Taylor Momsen Versace 1Well, first, it has to be said. Taylor Momsen is approximately 16 years old, and this look is perhaps a tad old for her. She could probably be wearing things that are slightly longer, and eye makeup that’s slightly less…well, just slightly less.

But I kind of love her for dressing like this, truth be told. This is how every girl that ever bought a Joy Division album desperately wanted to dress in high school (including yours truly…), and almost none of us ever got the opportunity. I didn’t because I was on debate team and bleach-blond extensions and a whole pencil worth of eyeliner probably would have made me look unprofessional at tournaments. That, and I don’t think my mom would have bought me leather short shorts. But a girl can dream, I suppose.

But obviously, we’re here to talk about Taylor’s bag, the Versace Metal Frame Satchel. We’ve spoken about this bag before, but it’s hard to get a sense of something when you can’t see it carried. Two things struck me this bag after I saw the pictures – it’s a lot smaller than I expected it to be (it’s not nearly the size of a Stam, to which I originally compared the structure) and I like it just as much as I did previously.

It’s legitimately a nice-looking bag, which is not always Versace‘s strong suit, and for that I’m excited. The price, however, is still thoroughly unexciting. Buy through Nordstrom for $3995.

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  • Michael St. James

    it’s a beautiful bag, but the price is ridiculous! i too thought that it would be much bigger.

  • Linda

    Do not like the bag and that young girl looks like a hooker.

  • Claire

    Amanda, you crack me up, I wanted to dress like that too!

  • peace43

    Looks like Taylor Momsen is going through a Christina Aguilera “Dirty” phase.

  • Jane H.

    I completely agree with Linda

  • Merve

    Totally agree with Linda. She is only sixteen and the look is really cheap. I mean ok she is supposed to be trendy coz she is from GG but this is too much.

  • Marissa Cooper

    Taylor looks better in this picture than in GG. Can’t believe she’s 16 though.

  • MAX

    OMG She’s 16!!! but the dress and the bag make her look so old, and I think it looks so cheap for $ 4000 i think she should go with LV good looking all the time

  • Beth

    She looks like a ho. That’s sad.

  • Ruslana

    She is 16? not even?
    damn !
    at that age (im 21 now) i was still fascinated by my mother putting her lip stick on in front of the mirror…

  • Loquita

    What a horrid outfit for anyone to wear, let alone someone this young. And the bag is unfortunately just as atrocious. Anna, you are right — bags are not and never have been Versace’s strong suit. (Case in point).

  • Maggie

    I agree with Linda. She looks like a hooker, and I wouldn’t pay that for a solid gold handbag, let alone THAT one. I’ll stick with my own purses, and my own clothes.

  • Jen

    I never would have guessed her to be 16 from that picture.

  • gail


  • ofMONACO

    Ew. I believe in living on the edge but I’ve watched enough episodes of Law and Order: SVU to know how to adequately profile a prostitute… and she makes the grade.

    Her short blonde mullet was actually cute, the extensions make her look like an extra in that movie Thirteen, the shorts are fine but paired with thigh highs make her look insanely desperate. And while I like the eyeliner, would it kill her to smile ever? Or maybe not, I like the serious look for the photogs but the sulky scowl is unbecoming and stupid. Is it so painful to be there? I think not.

  • Kyla

    Amanda, I think I’ve actually seen a larger version in real life that looks to be about the same size as a Stam. The one I saw was turquoise, in the Versace boutique at the Four Seasons Hotel in Macau. Though larger, it still looked to be a bit horrid, honestly. LOL

  • Adrienne zedella

    would love to be rich. fb