The only problem with the Celine-influenced trend toward classic, clean-lined box bags is that not everyone has a classic, clean-lined personal style. Some people prefer a little bit of razzle-dazzle, and those people would be well served to take a look at the Versace Leather Shoulder Bag. Gird your loins, ladies and gentlemen, for I am about to say something nice about a Versace bag.

Bridging a gap as wide as the one between buttoned-up box bags and the personal style of the average Versace enthusiast is no small task, but Versace did an admirable job with this little shoulder bag. This shade of pink would have no place in my closet, but I can imagine women far girlier than I pulling it off well, and the design has just enough metal (and just enough of a logo) to satisfy people who ardently disagree with me when I criticize Versace. But I genuinely like this bag, from the simple shape to the gleaming gold box chain, and the price actually seems within the realm of reasonability. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1395.

Sweet Summertime

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