Ahhh, the Bottega Veneta Cabat. We have already gone over the meticulous process the craftsman undergo to create this magnificent handbag. To refresh your memory, the classic Cabat is woven by hand by two craftsman which takes them two days. Then an additional day is needed for finishing touches; like stitching, applying the handles, and finishing the edges. Before this entire creation, the leather itself is treated, prepared, and cut. The result is one of the staples of the house of Bottega Veneta and one of the most simple yet coveted bags.

For Spring 2011, the Bottega Veneta Cigar Cocco Lave Large Cabat will be released. This bag is the ultimate Cabat and my current weekend obsession.

I love the brown/black color on the crocodile skin. It gives the perfect amount of life to the bag, which is already a stand out because of the weaving technique. Before I get into the price with you – I must mention to keep in mind the size of this bag. This is the large size, which is entirely spacious (think weekend getaway size). This bag may be my weekend obsession, but it also is out of my price range. I am entirely jealous of whoever will be buying and using this bag. It will outlast us all. Buy via Bottega Veneta for $80,350.

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  • Cindy

    classic ipad

  • isabel

    love this bag ipad

  • wendy

    Wow, *love*! This bag is gorgeous. I love the color, a beautiful brown/bronze. And the construction looks exquisite. You can tell it’s quality made. But omg, the price. I wonder if they’ll make a smaller size. (ipad)

  • Katie

    Absolutely stunning. It would hold my most precious belongings! Maybe even an (iPad)??? :D amazing piece!

  • Linsey Nessen

    Wow, I would be scared to use this purse, there is so much time and work put into making it! (ipad)

  • rebecca

    I love the color of this bag! it is gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Katie

    Beautiful bag! Would definitely fit an iPad. ;) (ipad)

  • quimerula

    OMG! Gorgeous! (ipad).

  • Joshua

    omg, 80,000! oh yeah, & 350 more dollars. wow, that’s a LOT. like i understand an exotic skinned bag in the 5 digits, but 80,000? i seriously envy the people who can afford to buy this bag.


    this is the last day (ipad)


    never the less, this bag is great (ipad)


    its just perfect for me (ipad)

  • Poppy

    Love the deep color on this-if I could carry a 60lb lapdog in it, it would be perfect. iPad.


    they call me the big bag lady (ipad)


    i could fit my whole life in this bag (ipad)


    great color (ipad)


    can work as a neutral (ipad)


    I LOVE IT (ipad)


    :) (ipad)


    GORGEOUS (ipad)

  • Joyce

    I love Bottega, and I love crocodile, but I feel that the traditional Bottega weave does not do justice to the beauty of crocodile skin texture because the weave is to small to show it off (ipad)

  • Tracey G.

    love this bottega! (ipad)

  • Jamie

    Love it!!! (ipad)

  • mabs

    wooo..hooo super like (IPAD)

  • Michelle

    this purse is gorgeous (ipad)

  • Shell Hale

    This just doesn’t do it for me. I understand the craftsman ship but the price is absurd. ipad

  • Melissa

    The detail on this bag is lovely! (iPad)

  • Claire

    WOW, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. (ipad)

  • Diane Bassette

    what a beautiful bag (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I agree with Shell, I love and finds it quite wonderful all of the hardwork it takes to make this bag but I really don’t like it… (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I really, really, really love the handles! (ipad)

  • Kelly

    Pretttyy! Love it! (iPad)

  • Stephanie

    Eh, I could take it or leave it.

  • Kat

    The moment I saw the picture I thought, “Oh my goodness, is that croc?”. The Cabat has always been my ultimate dream bag, and I think this is the ultimate version of it. But that price, goodness me. That could feed a small country!

    Now excuse me while I shed a few tears over the fact that I will never even lay eyes on this beauty.



  • Christine A.

    I have this exact style made of woven buri palm leaves. Looking like that’s all I’m going to afford :) This one’s a beauty!!

  • Sosti

    The name is a mouthful, the bag itself is Gorg! But the price,holy mother of handbags! That is more than some people make in a year! I drool, but I’ll have to pass (ipad)

  • Chele

    Drop dead gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Sarah

    That is beautiful! (iPad)

  • michele

    Wow! would love to see this bag!! The Price…oy!(ipad)

  • PhotoGirl

    Exquisite! If only we didn’t have those two pesky college tuitions to think of. . . (ipad)

  • Meredith

    In my alternate universe, where money is no object, I’m already on the waiting list for this glorious bag. Sigh. (iPad)

    • Stacy

      LOL Meredith. Can I live in your alternate universe too? and then I’ll take two.

