Oh, Versace. We’ve had this conversation before. But before we starting talking about the sticking point that I always have with this brand, let’s talk about some positives. First, I think this is a really nice-looking bag. The Versace Frame Satchel reminds me a bit of the iconic Marc Jacobs Stam in shape and proportion, and that’s a good thing. People loved, and still love, that bag, and part of the reason was because it’s simple and functional. I like that Versace included their bit of bling in the top frame by making it all metal, and the zipper trim is cute and a bit unexpected. The leather also looks beautiful.

Versace Frame Satchel

The problem I have though, is that the leather is not exotic, and for the price tag, it absolutely should be. $4000 is too much to spend for a regular leather bag, which is exactly what this is. My Stam cost about $1300 at regular retail, and this bag is not any more fantastic than that one was. I continue to be baffled by Versace‘s pricing scheme, and they don’t appear to have the avid following to support it. Buy through Nordstrom for $3995.

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  • bindc

    It’s an okay bag. But that’s it. Not fantastic. And definitely not 4K worthy.

  • Merve

    Honestly i am speechless. Even if it was the most amazing leather bag (which its not its just nice) there is no way you can justify that astonishing price. Its like Versace are taking the piss here….are they not aware of the credit crisis?

  • Carrie

    I agree with you, the stam is comparable and the Versace does not command a $4k price. It is a pretty bag though :)

  • me

    I like the frame satchel shape, but yeah- that’s way too much money for a leather bag.

  • QueenMAB

    Hmm, for that price, or less rather, I would feel better getting at least two bags from other designers…say the Alexander McQueen patent tote and the Jimmy Choo Monna.

  • Lauren

    I think the zipper is terrible! Even though there are many details on this bag, it is way over priced for what it is.

  • janis

    Not my favorite V-bag.

  • Ji

    Its a nice bag, its interesting, but def. not the best

  • chirpy_gal

    For 4k we could get an exotic skinned bag easily, but i guess its the brand name that they are trying to sell for that much money. :)

  • Jiyeun

    I am always disappointed with Versace bags.. it’s a shame because their dresses are wonderful.

  • Sarah

    The bag reminds me of Jabba the Hutt! Versace almost always misses in the purse department, this is yet another disappointment:-/ At this price, I can get 2 of their croc embossed tote(the only bag in their new line of bags that I think is pretty and also functional), and still have $800 left to spend on a fabulous pair of boots!

  • Shawna

    Way out of my price range – but I like it!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Looks way too much like Granny’s bag.

  • stella

    Holy crud at the price tag!! Versace has okay bags, I saw a speedy-style bag at Nordstrom and dear lord, it was very heavy. But this one seems a bit blah compared to that bag. And that price… gee louise. If that bag was entirely made of exotic skin then it would be understandable and all but, nooo no no no no no…. not like this. It’s a bit too plain for such an Outrageous price tag. I’ll pass.

  • Nicole

    I’ve seen bags very similar to this style for less money! so no way would I spend that much!

  • Julia

    The price is ridiculous! :(

  • Megan

    For $4K I could thing of MANY other shoes and bags I would much rather have!

    • Miss Couture

      No offense, but quantity over quality is never the way to go.

  • Nessa

    It’s an ok looking bag but too over priced!

  • Holly

    you could buy three stams for the prices of this. Its a nice bag, but I must be missing something…

  • Kerria

    They’re nuts!

  • Jane H.

    it looks like a butt

  • hazel

    I think this bag is really cute, the longer I look at that photo, the more I see a face though. The buckles are its eyes. >_>

  • Rochelle K

    I think I just fell in love. Seriously – this bag is GOOOOORgeous. If I had that kinda money, I’d totally buy it – Screw the rent!!!

  • Tiffany

    …is it just me or does anyone else find this bag reminiscent of the LV Trevi???

  • tw

    i like this bag…and don’t really think it is too much like the stam. but i’d still never go along with that pricing strategy!

  • Zarka

    Reminds of my mom’s purse in the 70’s…..I don’t know if I really like it…Very confused about it…

  • CiCi

    This bag is called the Reve, its actually from the archives of the late Gianni Versace. This bag is spectacular in person if u have had the chance to see it any boutiques!
    The price tag is pretty good considering that they only made 25 in each color (also comes in tan, white, and a bright yellow python) for the entire US!
    I only buy Versace bags, and I must say that I have never seen another lady with the same bag that I have because they are all so limited!

    • maro

      you are so right.. i just got one.. its a beauty.

  • Arnice

    This is an amazing purse. It is so chic. I must agree with CiCi in that you see it in person. The quality of the leather is five star. The price is very off the chart, but after seeing with my own eyes, I think it is worth it. I have been monitoring this piece for a very long time (over six months) and had to purchase it. Waiting almost too long, I almost miss the opportunity to become the owner of the very last white Versace Frame Satchel in the US. Yes, I finally made the official purchase this past summer from Nordstroms and I must say it is a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous piece of leather. Heads turn, I mean like neck-brace, followed with same words of compliment “I love your handbag/purse. If I may, who is the designer?” And, I proudly say VERSACE!!!!!!

    • Miss Couture

      Congrats, and enjoy your bag!!! Have u recently seen the midnight blue patent version? It also has the silver studding. It’s a color that stands out and draws you in….it’s like a Blue Christmas! I luv that bag…..

  • Miss Couture

    In response to you all commenting on the price, take a course in fashion design or merchandising and understand the process and skill it takes to produce a garment or item for retail. Versace is one of the internationally known iconic companies of all time. True with Donatella in charge it has adjusted to a different look, however, signature to Versace nonetheless. All of their bags are handmade in italy not china, sourcing for leather and findings (hardware), italian as well. Not to mention the charge of getting the goods overseas and paying all the workers fair wages. This company unlike many American based companies, are using the highest quality fabrics and manufacturers to produce pieces of art. The bag is well worth it’s price. It sickens me for people to complain about the price-they are the main ones who try to locate bags not made in china and cringe at the price. For whatever reason they think that high quality bags should just magically fit their budget. These bags are not for those of you who purchase a bag for everyday use, but definitely for those who have a true knowledge and desire for them, who understands the quality, required care, and price. By the way, this is the Versace Frame Satchel which could reach $4K where as the other bag listed above is the “Mini Reve Frame Satchel” that is priced around $2995-This bag is black patent with bold polished silver studding and petite. To die for really. I just had to speak up on the company who is really the inventors of haute couture works of art for handbags and accessories. Versace is bold, gorgeous, avant garde, no boundaries, pushin to the limit, type of company. Understand or Ignore.

  • maro

    well said… thankyou.

  • Classy girl

    I agree with Miss Couture. Why would one want to dress in boring clothes or carry ‘clone’ handbags?

  • Danielle

    So I saw this exact bag in gold and croc embossed. I fell in love! It was around $3,500 for the bag. I really wanted another Louis Vuitton (which last & hold up great) but we stopped in Versace first. First of all if the bag is over $1,000 it better hold up! I did not even use the bag for 12 hours and parts of the purse are already damaged. 4 days after purchase they won,t even exchange my bag. Next time for sure won’t be a Versace handbag!

  • socialitesales

    If any of you are still interested in this bag I now have the beige version, which wasn’t seen in many stores as it was sent to my client from Versace PR. It’s on my ebay store for much less and hasn’t been used! http://www.socialiteauctions.com

  • Suzzette

    Love this product its the quality not the quantity..