We spoke with Loren a little more about her bag and wanted to add further details:

The crocodile Birkin was made by Hermes. The diamonds however were not put on by Hermes, rather an expert diamond jeweler. The addition of the diamonds to the bag was done after the bag was purchased through Hermes and the diamonds are the best quality diamonds possible.

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  • Diane

    Wow…striking…sunglasses say it all…

  • mll mag

    Looooove ;)
    Street Style: Anna Dello Russo

  • LDJ

    This is probably the best person so far for this post. Goodness….That bag. I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bb


  • Alana

    Amazing!!! I love Loren and her jewels!!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Stunning bag and wallet – thanks for sharing the eye candy!

  • bindc

    Super fun What’s In Her Bag!! Love how you put the Birkin in almost every picture. Thanks!

  • MsLabelsofLust

    TDF Birkin bag…and she owns 300 hangbags,pocketbooks,clutchs..wow! i die…

  • Margaret

    Love it! My dream is to own an Hermes Birkin one day…maybe if I win the lottery!

    • LDJ

      Mines 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Joeygirl

      I pray for you that you do!!!!!

  • Judy

    Wow, this is a reveal worth the wait!!! Beautiful.
    Thanks, Vlad and Loren!!

  • reneeo

    Gasp! That was amazing! Thanks for the peak! So fun to look inside these amazing bags. We are all so curious. Thank you.

  • Jamie

    O M G that bag is bananas!!!

  • louise

    Absolutely lovely, thanks for letting us peak in to your bag!

  • Yun

    This is beyond gorgeous!!! I love everything about the bag AND everything that’s inside of it!! love love! Thanks for posting it for us all these “eye candies” lol

  • Amy

    Gorgeous! And fabulous photo quality. Thanks for letting me see a diamond croc Birkin up close! – It’ll probably be the only time…..

  • PhotoGirl

    Beautiful photography.

  • Ashleyg

    That………………….BAG……………..*deep sigh*……………

  • Lorie

    Completely gorgeous

  • Sohini

    This is heaven… Vlad, I wonder if you can get a picture of her purse closet. I always wonder how the very rich keep their purses organized.

  • Deanna

    Awesome birkin! A birkin in croc with diamonds, what could be better?

  • Taylor

    Beautiful bag! A bit much that she stated her “black card” is in her bag. Wouldn’t that have gone in her wallet..?

  • marta

    Sure you don´t mind having 299 instead of 300….Pleaseeeee give me one!

  • Cathy Fitz

    Gorgeous. Love these posts.

  • Thanks Vlad for featuring me and my bag. Thanks to all you for your nice comments:) xo loren

  • Lulugurl

    WOW! i wish!! :)

  • Pam


  • Mochababe73

    I had to Google Loren before reading the article.
    Love the pictures of the bag. My favorites are the picture of the sunglasses with Millionaire on them.
    My other favorite was the one with Blow Pop stuck in the lock. Genius to take something as luxurious as a crocodile Birkin with diamond accents and pair it with something as pedestrian as a blow pop. Love.
    However, I think I may like the wallet more than the bag.

  • Stacy

    WOW!! just WOW!!! I have no words…except…WOW! lol. The bag is striking, no stunning, no wait…see no words…Thank you Loren for sharing it with us all.

  • susan

    What’s inside that fabulous Croc bag should be one of my croc Bagabooks see me @ bagabook.com

  • An

    gotta agree, love that bag!

  • helena

    I love how she casually drops that a “black card” is in her bag and has “at least” 300 bags. A bit tacky if you ask me.

  • churameru

    i love the black hermes wallet!

  • ninjaninja


  • AMN

    I also thought this was a bit tacky – most people who do these on this site have money, yet most people manage to do it in a classier way. I think the bag made it implicit that she had a black card, the rest was overkill/lame…

  • Createursdeluxe

    Yes the diamonds are after-market and the work is so good you cannot tell the difference. CREATEURSDELUXE is the only company that does after-market diamonds on Hermes bags. The jeweler who does this work is amazing as you can see!

  • Meredith

    I don’t mind her telling us she has a black card, who cares! lovely bag and sunglasses to boot!

  • Jennifer

    Someone really likes Hermes. Not that I wouldn’t carry it if I had to but I like to mix up a bit on brands. Having the diamonds, the emphasis of black card and the ‘millionaire’ sunglasses seems really like a big show-off and that is a turn off. Keep it simple and classy.

    • The emphasis shot of the sunglasses was my touch, since I felt it was somewhat fitting and reflecting Loren’s success as a business woman.

  • mia


  • justa9url

    To own a Birkin would be amazing, to own a croc Birkin would be beyond amazing, to own a diamond croc Birkin would be life changing ;)

  • Linda

    These are my favorite posts! Love them. I can’t relate to this particular one but do enjoy it! In my world, that Birkin would fund my daughter’s college education! ;)

  • James Michael White (bagpoor.com)

    Absolutely breathtaking bag. I would LOVE to see her collection.

