Alexander McQueen Faithful Glove Clutch

When Amanda first covered this clutch I knew the opinions on it would be mixed. But I was all for the Alexander McQueen Glove Clutch and still am. It is entirely edgy, entirely different, and one of few bags that truly has me excited that I have seen on the market in a long time.

McQueen designed this bag after Marianne Faithfull who is an award-winning English singer, songwriter and actress who became known for her pop and rock music along with her struggle with drug abuse. The Alexander McQueen Faithful Glove Clutch is suited for the rockstar it is named after and her rockstar life. The glove handle is detachable, which means you can remove it and rock one leather glove in style a-la-Michael Jackson. There are two front zipped pockets and an internal zipped pocket. Net A Porter is carrying brown leather, but I still prefer the black leather version at Saks. Buy through Net A Porter for $995.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Beth

    Sorry Megs, but I think this is ridiculous!

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I agree with Beth; I am not a fan of this bag! Although the leather is nice looking and I like the hardware, the glove is just a tad silly for my taste. There is nothing appealing to me about a detachable glove on my clutch!


  • Linda

    I am sorry…but this bag is stupid looking and makes no sense.

  • Alana

    Oh I like it! I’m the odd woman out

  • papertiger

    I saw it in black at Libertys in London.

    Sorry, this is one is actually better in the picture – I just thought I could buy a cheaper bag clutch and stitch a lost driving glove onto it myself.

  • MizzJ

    What an odd bag, but leave it to McQueen to be original! I applaud his creativity, but would I buy it? No. I’d be too afraid the glove would detach while I was holding it!

  • Marissa Cooper

    I agree with MizzJ.

    I like it because it’s different from other clutches out there…very creative. I think it’s Rocker chic!

  • mette

    Ugh! I don´t like this one a t all!

  • Merve

    Marianne Faithful was the eternal groupie, dating all the rockstars. Thats how she became famous, not because she was an amazing singer or song writer. As for the clutch i think its original and funky, although the name needs revising.

  • tikiandbabu

    I like the concept, slip my hand into a great fingerless glove while clutching my clutch….would I buy it? Probably not – maybe on sale and then only in black.

  • cathealey

    I suppose it might work for someone that couldn’t grip but it’s not for me. I like to have both hands free. You can’t even conveniently tuck the bag under your arm without unsnapping it from your hand.

  • otter

    Silly conceptual piece. Someone call Posh (not Marianne) — her bag is ready for her next costume. Perfect for her to go grocery shopping at Ralphs for a head of lettuce and tears of a gypsy.

  • spanish moss

    oh, this clutch is a total hoot! it makes me giggle. if i owned it, it would make my daughter roll her eyes at me!

  • Mandy

    Leave it to McQueen. I am glad to hear the glove is detachable. I really like it w/out the glove. The leather looks yummy.

  • carla

    amazing ! i love it …….i’ve been to his shop on Bond Street and I goy myself a version without the glove…..but just so you all know….the glove is 100% detachable…. i’m soooooo happy with my clutch ! and i love it that i has got so many mixed comments…it makes it more unique ! no ???

  • Lacey


  • Lacey

    Actually, I’m disappointed.

  • Dupree

    From the moment I saw the bag it’s originality and creativeness caught my attention. This clutch requires a woman who confident in her sense of fashion and loves to take risk. She is trend setting and is willing to make a name for her self in the fashion world. It is more than a Alexander Mcqueen clutch, it is a piece of fashion history.

  • May

    I am totally digging this bag. VERY unique and is going along with the fashion trend coming up this season.