Versace Leather Flap HoboOh, Versace. Just when we start to get into the summer fashion blahs when nothing new is coming out, another one of their ridiculous bag appears and we have something to talk about yet again.

In the grand scheme of things, for this brand in particular, the Versace Leather Flap Hobo isn’t terrible. It can actually be used as a handbag. It will hold things. You can put it on your arm. Which in some cases, for Versace, is a progress. It’s a bit overdone, because of course it is, and it’s got some sort of red patent wings or something hanging off the front. They appear to serve no purpose, because of course they don’t. And this particular bag is both patent and regular leather, which is particularly hard when using red since the pigments render so differently on the two materials. They got fairly close, though. Kudos. I mean, not exactly the same, but not hugely different. But the gaudy gold hardware spells out their name in big block letters and the flaps are nonsensical as I already mentioned, and the price is insulting, because of course it is. It’s Versace. Buy through Saks for $2470.

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  • mette

    For all the reasons you mentioned, it is easy to not like this bag !

  • simplyaddictd

    tacky-city! oh donatella, what were you thinking..

  • Pradameinhofgang

    its horrible! if i saw this on someone’s arm i’d assume it was a tacky fake…. sorry..

  • 19yearslater

    I think this bag belongs to the flying nun. Yuck.

  • Cynthia

    They are definately trying to be different!

  • Linda


  • Crystal

    This monstrosity looks like a bowling ball had a concussion and vomited over itself.

  • Nee

    why do they continue to make these monstrosities at these over-inflated prices…. why?

  • Merve

    Does anyone actually ever buy these Versace bags?

  • Jane H.

    Booooooring…..What’s up with the Versace plaque?

  • chirpy_gal

    just Okay :)

  • Beth

    Hilarious review!

  • renee

    Put polka dots on it and you can swing a giant lady bug around on your arm.

  • Mama M

    At least it doesn’t look like the cookie monster like that furry blue bag did! The flaps kind of remind me of a peplum. I like the lady bug idea.

  • Abby

    wow,nice….but the price is really high… does anybody konw some good on-line shop which sell handbags at good price? pls share with me, thank you very much :)

  • Adrienne zedella

    designers hard at work. fb