Winter is starting to ease up in New York City, and it has me looking at everything in my apartment (and especially in my closet) with a critical eye, as it usually does–“spring cleaning” is a real thing. This year, though, it also has me looking at the state of the accessories market, which could use a good KonMari session itself.

I’ve already ranted a little bit about how I’m thoroughly, exceedingly done with novelty bags that exist only to be novel, and that feeling still stands. The more “novel” the bags get, the more I feel like my intelligence is being insulted.

I’m also beginning to tire of micro bags, which many of you have been tired of since they first popped up–they’re cute and lightweight, but they’re not at all practical unless you’re going to a concert or some other event where having your hands free trumps your desire to carry all the things you need. Most women are drawn to bags because they’re a way to feel fashionable in their everyday lives, and micro bags aren’t everyday bags. I have no problem with their existence, but recently it’s felt to me like some designers are focusing on them to the exclusion of things regular adult women want to buy. I’m ready for the pendulum to swing the other way (and I think it’s starting to–more on that next week).

The high-end handbag market is extremely cluttered, and if I had my way, now would be the time to separate the signal from some of the noise. I’m betting many of you feel the same way; call it a hunch. If that’s the case, let us know in the comments.


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