  • Maggie

    Wow!! Gorgeous!!! ***drools**

  • Beth S.

    My thoughts?
    1. The bag is GORGEOUS. Stunning, show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, unbelievable!
    2. She has a collection of 300? With multiple Hermes bags? I can’t even imagine.
    3. I, too, had no idea who Loren was and had to google her.
    4. The first post on her website includes this quote…
    “A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, it means eliminating all but the essential, eschewing chaos for peace, and spending your time doing what’s important to you. This means getting rid of many of the things you do so you can spend time with people you love and do the things you love. It means getting rid of the clutter so you are left with only that which give you value…”
    Seriously? A woman with 300 designer bags is advocating getting rid of clutter? Eliminating all but the essential? Am I the only one who sees a little bit of irony here?
    And finally, 5. I am obviously in the wrong profession!

    • Nee

      hehe, just because you have 300 hundred designer bags doesn’t mean you have clutter. I am sure they are stored in a very large closet. LOL!

    • Keirfan

      LOL so true! I didn’t even know who she is either.

  • qudz

    i loved this post!! i live vicariously through you, Loren :-D i too would loveeeeee to see her closet! how amazing would that be!

  • MelodyinWonderland

    Love it…Jealous .. !!

  • Sarah

    Love this post,

    Her jewelry collections are incredible!

  • Nee

    Am I the only one who thought the “black card” comment meant a card case and not necessarily her Amex?

    Very nice bag, wallet, etc. Good advertising for her make-up too! Seems like one smart businesswoman.

    • Keirfan

      I was thinking about the card case too, in one of the pictures?! how weird is that..

  • Tina Lin

    Stunning photography! I didn’t know a handbag can pose as the main subject in pictures…. these pictures personifies the bag, makes it so real and alive, like it’s talking to you through those pictures…. great work on these “glamorous shots” :)

    By the way, for people who want to organize their handbag collection, a friend of mine seem to have solutions for it!
    check out http://www.zookhooks.com

    Loren works really hard to get where she is and I think she deserve to have collections of things she want :) I thought she actually had a bag name after her and was on sale a while ago? And if I was her, I won’t mind doing little show off too ;)

  • 19yearslater

    The picture with the lollipop stuck in the Birkin is my favorite part of this post. High-meets-low.

  • yy

    wow great WIHB post! Loved the bag, although (at the risk of ‘missing the point’) I really don’t think a black Croc Birkin NEEDS diamonds. The bag alone is GORGEOUS. I also loved that shot of the blow pop stuck in the lock. Very fun.

  • Stella Kodi

    The shades said it all…you’ve got to be one to rock the Birkins…

  • Ruhee

    Love these posts.Vlad the pics are gorgeous.

  • Josephine

    Wow very beautiful photos, i think this is the best feature story among all articles about hermes because of the string of photos. Keep posting a thread of beautiful hermes bags, wish i will have my own one day- hmm just last friday i went to see whats in store at Hermes king st Sydney. :)

  • Fashionkitty

    Purseblog I love you!!!
    I’m a designer handbag fanatic and have finally found a “home”! The birkin is insane and I love the sleek contents.

  • Rashida

    So so beautiful!

  • couturecoco

    Bravo! One of your best “What’s in her bag” ever. I just love how incredibly restraint everything is – so this is the very pinnacle of luxury?

  • annabelle

    <3 this!!!

  • joana

    classy and elegant!!!!!! :)

  • Franca

    nice ;o))…OMG 300 bags …..wouuuuuahhhooo !!!

  • KaylaNiche

    Love how the contents are minimal. My bag always seems to fill up with SO MUCH STUFF!!

  • Bir

    Wonderful simply wonderful I love the beag love the shades love it all an H girl all the way !!!!

  • Joanna

    I love it!!

  • Geri S

    LOVE the ACCENTS!!! every girl need a GREAT!!! black purse!!!

  • mab

    Tells it all. Wish I may wish I might.

  • suparna

    ew how tacky ‘my black card’ ew ew ew..someone is really concerned about making people know she’s rich

    also the diamonds look like absolute crap, like something someone added on to customize their birkin after buying it..why ruin a perfectly classy black croc birkin by blinging it out?

  • Kwana

    Oh my. Why can’t I quit this love?

  • Yodai
  • Christine

    Wow! thats a beautiful birkin!

  • BooIn

    Uber fantastic! Super hot bag & loved everything stuffed in it!

  • engshaima

    what is a black card?

    • mochababe73

      An American Express Black Card is given by invitation only. You can’t just go and apply for one. There are certain net worth, spending, and credit criteria that one has to meet. And, it’s made out of titanium.
      Also, you must put at least $250,000 on it a year. It has an insane list of amenities like access to certain airline Clubs, hotel stays, rental cars, plane tickets…
      Some celebs with the card are Madonna and Tiger Woods.