  • Bessamy

    OMG, this is the ultimate bag! So beautiful! Way out of my price range though. But the process to make it would be expensive, but it costs more than my car? Wow! (iPad)

  • DTKC

    Beautiful bag. Love the color, easy to wear. (iPad)

  • black elite

    OMG I think this bag is just absolutely gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Vitta

    Sorry, not a fan at all! The beauty and the value of exotic skin is in its texture. Here the precious crocodile skin is unnecessarily wasted and shredded into pieces to create a weave. Unless, they used leftovers, which raises a question of the price validity. For this huge sum of money, I would rather buy a large Hermes Birkin or Kelly made of the whole, central belly skins of precious Crocodile Porosus. Nothing can be compared with the timeless Hermes creations! But it’s just me. (ipad)

    New book “Exotic Skin: Alligator and Crocodile Handbags”

  • Michelle

    OMG love! (ipad)

  • Linda

    Nice looking bag but holy cow on the price! (ipad)

  • Shana

    Stunning! (ipad)

  • In4

    holly macaroni…even after selling all my bags collection,I don’t think I would have 80K…it’s a nice looking bag..I’ll just be dreaming about it though (ipad)

  • AMN

    beautiful (ipad)

  • Ellen

    This is insanely beautiful and luxurious. I think that it is actually good that the price is so far out of range. (ipad)

  • coachwife6

    Best bag ever. Love it. (ipad)

  • swati

    i misread the price as 8000 and mentally started a saving plan …. till i noticed an extra zero …… ah! no point even going there (ipad)

  • stacy

    Drooling. (Ipad)

  • Katie L.

    I love this bag! Very chic and totally usable. Too bad the price is so up there. (ipad)

  • spanish moss

    ohhh, mama! now where i put that winning lottery ticket??? (ipad)

  • Heidi

    Price is outrageous, but ridiculously gorgeous! (ipad)

  • jillybean307

    OMG the price. Lovely bag–but wow! (ipad)

  • qudz

    WOW. okay, that is a BEAUTIFUL bag, but at that price, its definitely never going to come home with me. sigh. (ipad)

  • annabelle

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Kristen

    pretty but WAY too expensive for what you get (ipad)

  • Melody

    Stunning!!!! But oh, the price!!! (ipad)

  • agarg

    love it!!! (ipad)

  • Juan

    lovely but price is too much (ipad)

  • Juan

    the color is gorgeous (ipad)

  • Juan

    the price is outrageous (ipad)

  • Shari

    Breathtakingly beautiful. The cabats get more gorgeous each season but the price is not something I could ever justify even if I could afford it. (iPad)

  • Desaria

    look like a bag to use to to to the market (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I agree with Shari as well! even if this was bag I could afford I wouldn’t want it. There are so many other beautiful and less expensive bags that would be on my wanted list. (ipad)

  • Tonya

    lol @ swati!! (ipad)

  • jen

    looks very summer-y (ipad)

  • Cathy Fitz

    Gorgeous leather and craftsmanship. Style of bag – not for me. Price – can’t even think of a snappy comment other than NO. (ipad)

  • Adrienne

    I’m on the WRONG PLANET!!!

    it IS Beautiful and I would love to even look at it, but c’mon – that’s worth more than my entire house!
    I think I need this Ipad more than anyone now! (ipad)

  • Ira

    Are you kidding me!!! (ipad)

  • Jen

    This is gorgeous! But that price tag is SERIOUSLY laughable. (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    OH my goodness. How is it possible that it costs so much money? I could only use this as luggage, I don’t buy designer luggage, sure as heck wouldn’t buy over 80,000 worth of crocodile skin to carry clean undies in. (ipad)

  • Jenn

    wow with that price…one could get a fine looking luxury car (ipad)

  • Jenn

    they sell similar looking hand woven, well crafted pieces in the philippines for a much lower price! (ipad)

  • Jenn

    but then again this is a Bottega Veneta :) (ipad)

  • Limey

    wow, 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS for a purse???? I’d rather spend it on a downpayment for a house… LoL (ipad)

  • kl

    you must really be joking with this price i would buy a house

  • Christine

    love it!!! (ipad)

  • kl

    sorry but for real People this is pretty but hello be realistic unless you are rich this bag could be your home car buisness college education etc. great for the millionaires

  • erica

    80 g’s???? Nice bag but I’d be scared to use the darn thing! wowsa

  • Jelita78

    i love the way u writers tell most positive things about a bag in reviewed, and put the price thingy at the very bottom last of the story..
    it’s gives us readers time to imagine the blue skies and butterflies, and beautiful beaches before slamming us hard to the ground, bam! (ipad)

  • Favor

    This bag makes me dizzy its so gorgeous!

  • BooIn

    Does it really worth the price? Definitely not my cup of tea.

  • louise

    love the style but would never pay over 80 000 usd for a bag (ipad)

  • Maggie

    Wow! That is one expensive bag! (ipad)

  • milwifey

    Yowza! Beautiful bag but the price is ridiculous! (ipad)

  • Jocelin

    something I can only dream of…

  • Merve

    Its as beautiful as the price is outrageous (ipad)

  • joycee

    such glossy leather! beautiful (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    Oh this is pretty! (ipad)

  • bentos

    i absolutely agree with the remarks to this bv bag as being one of the most gorgeous bag ever made, and i as well agree with the price 80k. this gives an absolute exclusivity for the richest of at least millionaires. there should be some luxury bags that which other people (who are not real millionaires) can only see, but not for them to have. with you having this bag, you will by no doubt be the talk of the town. and for the richest, this can be considered as an heirloom. well i myself can’t have this much cash to burn for a luxury bag, but love to see others having it and flaunt it.

