There are times where I simply shake my head in disbelief. A good example would have to be with this bag. I know that Versace is a force to reckon with. Yes, Versace is a fashion powerhouse, but at what point should someone take a step back and say, “although we are Versace, there is no way we can ask this price for this bag”? I am just going to say it, the Versace Venus Ostrich Stamped Patent Bag is overpriced. First of all, this is ostriched-stamped shiny patent leather! Ostrich-stamped folks. Sure, the bag looks extremely textured, but to me, not in a good way. The handles are also patent leather which attach to the patent leather bag with chain link shoulder straps. And let me say one more thing, that sure is a lot of patent leather. For me, patent leather should follow the rule of moderation. To be honest, the only thing I really like about this bag is the satin lining. Satin lining makes my heart happy. Ok, yes, I can picture plenty of people sporting this bag, but not this girl. With the kind of price tag associated to this patent leather bag, would you buy it? If so, you can buy it through eLuxury for $2,880.

Yep, I think I am in love. As soon as I saw this handbag I knew I wanted to share it will all of you. This gorgeous Versace Crinkled Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag needs to be added to my collection. I tend to think twice about shiny, metallic bags, but this one seems to be just my type. Versace is known for their impeccable attention to detail and gorgeous material. This bag does not fall short. And I don’t see the handbag going out of style anytime soon – it has timeless qualities.

I think one of the things I like the most is the color; you can sport it every season. The combination of crinkled coated metallic leather and textured metallic leather trim adds a little something different. Although the color of the chunky link chain shoulder straps isn’t much different than the color of the bag, there is enough difference to notice a small contrast. As I mentioned earlier, Versace always pays attention to the details surrounding each bag. Here, they’ve added a gold ring and stud details throughout and the flap closure has buckle detailing and a weighted gold metal and acrylic Medusa medallion. I figure, if I am going to spend quite a bit of money on a bag, I expect the attention to detail to be apparent. If nothing else, that way it feels like you are getting enough bang for your buck, right? No matter what, this bag is without a doubt a winner. Buy through eLUXURY for $2,265..

They say that there’s nothing new under the sun, and from time to time, as Megs & Co. are demonstrating today, this adage holds true in the handbag world as well. When faced with the need to blend practicality and style, how many different things can you really make?

So I present to you two bags: the Marc Jacobs Patchwork Amanda and the Versace Large Greek Key Shoulder Bag. Both are black patent leather, both have chain straps, both are kind of square and boxy, and both have large quilting over most of the bag. The styling is slightly different – Versace, naturally, makes everything in their line to be flashy and obvious, with their Greek motif forming the lines between the quilts. The Marc Jacobs bag is more fashionista friendly with more subtle styling and branding.

To me, the choice between these two is a no-brainer, and not just because the winner shares my name. The Marc Jacobs Amanda is much more elegant in its details and wearable in my wardrobe, and although not a complete original (Chanel did do pleats and chain straps first, after all), it’s still much preferable to its uninspired Versace cousin.

Versace Canyon Medium Denim Croc BagWhen I think of Versace I think of ornate. For some reason Versace has never seemed very subtle to me. Because of this many of the Versace bags are more for showy and glamourous wear, then wear to the grocery store. I know I preach about practicality, but I also know beauty. Showing off ritz and blitz on the runway, Versace’s spring line manifests itself with glamour and intricate detailing. The Versace Canyon Medium Denim Croc Bag beams in-your-face style. While not actual croc, this denim and croc-embossed leather bag is accented with gold metal hardware and can not be missed by any passerby. The shape of this bag is alluring and stunning with its knotted rolled leather hardware, diagonal buckesles on the front, straps with buckles on the sides, and front zipped pocket. Finishing off the Versace goodness is the signature Versace plaque and Medusa medallion clasp on the front of the bag. Love it or hate it, Versace continues to make their bags a site that could never be missed. Buy it via eLuxury for $2400.

Versace Couture Fringes Extra Large HoboWhen I see fringe bags, I am reminded of fun houses and door-way-beads. Always fun to run through but somewhat annoying after a while. I actually could see a fringe bag getting knotted up after a while and just start to itch and tickle me. Nevertheless you can read between the lines to see that I am not fond of the Versace Couture Fringes Extra Large Hobo. While the buttery-soft and supple Italian Nappa leather does look divine, the 10″ leather fringe surrounding sides and base of bag make me want to grab a pair of scissors and cut each and every fringe off by hand. The rest of the additions to this bag are hard for me to focus on because I can not get my eyes off the fringe. But if you are a lover of fringe or just trying to get to know a little more about this bag there is polished gold metal hardware, a vertical side pocket, rolled leather shoulder strap, over-the-top corset lacing with braided leather laces, and satin interior. Versace has made some bags that are alluring and chic, but measuring in at 19″ x 12″ x 4″ this bag is way more fringe than I could ever want or like. The price is far more than I could ever want or like also. Buy this dangling bag for $4326 at eLuxury.

