Patches have had kind of a slow burn when it comes to their appearance on handbags. Raf Simons showed interest in them from the beginning of his now-ended tenure at Dior three years ago, but other brands were slow to pick up on the look. Then, Anya Hindmarch came out with her super-popular leather stickers, which allowed shoppers to add customized patch-looking embellishments to any bag in their collections. Then patches showed up on Valentino and Gucci bags, and finally, the look seems to be a full-blown trend.

Resort and spring bags offer the largest distribution of patches so far, and that includes a fairly flexible idea of what a “patch” might be. With some particularly high-end brands, the look is achieved through direct embroidery or beading on a bag, which is a more luxurious approach to patches that manages to exclude an actual patch entirely. For more accessibly priced bags, an actual patch is used to create the look of a patch. Imagine that.

Take a look at some of the patch-adorned bags we found below.

Anya Hindmarch Orsett Space Invader Tote
$2,750 via Neiman Marcus


Coach Varsity Patch Badlands Satchel
$629 via Coach


Dior Lady Dior Bag with Badges
Price Upon Request via Dior


Gucci GG Supreme Dionysus Bag
$3,400 via Gucci


Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Bag
$2,260 via Louis Vuitton


Marc Jacobs Paradise Biker Backpack
$850 via Neiman Marcus


MCM Stark Leather Insignia Backpack
$1,575 via Neiman Marcus


MICHAEL Michael Kors Mercer Three Patch Duffel
$398 via Bloomingdale’s


Ollie & B Patch Leather Backpack
$99 via Bloomingdale’s


Red Valentino Bird Patch Denim Tote


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Patch Bag
$2,790 via Nordstrom


Valentino Rolling Rockstud Patches Tote
$4,595 via Neiman Marcus

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6 years ago

I think Gucci and MCM are doing it right, there’s harmony in the entire design and relates to the entire collection. SDJ and LV Keepall ones look like they’re just stickers on very recognizable designs, which I know should be the effect behind patches in the first place but then the idea of patches is also to personalize something common but how do you achieve that when the designer already did the false personalization effect for you. It’s like a missed point of the whole thing. Hope that makes sense! :/

6 years ago

I guess these are ok if you’re a well-off younger shopper AND you don’t care about resale value down the road. IMO, these bags will look dated quickly. I’m a Gucci fan, but I don’t think any of their recently released bags match the beauty and elegance of the Tian collection. As for the rest, a big no thanks. If I want a tarted-up bag like the ones shown here, I’ll buy something much cheaper and use a glue gun to stick on some of my vintage Girl Scout badges from the 1970s. At least they mean something!

6 years ago

I don’t like novelty bags and patches make these bags too much like novelty bags to be appealing to me. I agree with the poster who said that they will look dated quickly. For me, spending more than $100 on a bag that looks like a Girl Scout project is too much and $4,595 is absolutely ridiculous. But for those who can spend that for a bag that they will not use next year, I say go for it and have fun with it.

6 years ago

While I like these as a concept, I just don’t see them lasting. If you’ve got money to blow then go for it, but I wouldn’t bank on this look staying around and being worth it in the long run

6 years ago

wow can the monogram on that MK duffel be ANY fuglier?!

6 years ago

I don’t care for the patches at all, cheapens the look regardless of designer.

Jerri R
Jerri R
6 years ago

That MCM is possibly the ugliest bag I have ever seen in my life.

6 years ago

I agree with other posters— this is too trendy and will likely impact the re-sale value of the bag. That said, if you want to participate in the trend without shelling out too much money, French Connection has a patch bag that’s like $50 and looks just as good as the designer patch bags, if not better. My thoughts on trendy items, is buy a cheap version of etc trend and save my money for the classics that will survive any trend.

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