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  • Fillip65
  • XXL

    seems more like a nars advertisement here.. no wallet? or tissue/q-tip/brushes for makeup application? all the products seem to be unused except non-nars products.

    • gpc

      agree – guess that may have to do with her being vp, global comm…

    • Silversun

      Agreed. I find it hard to believe all of that goes into her bag and nothing else. Strays from the tone and purpose of the What’s In Her Bag column, IMO.

    • This was a bit more of a What’s in Her Beauty Bag than just in her everyday bag. But with her carrying such a gorgeous YSL bag, we couldn’t leave it out!

      • XXL

        sorry for being skeptical. she does seem to live up to the brands reputation after all.. narsissistic for nars?

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      Even if there is a plethora of NARS products she’s “promoting” I don’t see it as being inappropriate. She’s the VP Global Communications girl. Of course she’s going to use the products she represents. She probably doesn’t even pay half as much of their cost as any of us do, so yeah I understand her making them a part of her every day routine.  

      • XXL

        dont get me wrong, id be using w/e product i represent as well.

      • XXL

        but im just here for interesting purse updates?

      • We like to change things up a bit – after all the lady who carries a lovely handbag usually has lovely things inside of it as well!

      • XXL

        lastly, i agree with meg. her purse is too gorgeous to leave out. and that would be the post-worthy part of it

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        We both can agree with Megs on that. Her bag is lovely, which is another reason why I’m angry with the decision made by YSL’s new creative director to take out the ‘Y’ in ‘Yves Saint Laurent’. 

    • Gco_90

      Well, Julia works for NARS. If the piece didn’t showcase NARS, it wouldn’t make sense.

      • Sarah

        Agreed that it would actually be odd if she didnt have Nars products in her bag, but this is totally NOT a “what’s in your bag” post, or even a “what’s in your makeup bag” post. Everything is pristine and new and the questions “what’s in your makeup bag” and “what’s in your bag” were glossed over. It was as if they took random magazines and put nars products on them and took photos.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    LOVE her YSL bag, it’s so chic. 

  • Love her bag! And everything I’ve ever used of Nars is always such good quality.

  • Ana Pejkanovic
  • Cravingforbarneys

    LOVE her bag!!!!

    In http://cravingforbarneys.com my new blue lake PRADA bag!!!

  • Flawery

    I think her bag choice here was a quite known YSL, but still it seems strange that which bag is she carrying wasn´t a question

  • Rashida

    I am loving the Thakoon for NARS nail polish… but super pricey… I love her bag as well!

  • pixiegirlie

    Love the mini chyc! I wish we had more pics of it lol. 

  • Fran Lurcielago

    You do great on taking photos since last year. ( yes I am long term purseblog follower )
    What camera you are using if you dont mind sharing :)

    • Thanks Fran! These were taken with a Fuji X-Pro1.

  • Sandra Rowley

    The bag should be the focus point….and it is lovely. 

  • Does she not carry a wallet, cell phone or car keys? I like the slg’s & I don’t see them.