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  • PJGambler

    Well, at least she’s not overly impressed with herself………..geez

    • Renee O

      No joke. Smart and career driven?? Certainly not modest. It went on and on…

      • ALICE

        Agree. Also 100% branded…lack of personality? No mix and match?

      • Chloe

        why would she want to mix and match though…

  • StephanieCCarr

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  • The Rice Thins Gown

    I love her. She’s always lighthearted and fun but I feel like she doesn’t translate as well on paper as she does on the show.

    • Ebun

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I follow her on Snapchat as well and she’s surprisingly down to earth and funny (I mean, the girl watches ratchet VH1 shows).

  • dela

    I am afraid I don’t know who she is. But that’s an impressive list of beautiful bags.

  • Nivia

    She’s beautiful, and the photos are between the best I’ve ever saw in here!

  • Love the what’s in her bag features. And Vlad always takes the best pics!

  • n.s.

    I would love to see EJ’s collection.

  • clbirkin

    Purseblog, I you are so pretentious, months ago you posted Dorothy Wang as a worst celebrity who carries the best bags (Real Talk with Amanda: The Worst Celebrities Carry the Best Bags) and now you are featuring her here. Come you are better than that…..

    • Gina Fuller

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • clbirkin

        I am wondering if they will answer or shut us down….. I guess Dorothy is desperate for fame and they are desperate for a rare and great handbag find……

      • We won’t shut this conversation down. That post that Amanda wrote was later clarified on by Amanda and you can read her response – it was bumped to the top of comments on that post.

        Dorothy Wang was polite and fun to talk to and we really loved making this feature happen with her. We’ve featured plenty of rare and great handbags.

        I watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and enjoyed featuring both Dorothy and EJ.

      • Cassie

        Great reply Megs and Amanda! Some people just…. :x and I’m not even that of a huge fan of Dorothy!

      • I don’t have any problems with any reality stars. “Worst” was not a reflection of my personal opinion, but generally how celebrities like the Kardashians or the RKOBH cast are negatively regarded by pop culture. (I really like the Kardashians and have no particular feelings one way or the other on the Rich Kids cast–I don’t watch the show, but I like seeing both Dorothy and EJ’s bags because they have great collections.)

        We have no interest in shutting down this convo or that one–the comments on that post are still open, too!

  • AshleyG

    One of the best WIHB features so far- love seeing great pics of the bag and actual contents!

  • kemilia

    While I think she has a really irritating voice (I do also), I enjoy her on the show. And I would love to see all her bags together.

  • Melanie

    Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians are my guilty pleasures! I am envious of EJ and Dorothy’s bag collection lol

    • raymundrockette

      ???????YES™ ???????

      ????????????????? Read more info here


    • Yep, I def have some guilty pleasure shows that I watch, and Rich Kids is one of them!

      • laura

        It’s my guilty pleasure too. You should do a “Many Bags” feature of Dorothy and EJ. They both have a very impressive collection.

      • Yes! Next time we are in LA, I’ll try to make this happen!

  • Abbi

    Is anyone else slightly irratated she doesnt use lower case ‘r’s?

    I guess it’d be hard to come off as modest when youre a billionaire


    • Oyin

      actually she’s not a billionaire, none of them are. I doubt actual billionaires would do a show like ‘rich kids..’

      • Anon

        Her father is a billionaire.

  • JoyceEMitchell

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  • Manolos21

    Does anyone know the designer of those sunglasses?

    • Tara Holmberg

      The sunglasses in the case are Thierry Lasry. Handmade in France and I love mine!

  • Aoedele

    Watching RKOBH and KUWTK are not my guilty pleasures, I don’t think you should ever feel guilty with whatever pleases you, I enjoy the heck out of them. Those shows are fun and funny, and I am sure they play up for the cameras, those people are far from stupid. Anyway, Dorothy is gorgeous and I would love to a peak at her closets.

    • Yes our hope is next time we are in LA she’ll let us peek into her closet to share with you all!!!

  • Imgoingbroke

    I don’t know who she is nor do I watch that show, but she sure is a beautiful young woman, and I love reading “WIHB” no matter whom it is. Keep ’em coming PB! Also, thanks for great pictures, Vlad

  • SeeJay

    I love her pieces. When this show debuted, I refused to watch but the backstory definitely grew on me. I watch it regularly and especially like Dorothy & EJ.

  • DW is very likeable here:) she looks classy..

  • AnnaOPreston

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  • shilger7

    I love #RichKids & this was a fab WIHB! Regardless of whether you love her or hate her you cannot deny Dorothy’s wonderful taste in bags. I watch the show faithfully & drool weekly over all the pretty. I say if you’ve got it flaunt it. And that Birkin is to die for! ??

  • Lucy

    Usually those who are “smart” know how to spell correctly….

  • tess

    She is driven…please… perhaps by her chauffeur. She just happened to win the “being born to a billionaire lottery” so of course she has lots of Birkins in many houses in many closets along with anything else her daddy buys here…vapid

  • babette

    I like the bag but too bad they couldn’t find someone more interesting to talk about.

  • Curious

    What’s the brand of her green slim wallet case? Thanks!

    • Png925


    • Looks like Goyard.

  • Rashida


  • Pamela

    lol at her “occupation(s)”

    • Hi Pam, love your comment on the Khloe K Photoshoot on complex news..Should you have some free time and feel we could start some more secluded discussion of public eye, let me know. Cheers

  • Laure

    Sorry DW, you did not get the only club birkin from the BH store. But it’s lovely nonetheless.

  • Lisbeth

    I suppose it’s easy to be a “lifestyle expert” when your daddy picks up the tab for all of your luxury goods and vacations. Here’s another hashtag for ya Dorothy! #ijustrolledmyeyessohardisawmybrain

  • I’m surprised, I actually REALLY like that birkin.

  • Daniel Wong

    LOL, everyone who thinks they can set up an instagram account or own a blog or website calls themselves a social media maven.

  • kimikim

    Oh stop all of you… It’s not her fault she was born rich. I am sure her father/mother (and maybe even her grandparents) worked very hard to have the riches they now enjoy. I am sure had your parents worked as hard as hers, you will also be living her life. So instead of bitching go and work so your kids will have a better life.

  • MaryCSmith

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  • Sr

    I thk she s the most down to earth person on the ” whatever rich kids” lol. U westerner s are so full of confrontations, n so bitchy! Learn some humility fr the Asians. ” btw, if u hv somethg to bitch about my England n glamor”(English n grammar lol) come talk to me in my mother tongue! ????

  • Elisa

    I like the travel wallet.

  • great looking Birkin!

  • EdwardTShaw

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  • Suzy Yeong

    Can someone tell me the name of her goyard wallet?

  • Shruthi Murali

    Can someone pls tell me which brand her passport cover and card holder is? Been trying to get one for ages!!!!