Versace Suede and Croc Large ClutchIf you have been a reader here for a while you probably have learned a few things about me. One of them may be that I love clutches with a passion and the other may be that I truly am a girly girl at times and love pink. Put the two together and you have the Versace Suede and Croc Large Clutch. Intricately designed from camel suede and camel croc-embossed leather, this daintly pink clutch wants me to hold it in my hand tonight. I will gladly do so by the way, very gladly. The clutch has a structured frame top with golden Medusa medallions at each end and intricate corset lacing with golden studs along the top. The polished gold metal hardware and golden studs are the perfect color to help show off the beauty of this clutch. On the inside there is divine satin and I can see my necessities fitting perfectly well on the inside. If you want to make your way to my heart (hey Vlad, this is geared towards you), buy me (cross out) yourself this beauty via eLuxury for $1,565.

Versace Metallic Monogram BagIn the quest for finding something to blog about, lately I’ve frequently sought input in our Purse Forum, just because our ladies have such indisputable tastes for the most sizzling and glamorous bags. Today, for example, PurseFanatic pointed out Kimora Lee’s fabulous white Versace Metallic Monogram Bag with distinct golden features. So distinct in fact, that it was mistaken for an LV… I can’t blame her, it does have a certain resemblance with the LV Speedy, the side lock looks like it may have been inspired by LV as well. Nonetheless, an absolutely fab bag.

The bag is made of Versace’s monogram silk jacquard with metallic gold leather trim and is adorned with polished gold metal studs and Versace-engraved chain links. Braided metallic gold leather straps with Versace-engraved gold metal ends on gold metal links give it a 5″ drop for easy toting around. A gorgeous satin interior with zipped pocket and Versace plaque round off this masterpiece, and for a humble 1,482 bucks via eLuxury, it’s not even all that pricey. For a Versace anyway. Click on the link below to see the bag in action.

Halle Berry for VersaceWe knew Donatella Versace had picked Halle Berry to star in the next Versace campaign but we could hardly have expected her to look this good. Photographed by Mario Testino in LA for the spring/summer 2006 ads, the Oscar winning actress follows Madonna and Demi Moore in becoming the face of the label and Donatella’s new best friend. “I have always chosen inspirational women to represent Versace,” says the Italian designer. “Halle represents everything that is great about this collection someone who loves colour, has a real sensuality, who is strong yet feminine and who is a real woman who has lived. For me she is easier to relate to and more relevant than a model and of course she looks simply beautiful in the clothes. Furthermore I have known Halle for many years and have always admired her determination and her professionalism. Our campaign was photographed during the shooting of X Men 3 and as she only had one day off in which to complete it, she worked tirelessly from 5am to 1am the following morning 20 hours straight without batting an eyelid.”via Vogue.

Halle Berry sure is a hottie, Donatella couldn’t have picked a more worthy successor to Madonna. I find her absolutely lovely. How about you?

Versace Orchid and Shell Print ClutchMany of you may have realized that I sure do have a thing for clutches. I can’t get enough. Because spring is in the air (it really is not, but let’s all pretend), Versace has presented us with florals to warm up our hearts. The Versace Orchid and Shell Print Clutch is edgy, fun, and daring. With a fuchsia polka dot pattern as the background, this clutch is dazzled with vibrant colored orchids and swirly shell patterns and is trimmed in natural cowhide. Now remember, this bag is making it into the resort collection. So when we all venture out from hibernation, we can graciously carry this bag in the sun and sand. The clutch has a wooden frame with wicker trim which further shows off some island flair. The perfect finishing touches are added to the clutch; a cowhide belt that closes over the frame, and a lucite-and-gold-metal Versace medallion on a rope which dangles from the side of the clutch. Open this flower powered clutch up to find a fuchsia satin interior with an inside zipped pocket. Don’t be fooled, this is no small clutch. This is one big bag, measuring up at 14.2″ x 8.3″ x 2.4″. If you dare to prepare yourself for spring, do it in style. Grab this clutch through eLuxury for $1260.

