Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag in ViperIn commenting on one of my previous posts over on the Forum, our lovely member gacats mentioned a piece of classic style advice that I think many people (designers and fashionistas included) have totally forgotten lately: when dressing, always remove one accessory before leaving the house. It may sound a bit conservative to some folks, but it’s a great way to ensure that you don’t look like a fashion victim or someone wearing a costume. Now, if only certain bag designers would take that advice. Consider the Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag, for instance. There are things about this bag that I love – the leather looks so soft that I have the strange urge to rub it on my face, the bike-chain handle is a cool, industrial touch, as are the spikes at the handle attachment, and the overall effect is full of edgy-but-fashionable personality that could really do wonders for the average outfit. And then…there are the scorpions emblazoned on the front in silver studs. I know that’s sort of Thomas Wylde‘s thing, with the random stuff depicted in studs, but I wish his look would evolve a bit and maybe become a little more subtle. This bag would still have attitude to spare without the bugs on it, and with them, it seems just a wee bit silly. Part of me also thinks it looks a lot less luxurious than it could – the scorpions break up all that delicious, wonderful, touchable leather. So, Thomas Wylde, please consider heeding some sage advice – next time you get the urge to put bugs on a purse, let it pass. Buy through eLuxury for $2500.

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  • Speedster70

    I agree only I would keep the scorpions and lose the spikes. I do dig the bag though, it’s got a nice rock-n-roll vibe.

  • chloehandbags

    Well, I love the scorpions – in fact, I think it would be a pretty dull bag without it, TBH (despite the lovely leather).

    What I’m not, at all, convinced about is the bicycle chain strap. It looks OK, I suppose, but not so good, IMO, that it justifies the ton of unnecessary weight it must add and I imagine it can’t be overly comfortable on the shoulder, either?

    I’d love this bag so much more if it just had a simple, thick, long, integral strap in the same leather as the bag.

    Re. the removing one accessory advice – my mother used to say that people used to say that, although she didn’t hold it as a hard and fast rule, as she understood that fashions change.

    I think it’s probably fairly good general advice if one is the kind of person who tends to pile on any old junk, without much thought to how it all gels together; but if one is the type of person who is able to mix and match items well and puts a lot of thought into what will work together (without looking as though one has, of course!), I think the more the merrier! :D

    Speaking of style advice, I tend to favour the words of William Morris, when he said; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”, as I think that that ‘rule’ is one of the few that can be considered to be truly timeless. It can also be successfully applied to the items one wears and carries, IMO, and unlike the ‘Remove one accessory…’ advice, is not affected by the vagaries of fashion; as sometimes it’s fashionable to pile on the bangles, or wear a full parure, or whatever and there’s nothing at all wrong with that, as long as it’s done well. :)

  • chloehandbags

    ^ Sorry, without them, not ‘it’! :D

  • chloehandbags

    Oh and BTW, the founder of Thomas Wylde isn’t a he, she’s a she – Thomas Wylde was the name of one of her relatives, apparently (can’t remember which relative, I’m afraid!). :)

  • MizzJ

    I think though chloehandbags, is how does one know if one is one of those people who can do such things skillfully? Rules are always only meant to help out the people who need them, not the truly stylish, but a lot of people don’t follow rules that should :p I don’t think I like anything about this bag except the leather; even the shape is too triangular for me.

  • me

    It could do without the bugs, even just one would be better than the two, kind of oddly placed scorpions on this bag.

  • holly

    Eh, I don’t like the scorpians on it, I don’t want pictures of bugs on my bags.

  • Merve

    I think the scorpions are really edgy and i love this side of the bag. However the other side with the 2 crappy zip pockets ahhhh helllo? Now thats not very stylish and thats not worth $2500.

  • Merve

    ooo and sorry forgot to mention the massive plac on the other side with Thomas Wylde…classy (NOT)

  • MissLoveChanel

    The scorpions are actually my favorite aspect of this bag. Put them on a soft leather background and lose everything else; the bike chain, the spikes, the Thomas Wylde thing on the other side..all of it. Scorpions are a nice change of pace from all the skulls, tattoo hearts, peace signs & etc. that we’ve all seen so much of and that are starting to look very dated now.


    Scorpion Tattoo by tattoobody
    For obvious reasons, the venomous scorpion has long been associated with deadly menace, aggression, and the ever-present capability to kill. Although in mythology it sometimes exacts righteous vengeance, the scorpion’s role is usually one of bringing death. But, like the deadly serpent, its very power also made it magical and gave it the ability to heal.

  • veronika

    I do disagree dear, this bag is as subtle as rock-and-roll gets. It’s classic black and ALL the details are silver tone, so the design doesn’t scream “biker tat” like Ed Hardy does. Very tastfully done for those who like designer punk, but don’t like to be gaudy. Besides, sorry I’m a little partial, but I’m a Scorpio and this bag is right up our alley… all you Scorpio grrrls know what I mean… :)

  • veronika

    Removing one accessory before leaving the house was one of Coco Chanel’s #1 rules!!!!!! And it’s a good one, always works for me if I think I have too much on. Especially for girls who like to wear LOTS of jewelry, like me……………..