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  • mia

    I love the chanel purse hook!!! TDF!

  • mrsjones

    i love her bag hook!

  • ninjaninja

    I love this one!

  • sfox

    who makes her orange notebook???

  • alund

    Love her toenail polish. What is it?

  • bagaholic

    I love this bag!! But I couldn’t read some of her writing…

  • Hannah

    i LOVE that gorgeous bag ahhh! especially the chain detail.

    also i spotted contraband — thin mint girl scout cookies!!!

    and her hermione reference = love!

  • Alana

    She is so cool!!!! Love these features!!!

  • Mash

    One mention of Hermione Granger & I already like her :)

  • amyg

    wow i could barely read that! And can some one translate what is the planters’ thing she has? im dying to know.

  • Sharon

    The chanel bag hook is AMAZING!
    does anyone know where to get one?

  • eric08

    I like it .

  • kemilia

    I love this feature!

    The Chanel purse hook–I want this. And her shoes are great, along with her polish color.

  • Angelina

    Like everything except her handwriting!

  • Mae C

    I reckon the bag hook cud be a DIY piece.. Anyone who has Chanel’s eye palatte / blusher/ mirror u prol can DIY it into a bag hanger.

  • Bisbee

    Very interesting…I’d love to be able to read it! I understand about putting the real person’s answers in their handwriting, but it kind of misses if it’s not legible…re-think that, please!

  • Cathy Fitz

    Not only do I love this feature, but I LOVE her bag and everything in it – and the hook!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I love Eva’s shoes and nail polish!

  • chloebagfreak

    I love the pics but it would be really great to be able to read what she said. It looks like it could be interesting. Can someone transcribe it?
    Other than that it’s a great photo shoot….

  • C S

    Because I can’t read her handwriting… is all of tis stuff in her bag (Chanel perfume bottles, buckets of makeup), or on her desk?

  • PhotoGirl

    Beautiful bag!
    Her writing is illegible, so I have no idea how (or if) all of the things pictured fit into that Chanel.
    I would also like to know more about those notebooks. Who makes them? They’re very pretty.
    Those shoes? *I die.*

    • Jackie

      I did my best to read and to answer your question — she listed quite a few things and then said that “it’s an intricate puzzle but it all fits” and “it always reminds [her] of Hermoine Granger’s magical expanding bag.” You know what… I’m going type out everything she wrote because now I really think all of that was in her bag… see comment below (in 5 min).

    • Jackie

      Yes, I LOVE those shoes as well! Versace, maybe? Just a stab hehe probably wrong. The color of her shoes and polish look great together too!

      • Jackie

        Someone beat me to it!

  • Monica

    Like most I cant read her handwriting! Too bad

  • Spazy

    I LOVE the bag.

    Agreed, her hand writing is illegible!!!!

  • dadang

    bad handwriting. it’s a pain.

  • Emily

    I love her toenail polish! Does anyone know what it is? It looks kind of like Zoya Hope, but I’m not sure.

  • mochababe73

    I love the bag and the pictures. Still trying to figure out what exactly is in the bag due to her poor penmanship.
    that bag looks really small. Too small to carry all of that stuff.

  • Chris

    I am not so sure about her purse, but the purse hook and her shoes are very fabulous.
    And I have to agree with others – her handwriting is awful. It’s a pain to read indeed.

  • Miss Kira

    What a fantastic bag…and what atrocious handwriting. No like really, it’s awful. However, I love love love the planner she has, would love to know where she got it :-)

  • Merve

    I think i just got dizzy from trying to figure out what she was writing. I love the Chanel hook…

  • Merve

    I think i just got dizzy from trying to figure out what she was writing. I love the Chanel hook …

  • Emily

    What’s the Planters Peanut thing????

  • Paulina

    Kudos to whoever deciphered those symbols.

  • vodkaine

    PLEASE learn how to write. It’s painful

  • alund

    I’m ashamed to say I can read her handwriting because it’s so similar to mine! Yikes! Don’t know how my secretary does after reading everyone’s comments. I’ll translate as to What’s in her bag:

    I’ve gotten packing my bag down to a science. I always have my Olympus EPLI with me. Hand sanitizer because I’m a germophobe. A trillion lip products because, well, it’s my job! Smythson planner & iphone keep my life in order!Blotting papers from Japan. Commes des Garcon wallet & purses (?). it’s an intricate puzzle but it all fits. It always reminds me of Hermione Granger’s magical expanding bag.

    • Jai

      thanks for the translation. I tried but I got a headache after the first lines.

  • MizzJ

    She seems like a fun person, but she really shouldn’t have written with what looks like a felt pen!


  • Jackie

    TRANSLATION! (I did my best and i decided to do it because I thought everyone should be able to know what she said. I follow her on twitter and although she overtweets I do enjoy them! And I wanted everyone to know what she said as much as I wanted to know what she said here! Hope I didn’t mistype or misread anything major but if I did just know that my handwriting is nowhere near illegible so I had some trouble, too!)

    eva chen

    teen vogue’s beauty director and special projects manager

    where to find you online.
    it never ends!

    your bag today is.
    a delicious chanel I (seriously) splurged on two years ago. I <3 the gold + silver hardware all mixed up + distressed feeling

    5 beauty products you can not live without.
    * clarisonic MIA – in hot pink of course
    * SK-II masks
    * zoya nail polish remover
    * chanel lash curler
    * covergirl lash blast length mascara
    * tarte lip stain in amused
    [oops — that's 6!]

    the hottest beauty summer trends.
    * red lips!
    * absolutely crazy nails!
    * fishtail braids!
    * red hair! (<3 <3 emma stone!)

    the bag that got away.
    I fell in <3 with a leopard Valentino rockstud at duty-free in Rome. the price was way, way right but I couldn't justify it. I might need to go back to Rome just to buy it!

    what advice do you offer to anyone trying to make it in fashion.
    * patience – it can take time to break in
    * persistence – don't give up!
    * be down to earth – never think you're too senior or experienced to do anything. it's all about teamwork . never be too casual or jokey with your boss. They are your boss. (<– I THINK that's what it's supposed to be) duh!

    some of your favorite pieces you've worked on at Teen Vogue.
    * super psyched for october's Beauty Blogger piece! you'll see what I mean! :-)
    * all the amazing opportunities I've had to work with. talent like Guido Palau, Pat McGrath, Didier Malige, Peter Philips, the list goes on!

    I love being Teen Vogue's beauty director because…
    I <3 <3 <3 color and sharing my finds with teens (and not-so-teens) everywhere!

    what's in your bag and why?
    I've gotten packing my bag down to a science. I always have my Olympus EPL1 with me. Hand sanitizer because I'm a germaphobe. A trillion lip products because, well, it's my job! Smythson planner + iphone keep (thanks alund – I couldn't get "keep" out of that) my life in order! Blotting papers from Japan. Comme des Garcon wallet + pouches… it's an intricate puzzle but it all fits. Is always reminds me of Hermoine Granger's magical expanding bag. :-)

    <3 eva

    • Jackie, you’re a rock star, thank you for taking the time!