  • GG

    if only money is no problem. this is so damn pretty. URGH.

  • Marianna

    YUM! If I win the Powerball…ah well, it’s good to have a dream! :)

  • Kathy

    Fabulous bag, terrible price (ipad)

  • Joanna

    Fabulous! (ipad)

  • Adrienne

    love the bag, but I can’t live in it or drive it, so it’s worthless …. (ipad)

  • Fiel

    It’s so Filipino:) (ipad)

  • LDJ

    LOL @ $80,350. I love it and all, but it can stay on display for with that price. lol. (ipad)

  • edoardo

    The prica is too much expensive and i thinkt hat Bottega Veneta is purposing price exagerating for their products. however, this kind of lavoration and new “appearance” realized with c4roc si cool!


  • Kris

    This bag is gorgeous! Sadly, I’d have to be able to drive it to own it. (ipad)

  • 11

    It looks nice, but also just look like the $10 bag I got from Target.

    • LDJ

      U’re about to make me go to Target!!!! LOL (ipad)

  • 11

    It looks nice, but also just look like the $10 bag I got from Target. (iPad)

  • Lynne

    I don’t think weaving croc skin is a good idea!

  • Elizabeth

    well the price is the obvious barrier here – but it is a beautiful bag! The leather has such depth and dimension, it really adds to the weave instead of taking away from it. (ipad)

  • Annais Bags

    One of the best bags yet!
    The simplicity, the texture the colour, and the handles and no visible logo, so Veneta.
    Love the company – great workmanship, definitely worth every penny (ipad)

  • papertiger

    LV the bag but HOW MUCH? That’s nuts and this is me talking.

  • Mochababe73

    I thought it was a typo at first. I guess not. I really want a Range Rover. So, I think that I would take a fully loaded vehicle over a handbag.
    Did I just say that?

  • susan

    really beautiful; at least the non croc ones are affordable! (ipad)

  • raw

    The price is ridiculous… here , where I live they sell pure crocodile skin bags for around 15 usd… I can’t imagine why the treatment of the leather, the craftmanship and the Bottega name should cost 79, 985 USD….. daylight robbery if you ask me!

  • Bir

    Loooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeee it perfect simply perfect !!!!!!

  • Donna C.

    This bag is gorgeous but it goes without saying that the price is ridiculous (ipad)

  • EvaKnox

    Brilliant design and color…..I`m sorry I can`t say the same thing about the numbers in the price tag, eighty thousand grand…that`s like wow :)


  • Kells

    You added an extra “0” between the 8 and the comma, right??? Not that I’ve never thought of buying a purse worth more than my car, (Hermes, I’m looking at you!), but WHAAAT!?! It is insanely gorgeous though. (ipad)

  • Tina W

    I love the bag but I don’t know about the color. Also the price is really prohibitive for me to covet one. (iPad).

  • Eleanor

    I admire the craftmanship, but I don’t see the point of shredding crocodile skin. The beauty of an exotic material is the pattern of the scales, in my opinion, so distorting that pattern seems like a waste of crocodile.

    • Vitta


  • Lianne

    It’s gorgeous, both in design and colour.

    But the price!!! (ipad)

  • Barb

    OMG! What a lovely bag. i thought it must be crocodile and it is…I usually don’t care for brown bags much but this is the perfect black/brown. However, no way will it ever be mine, alas it is also out of my price range. I am brokenhearted. (Ipad)

  • Sue E

    I love the bag but $80,000+ for it? O.O…If the bags cost that much how much did they pay the 2 craftsmen/women who took 2 days to weave it together?

    • Sue E

      I forgot to add (ipad)

  • Dominic

    The bag is simply stunning, and I’m sure the quality has to rival that of a birkin. However, with a price like that I’d rather own eight birkins than one of these. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    I so love BV and plan to buy a Cabat in 2011; BUT, for $80K I can buy the new Lexus of my dreams. Probably too late to say it but I will: (ipad)

  • Karen

    This is just the most gorgeous bag. I can’t imagine spending that much on a bag, though, even if I had that kind of money! (ipad)

  • PurseAdict

    AMAZING !!! but the price is just too much not worthy (ipad)

  • Renee’

    At $80K it should come with a steering wheel and an engine. Vrroooomm, vrroooomm! (ipad)

  • dalex

    80 thousand dollars? Did I read that correctly?! HA! (ipad)

  • Justine

    I love it! Especially the color. But the whats with the price? I mean, they make the bag with crocodile and leather but why is it $80,000?

  • Louisa

    wow… the price! You can buy a car with that! However I have to agree that this bag looks gorgeous(ipad)

  • JiRR

    I need to know how strong the cabat is.