I had the distinct pleasure of inspecting some of Thom Browne’s leather goods up close a few months ago, and they’ve been on my mind ever since. Browne’s entire line is known for strict tailoring and painstaking attention to detail, and he carries that same meticulous nature over into his tightly edited collection of bags and travel pieces for men. I only wish that more designers were inclined to do the same.

Perhaps in an effort to appeal to a broad audience of male consumers, many of whom are concerned with not looking or feeling stereotypically “masculine” enough when carrying a bag, a lot of men’s accessory design can look at a tad overly casual at best; at worst, things get downright sloppy. Browne has no desire to reach a wide swath of average American men, though, so he makes his leather goods for those who want to look and feel anything but average. It would have been a downright treat to spot anyone carrying the Thom Browne Leather Suitcase during my travels this past holiday season, but alas, all I saw was a lot of tan canvas. And those were the highlights.

Admittedly, this bag has all the inconvenience of travel before the advent of the rolling suitcase, but it also has all of the glamour and romance. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a suitcase more genuinely luxurious than this one, with its impeccably smooth black calf leather, British construction and signature Thom Browne grosgrain lining. I’d gladly lug instead of roll in order to carry one of these on a future vacation. Buy through Thom Browne for $6,900.

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