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  • Guest

    The Moschino X Barbie could’ve been cute but Jeremy Scott just does way to much & 795 for real? The Coach X Snoopy is love.

  • Lina Lee

    Coach Snoopy Mini Zip-Around Bag and Coach Surrey Mini Snoopy Satchel I love. :)

  • Katrina

    The coach snoopy satchel is adorable! My little fashionista daughter will steal it from me in a second. So appropriate from 8 to 80. Will North America see it soon?

    • Amanda

      Hi Katrina, unfortunately this collection debuted when coach launched their latest selection for the end of October, and all of the snoopy items sold out in 24 hrs. You might still be able to catch one on eBay, but beware of the exhorbitant prices due to the collectible nature.

  • Shanelle

    All of the Coach x Peanuts line is sold out. Some of it is now selling for exorbitant prices on Ebay.

  • shueaddict

    I love ALL of the Anya H line and I will definitely pick one up. But the cutest and craziest was the McDonalds – reiteration of the Chanel flap by Moschino – I saw it in street action a few time and it was just really cool in the best “I am not taking myself seriously at all” way.

  • Donna

    This blog has become impossible to read through Bloglovin on the iPhone. It’s so frustrating. The pictures don’t scroll well or not at all. It takes forever to get to the actual post with the pictures. Too many clicks. I have stopped reading out of frustration which is a shame as I love this blog. Please can something be done??

    • Does it read differently if you just visit the site not via Bloglovin on the phone? I can install bloglovin to see how it loads to see if I can help rectify any problems. So sorry you are experiencing issues!

      • Donna

        Thanks for responding Megs. I tried the website rather than Bloglovin and can’t say it’s much better. Using the arrows to scroll through the pictures rarely works. I was looking at the Fendi article and was able to scroll through a few of the pictures but then switched to the arrows and it want back to the first picture again. Plus the image numbers don’t increase. I know people complained of the old format but once you were on the page with all the pictures it was very smooth. This is all with the iPhone. PC works great.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    AAAAAaahhh! I love Snoopy!!! I think I’d carry a Hefty bag with handles if it had a pic of him as Joe Cool! With that said the Coach bag is really cute.

  • Imbroke

    I wouldn’t pay any amount of money for these heinous bags. They are ridiculous. What do you women see in them?

  • Ruth moore

    Love this handbags! They are all a cutie! Sure I can find them at http://www.robecart.com

  • Beck

    Heyyyy I saw that same handbag at http://neatstacks.com. I was going to buy but they were so cheap I thought they might be fake.

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