      • engshaima

        thanks for answering my question. i’m not from the states that’s why i had no idea what a black card is :)

  • girlfriend

    i agree with superna. this is tacky. not so elegant and definitely on the NOT to do list… if you own things of luxury like the birkin, the rule is get the original ( i know yours is but sorry doesn’t look like it) … own only one or two and not so many just because you can afford it… makes it more special and … a luxury :)

    • Candace

      I disagree that there are “rules” about getting items of luxury. Last I checked, no laws or norms exist about what’s “proper” in terms of buying luxury goods. It’s a free country where people can choose to spend money on whatever they want. Otherwise, me judging someone for how they spend money is, well, breaking a “rule” that’s actually ostensibly codified i.e. the Bible’s “judge not lest ye be judged”.

      Anyhow, I can’t afford something like this, but it’s nice that she can. I don’t think any more highly of her than anyone else, but I certainly don’t look down on her. What right do I have to do so?

  • swati

    croc birkin is fine, but adding diamonds seems to be like an overkill …. and lets not forget the “black card” …… Though not as “rich” but i have found the some f the other ‘whats in her bag’ posts more interesting

  • NaTTiC

    I’m just so in love with this bag… how i wish i can own one of it..diamond is just one of girls best frenss..heartss

  • Staci

    I would love to see her collection of handbags up close!

    • Joeygirl

      Me toooooooo!!!!

  • Bisbee

    Wow…she’s very impressed with herself, isn’t she?

    I’m not.

  • Ciciyaya

    This girl obviously has money (she makes that clear at every opportunity) but she lacks character, humility and maturity.

    For the price of all those birkins, she could feed a lot of starving people or build a school in a 3rd world nation!

    • Stacy

      umm…that’s NOT what this blog is about. IT IS about handbags. If you’re looking for humanitarians try a different blog!

    • Candace

      How do you know she doesn’t spend money on these things? Or that she doesn’t do volunteer work/other philanthropy. Judg-y much…

  • Chris

    some people wear a certain brand because of its heritage and quality, others wear it because they can’t wait to make a point about how much money they make, clearly, money doesn’t buy you class;)

  • Mikeyglamour

    It does not get any better than this. Ultimate luxury. LOL @ the girls sweating Loren, don’t hate just coz ur still on your coach and lv monogram bags with debit cards!

    • 19yearslater

      Laugh if you like, but I don’t think it’s jealousy. ex, pointed comments about how ppl would prefer the croc Birkin w/o diamonds.

  • DJ

    Very elegant and beautiful.

  • Merve

    I have to agree with those who say that money cant buy class. I’m British and the mentioning of a black card is very crass especially if you are well educated.

  • Samia

    Wow! a lot of hate in here!

    Lets concentrate on the post and the beautiful bag. I too think she could have meant the card case.

    Nice pics Vlad!

  • Michelle

    Although I do agree about the black card comment being a bit pretentious, I have to say that the diamonds are not as overkill as some are making it seem. I actually think they’re quite subtle. I do love the black theme with the accessories.

    Mrs. Ridinger is clearly a very successful businesswoman, so you can’t hate on that. She must be doing something right!

  • eorchid

    did she really just put a heart on that exclamation point?

  • Joeygirl

    Good for you Loren beautiful Birkin. I am so happy for you my heart was racing while reading the article, I just went with my husband to purchased the very same handbag, I could not sleep the night before. It will take 6 months to have my Birkin made, can’t wait!!!!!! This will be my very first Birkin…..

  • Kate

    I’m not a fan of the diamonds, though she’s certainly not the first person to carry the bag. Now, the Black Card comment was ridiculous and just made her look stupid.

  • Andrea

    I think the whole thing is a bit overboard. Yes, I have Birkins, Kellys and a Black card, but putting it all “out there” with a zoom-in of your designer sunglasses, is not what someone with real wealth would do…

    • mk

      100% agreed

    • Lily

      Although I’m a little late to the party, I also agree completely! It’s not becoming to openly talk about your finances (e.g. “the black card” which I’m assuming is in your wallet, and not pictured?). Clearly, she is nouveau riche and has no class and/or tact…or social etiquette for that matter.

      As for the bag, it’s not that great. A crocodile Birkin is absolutely fabulous but then you add the diamond’s and it becomes utterly and shamelessly tacky. I am not impressed with her or this post.

  • Commenter

    The website thepurseforum.com said that the diamonds were put on by Hermes. I think you are wrong.

  • mk

    I love the bag and the photos. Had no clue who this person is and after doing some internet research my conclusion, is her and her husband look like sliksters. They appear tacky, self absorbed and flashy. I would not be surprised if one day we hear about some big scandal involving one or both of them. It seems that their need to flaunt their money, referring ” black card” comment (not the bag) may be resulting from financial insecurity. I find the comment very tackless. I encourage you to do a search and look at the photos, blogs, and companies that her and her husband have created before responding.

  • bluelly

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  • jess

    i love this lady …….she’s an hermes girl gotta love that and that bag goes for like 70-100 K….ive seen one in vegas white croc with diamonds for$179,000. no joke cost less in blk croc cause albino croc is rare