Are you familiar with astrakhan? If you’re not, you should go ahead and get familiar, because it’s going to be everywhere come Fall 2012. In fact, fur in general is the trend that just won’t die, which is why we’re highlighting it today in our ongoing Fall 2012 Trends Week. Whether you prefer your fur bags short or long, it looks as though you’ll have plenty of choices come cold weather.

Astrakhan in particular, a close-cropped, wavy lamb fur, made a big splash, dotting the runways of enormous designers like Dior, Ferragamo and Fendi. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum were the Cousin It bags at Louis Vuitton, which looked like they’d come with their very own brush for upkeep. There wasn’t a lot in the middle – either designers are trying to stay away from the puffball look by using short, neat fur panels, or they’re going full monty with more fur than I have in my head. Our picks from the runway and how to get the look right now, after the jump.

Look forward to Fall 2012…

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Prada Fox Fur Shoulder Bag, $1995 via Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin Anastasia Fox Fur Clutch, $2345 via Neiman Marcus

WGACA Fendi Vntage Fur Bag, $1650 via ShopBop

Elie Tahari Chelsea Drawstring Bag, $449 via Bergdorf Goodman

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  • Sue2m

    I’m not sure about all this fur.  What happened to us, I thought fur was a no, no? Perhaps we should rethink this.

  • EEWWW..yuck

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    So much for the scary PETA police and the Stella McCartney campaign…..

  • Unknown2cherubim

    I am sorry. Most of these are hideous. In a year or two there will be many women asking themselves what they could possibly have been thinking.

  • Reality Junkie

    Some are absolutely gorgeous, some are hideous, but I couldn’t live with myself if I knew an animal died for my handbag.
    The orange Louis Vuitton isn’t real fur though, is it? It’s awfully long to be from a real animal (not my taste in color or style). And did Amanda call it the “Cousin It” as a joke? Surely LV did not name it that!

    • Collenewhipple

      Well do you have any leather bags ? If you do, you know they come from animals

  • Midge S

    Eh, I don’t wear fur, but I do see some beauty in it. (I vacilate between thinking it’s cruel and just not wanting to deal with the PC)    I’m not sure I like the idea of fur handbags though (even faux) .   Collar trims and hats maybe, but not bags.   I do love the neon orange Muppet fur looking one.   I think that if you are going to have a furry/fuzzy bag it needs to be fun , not serious.  

  • Kemilia


  • 19yearslater

    I think I’ll pass. Though I still don’t fully understand why fur is worse than leather. Leather comes from dead animals, too.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I agree with your statement, why are fur bags (fur anything) viewed as cruel (and much worse than leather) when leather is indeed taken from dead animals.  I am not a PETA or animal rights enthusiast (in other words, I eat meat and wear leather bags) but this logical question has always made me scratch my head.  Maybe it is because fur is often left in a recognisable state that makes us think of dead animals faster than leather? 

      • Christina Townsend

        You are  so right!! , Has anyone ever considered that fur and leather are a renewable resource . I don’t care to much for the fur handbags, but I do own a fur coat and leather jacket Iand wear them.  I have restyled a fur coat and love it.
        Looking forward to winter :o)  so I can wear it again.

    • Sandy_g

      Because leather usually comes from the cows we eat, so “technically” if you eat beef you should not have a problem with cow leather. Fur is awful because they kill these animals purely for making fashion items…

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        And what about some furs that come from animals that people eat, like rabbit for instance? I know eating rabbit may not be as common as eating beef, but someone has to ask the question. 

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Oh, and PETA is now campaigning against cow leather….guess we all have to be vegans in their eyes….

      • tagatha

        I’m pretty sure no one is eating the lizards and alligators that give their skin for exotic handbags? Though I might be wrong, haven’t actually researched the subject.

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        You never know…..some people can eat insects! LOL!

  • Susan Phend

    This is just not acceptable.  These are NOT beautiful bags.  In front of the “is it beautiful or not” issue, is that it’s fur from another living being.  I don’t like that. 

  • WOW! Those bags look amazing!!!! I want them all!!!

  • Glennth66

    Just think. If you wear leather. Worse yet if from china the River now black with dye. Think the chicken. Beef were where treated with love before Slaughter eat billfish or tuna caught long line method. Farmed salmon. That’s prob contributing to wiping out wild stocks. Mmm your house is full stuff that came from mining. If in amazon. Ibet no reclamation If you eat sushi. Your putting great or adding to stress on the ocean’s. Drive a car. The nylon jacket likely is petroleum based. Garbage bags. At office how many are recycled. Mmm most in the garbage can. Ohhh can’t forget the styrofoam. Your sandwich or warm dish
    Get the idea. Your a bunch hypercrites if you ant fur

  • Lynnie

    While I probably would not carry a fur bag (although the Christian Louboutin Anastasia Fox Fur Clutch, is pretty cute), I think this trend would only work well in small doses, like a clutch. As the bag starts getting larger the fur just starts to look riduculous.

  • Crzy4fasion2

    If you like the look of the fur bag, you should consider faux fur.  I found a beautiful black and white faux fur hobo at  It was priced very reasonable too.  The perfect price for a trend that may not last forever.

  • Seven

    I don’t care for many of the bags here but not exclusively because they were made from fur; I think they are very uninteresting styles. I am not pro or anti ur but I have a rule regarding fur. If it’s endangered or wild caught I will NOT wear it. I have no issue wearing mink (I own nothing made of mink) because mink are very mean little rodents. I will not wear raccoon because I have a family of them on my property. Ditto fox. I have no issue wearing vintage fur although I  have yet to find one I’d actually wear. I inherited a lovely autumn haze mink stole from my mother in law but after 20 yrs of marriage I still have not ever worn it in public. Fur is warm but in my opinion lost the inference of wealth and status that it once had. 

  • Nursedrew521

    FUR Really???  Nothing says OLD LADY like FUR…. I think you are way off with this one PurseBlog…..