Sienna MillerYes, I’ve said it before, I love celebrity gossip. It really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t know why, but as soon as I open a celeb infused magazine or type in a celeb heavy site, I am fixated. It’s not that I am trying to emulate one celebrity or another, but I love to see where they go, what they wear and who they are hanging out with. I can’t help it. And to be honest, I know many of you sitting there reading this feel the same way. Whether you openly admit it or feel some sort of shame admitting it, so many of us love celeb gossip! Today I came across some very interesting images of Sienna Miller. Many view her as a fashion icon or at least someone who keeps up, if not sets, trends. She could be in rainy London, sunny LA, or fast-paced NYC and she is always photographed and her clothes almost always commented on. Today is nothing different. A red cape? Really, Sienna? I realize she is in London, and it is probably frigid, but the Little-Red-Riding-Hood-look makes me go “hmmmm”. I can’t decide if it is fashionable or a fashion faux-pas.

Kooba Claudia Large Round HoboOne thing I did NOT think was a fashion faux-pas was the handbag she was sporting. I love the black Kooba Claudia bag. I know it is from a few seasons ago, but that does nothing but speak about the longevity of Kooba handbags. And again, I will mention that I still sport my favorite Kooba that is going on 6 years old. Not only do I carry it with pride, but I continue to get compliments on it. Now, as I can say that about Kooba bags, I am not sure I can say that about the cape Sienna is wearing. Maybe I am totally wrong here and feel free to correct me if you disagree. So, here is a question, between Sienna’s red cape and Kooba Claudia bag, which one would you choose to sport for years to come?

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  • janis

    I have a kooba claudia in cognac…love it!

  • Ping

    I love the kooba bag…the cap is not bad..Ever since I got my cape this year, it’s a great piece to throw on in any weather, plus even sienna miller has her comfy days.

  • chloehandbags

    I love it – I’ve been really into capes, shawls and even ponchos, to a certain extent (although, they’re awkward to put on and take off), for over 3 years, now.

    I don’t mind that it’s red – we shouldn’t allow one fairy tale to prevent us from wearing red capes ever again; after all, they must have been very popular at the time the tale was invented, mustn’t they? So it’s a shame some of us think they can’t be ever again.

    Why is resembling Little Red Riding Hood such a bad thing, anyway?

    Now, a reluctance to resemble the wolf (much as I love wolves!), I could understand…

  • Emily

    I totally agree. It’s waay too little red riding hood. But that kooba bag is fab, so at least she got something right!

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  • emm

    gorgeous bag and boots
    love the studs on them
    but the cape is a bit..over the top for me

  • Roxy

    I might be actually losing it but i think the cape is fabulous! lol. now, i don’t know if i’d wear it because i think i’d look bad but i think it looks good on her. as for the bag…lovin ittttttt.

    thats my opinion, :)

  • Fabutopia

    Wowowow…the red cape is so nice…reminds me of little red riding hood :)

  • Superqueen

    I love this red cape and I love how Sienna sports it!

  • holly

    I love the cape! It IS red ridinghood-esque, but that doesn’t bother me. =D

  • my new bag


  • B

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the cape, but I do lover her boots! :D

  • me

    Quite honestly I’d rather have the cape. The bag is nice, but a tad bland for my taste.

  • me

    what kind of boots are these? love them.

  • Justinlove

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