Jimmy Choo Unity Metallic Mesh Continental Wallet

I have always been boisterous. And from time to time, my fashion sense is also boisterous. I can’t help that I love being the life of the party. When I first saw this beauty by Jimmy Choo, I thought to myself that this wallet is ‘so me’. The Jimmy Choo Unity Metallic Mesh Wallet screams out glamourous fun. If you are the life of the party, why not carry a wallet that makes you look that way. To me, this wallet would be used a clutch- because there is no way I would hide this beauty from any onlookers vision. This wallet is made of silver metallic mesh and is accented with gold hardware. Showing off the signature ‘Jimmy Choo’ inscribed loop on the front, this wallet lets you know there is no messing around. After unzipping the wrap around zip fastening, you will find a central zip fastening pocket with spaces for your precious credit cards (which by the end of this holiday season may be empty). The dimensions aren’t huge, but there is still no way I would own a wallet like this and not show it off. The depth is 1″, height 4″, and the width is 7.5″. The reason I would get this ‘wallet’ is to show it off. Doesn’t it look like the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory? So, if any of you are lucky enough to indulge in this beauty, make sure you let everyone around you see it. Buy yourself a piece of Jimmy Choo heaven via Net-A-Porter for $535.

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