WIHB - Brett Heyman (2)

WIHB - Brett Heyman (3)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (7)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (4)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (5)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (6)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (8)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (9)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (10)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (11)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (12)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (13)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (14)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (15)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (16)


WIHB - Brett Heyman (17)

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  • Grace

    I am so happy you guys are doing more W.I.H.B features! I love them. That’s my go to on purseforum as well. What can I say, I’m a nosy b—h!

  • Lori

    Her Fendi bag is fabulous.

    • Lina Lee

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  • AshleyG

    Love these. Love this. Her doctor’s bag is yummy.

    • Lina Lee

      Love her bag, too!

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  • anon

    I loved this! I could read the handwritting! Lol. What kind of sunglasses are those?? They’re gorgeous!:)

  • Lynnie

    I love Edie Parker! And I’m glad to know the person behind the gorgeous clutches has a personality to match! =)

  • PJGambler

    Never heard of her nor her clutches before-glad she loves her kids so much-otherwise, not impressed with her daily reading material.

  • Jen

    My favorite feature— Wonderful post. Love the bag and all the comments and photos. Keep them coming!!

  • Patsy

    There’s a bag like that on Ebay right now! Too bad it’s tan though. I have more than enough brown bags.

  • Eddy Komala

    The bag is gorgeous! I hope Fendi re-issued the bag. Kinda miss this kinda practical bag nowadays..

  • cbl

    this is some serious clutch porn. LOVE.

  • Elisa

    I thought it was a cool piece but I’d have liked to have seen a curated photo of all of the stuff in the vintage Dr’s bag. Love her clutches. I’d love to see a line of natural elements clutches like tortoise (fake) and mother of pearl.