, it is the thought and meaning behind them. But my wedding day gift was beyond thoughtful, beyond generous, and is a reminder of the best day of my life. Vlad went to our jeweler and designed a pendant for me. The pendant is made with matte gold and in diamonds reads 2.20, our wedding day.

Our wedding day was the best day of my life so far and a day I will never forget! Thank you to everyone who made the day so special for us. We appreciate it more than you all know.

And yes, many more details and pictures to come!

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