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  • Julie

    I could barely read that. You should type it in the future.

    • anouk

      her penmanship gave me a headache. seriously! :(
      i like her Balenciaga wallet though.

    • nnenna1881

      one glance at the writing and i knew this would be an “enjoy the pictures only” post

  • TM

    @ Julie… U gotta understand her and get her to be able to read it!!! I could read it just fine!

  • Natalie

    Girl you rock

  • Joanna

    I saw a few of her pieces and they’re very amazing. The handbag and other pieces shown above have me drooling :)

  • Kat

    can somebody please id her phone??

    • It’s actually the new Samsung Galaxy camera that runs Android!

      • Pixel_Queen

        Oh, that’s interesting! Off to look for details…

  • Pixel_Queen

    I am absolutely obsessed with this woman’s work — and her closet, which I saw somewhere online. Her jewelry speaks to me in a way that no other contemporary designer’s does. It’s addictive. I have two pieces, I want more, more, more. Yes, her handwriting is problematic, but not so much if you look at it as art. I don’t need to read what she wrote; I can tell that we’re on the same wavelength.

  • Candace

    I love those sunnies! What brand are those glasses? Are they Tom Ford?

  • Nívia

    I´m very fond of Floral Bach too. I´m addicted to it, a harmless drog!

  • Eli

    Was never a fan of the Celine Cabas until I saw this here. Hers is just amazing!

  • Victoria

    Her penmanship is terrible!!!

  • sara

    difficult to read her writing but that is part of the fun of these “what’s in her bag” features. love them. keeps it interesting and provides an insight into the person. thanks, vlad!

  • Pursefanatic

    OMG. Couldn’t read this at all. Didn’t you realize this before you ran it. Very annoying.

  • Lori

    That fur..hideous. Love her Celine collection. Didn’t read anything either. Just looked at the pictures.

  • Lorie

    Sweet family photo. Love her bag. HATE the spiders! I say continue to have them write it in their own handwriting, but maybe include a transcription underneath just in case.

  • dinabobina

    I love the penmanship! Very artistic and just by glancing at it you can see what a talented jewelry designer she is!

  • JF

    My father always said I would either be a Dr or a designer with my crazy handwriting…..not apologizing as its who I am. Sorry it frustrates so many of you!