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  • couturecoco

    Wow, this is a new brand to me and really interesting textures. Always love the what’s in her bag – thank you!

  • bindc

    Super fun! I love the Botkier. I LOVE the character in the wallet.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Alana

    This feature is so amazing! Love NYMag and what Diana is carrying!!

  • 19yearslater

    I love her purse and whats inside. I like the way nothing inside matches another thing or the bag itself. That’s they way I like to organize my bag as well.

  • Betty

    Love the purse! Diana’s got great taste.

  • Barb

    Love that makeup pouch! I’m quickly becoming enamored by pops of leopard print…Great bag, too. the leather looks luscious.

  • Earmuffs

    love her wallet!

  • mochababe73

    Wonderful organization. With a purse that small you need to be highly organized. I love the leopard pouch.
    This whole Orbit gum thing is insane. I keep it in my purse, but so does almost everyone featured in What’s in Her Bag!
    I like the bag, but it’s a little too small and black for my taste. I like the chain strap.

  • Vitta

    I’m sorry, but I’m on the fence with this feature. Feels like a peeping Tom to me. The purse’s content is the intimate world of a woman. So, why would anybody want to show it to the whole world? On the other hand, this feature is a great advertisement venue to promote people and bags. So, take it or leave it…

    • Chris

      I assume that the interviewee knows beforehand that they are being interviewed so they can edit their handbag. And anyway, we do not see anything really personal, do we? No pics on her phone (where is her phone btw?), not the ideas she has written down in her Moleskine notebook… Because that would indeed be too personal.

    • Chris is right, our WIHB features are planned ahead so that the interviewee can prepare in advance. We obviously do not show anything that the person doesn’t want to show. :)

  • Tara

    I love the ‘What’s In Her Bag’ section! It’s an interesting peak into what another woman deems important enough for her to carry each and everyday. I’ve loved each one so far (especially Meg’s grandma – how cute). Keep it up!

  • reneeo

    I, too, love this feature. It’s good to give others a little glimpse of our lives. It is personal. And fun.

  • Loly

    love the diamond ring and its original shape! can you ID it plz?

  • Chris

    Love this feature.
    I have never heard of this brand before, and I like it that she is not showing us another over sized handbag which tend to be like the proverbial black hole (everything disappears in them). I love her wallet. It has indeed character.

  • Cathy Fitz

    LOVE this feature. I’m also checking out that purse line and her pouch.

    • Vitta

      @Cathy Fitz, congratulations on winning the ipad!

  • PhotoGirl

    Next to Amanda’s TV recaps, this is my favorite Purse Blog feature. I love having “permission” to look inside someone else’s bag. I suppose that makes me a voyeur. (And really, what photographer isn’t?)
    Amazed that Diana can fit so many things into such a seemingly small bag. Made *me* think. :)

  • PinkSatchel

    Wow…all that stuff fit in the bag??? Super cute…will definitely check out the brand! ;)

  • Vitta

    @PhotoGirl, love your comment! It seems like as a photographer you’re genuinely interested in people who like handbags even more so than in handbags themselves. Right? What other features about people and their handbags would you like to see on a purse blog?

  • erica

    I see she carries eos lip balm! Just bought one myself. Love that she sees beauty in worn things also

  • Loly

    thanks Vlad!

  • Sharon

    I love this! Diana is awesome and I love her bag! Who doesn’t have a million keys in New York City?!