Versace Velvet Biker BagI can’t say I own anything by Versace. But since I was little my dad always took us down to South Beach to eat at News Room Cafe and other places right next to Versace’s house (ah yes before he was murdered), I always was intrigued by the man. Maybe it was because he had the only house on Ocean Drive which was a beautiful mansion, maybe it was because of how put together he looked the one time I saw him in person at the News Room Cafe, or just because of the reputation associated with his name. I feel like it is time I put some Versace in my closet.

Although I would melt over a Versace gown, I sure would take a purse too. The Versace Velvet Biker Bag manifests it’s beauty in being an evening bag with flare. Velvet is completely in style as we speak, and this bag has brought in black velvet with polished gold metal hardware and black leather trim. The bag is edgy and glamorous with it’s crystal-encrusted buckles and links which dazzle and sparkle. As if the crystals weren’t enough, the other focal point of the back is the golden Medusa medallion on the front. The inside of the bag is just as fun as the outside with its satin lining which boasts a g raphic black-and-white pattern along with an inside pocket. This hot bag sizes up at 8.25″ x 3.75″ x 2″. If I could afford to add yet another bag to my collection, it would be this Versace bag- which is the perfect evening bag in my standards with a price that is about $700 more than I should be paying right now. Buy it through eLuxury for $795.

Versace Velvet Show BagToday is obviously the day of showy bags. Probably a bit too much for most of you to handle. I feel like if these bags all got together and went to a party, when the disco ball would shine on them the light would blind the room. Wonder if I am making any of you feel that way with my metallic/python/gold/striped bag day today. Anyhow I just feel like these bags can only be pulled off with the simplest of simple outfits- nice jeans, a white tank, and cute heels. Anyone disagree? Versace usually screams out for attention, and this bag doesn’t do any differently.

The Versace Velvet Show Bag truly is a show itself. The bag is described as,

“Glamorous enough for a goddess, Versace’s sumptuous velvet bag beams with luxury. Ripples of golden velvet shimmer over the pretty pouch shape, accented by chic croc-stamped leather and a diva-worthy supply of polished golden nails, buckles, chains, and accessories. With artful silk lining, a delightfully decadent bag.”

I’m thinking my writing skills weren’t about to say any of that, but maybe try to get close to it (hence I was not an English major). The first striking part of the bag is the velvet with croc-stamped leather and the polished gold metal hardware. Right from the get-go both of those assets are screaming out at you. The rest of the bag begins to blur together with croc-stamping and gold: there is a frame structure (which I actually love the shape in this case) that has two golden claps with golden Versace cubes, a golden Medusa medallion which hangs from the bag front (as if the rest of the bag didn’t receive enough attention on it’s own), visibly chunky gold metal chain straps which lead up to the croc-stamped shoulder strap, and why not finish it off with the buckle details having croc-stamped leather straps each and every side of the bag. This bag isn’t playing around. On top of all the outside madness, the inside is lined in patterned silk and has a small pocket and a golden (of course it’s golden) Versace plaque. The bag looks a bit bigger than it may actually be, measuring up at 11″ x 6″ x 5.5″. If today hasn’t been showy enough for you already, this bag is sure to put you over the top, which is the same thing the price tag does. $2,016 via eLuxury.

Versace Safety PinI’m lost. There are some things designed in this world that just don’t make sense to me. I am not claiming to be the ‘all-knowing’ fashion goddess, but I think I know a little bit about it (ok a lot :-)). But this, this has me really groveling at it. Versace is known for being one of the leading high end fashion designers. It is lovely that they make jewelry. I like jewelry. But who would pay $298 for a safety pin? Any of you? The Versace Safety Pin is made of polished gold metal (notice not solid gold) and shows off dangling charm letters that spell out V-E-R-S-A-C-E. Keep in mind the crystal rhinestones are not on the letters R-A-C. Hum, rac- is there any deeper meaning there? Jk guys.

The eLuxury website, where it is available for $298 (might as well just add the $2 to make it $300) says this:

In signature ultra-glam style, Versace’s oversized safety pin glimmers with jewel-cut crystals on polished gold metal. Rhinestone-encrusted letter charms dangle from the pin spelling Versace, creating a glittering accessory that celebrates extravagant style.

What is there to be celebrating? Maybe the birth of your new child who you would like to use this safety pin on his or her diaper to keep it together. Lovely use of money. I guess my biggest problem is where would you put this thing? Possibly on a black bag and use this to accessorize, but wouldn’t each person that looked at the bag and the pin think to themselves, ‘What are they trying to prove??’ So now I’m asking all of you what you think, I’m really curious to know.