Dua Lipa Makes a Case for Silver As a Neutral Last Week in New York

Not once, but twice...

Pop sensation Dua Lipa is quickly becoming known for her fashion choices as much as her musical talents. We’ve watched her style greatly evolve since bursting onto the scene with her debut album back in 2017, slowly defining her personal style with age.

Simply put, her looks are so freaking cool, partly because of how eclectic they are. Dua Lipa often mixes vintage finds with high fashion, and her outfits never disappoint. They feel distinct and effortlessly her.

The style star touched down in New York last week ahead of the release of her new album Radical Optimism, and with her came a variety of great bags.

Like us, Dua Lipa believes in the power of a great silver bag. So, if we haven’t convinced you yet, leave it to Dua Lipa, who made her case not once but twice last week while out and about in New York.

Gucci Horsebit Chain Shoulder Bag

Exhibit A: a silver Gucci Horsebit Chain Shoulder Bag. We’ve seen Dua Lipa rock this bag before; stars, they’re just like us! However, this time, she opted to pair it with anything but boring neutrals, and it’s the outfit’s cool proportions that feel very Dua Lipa.

Her high-slit maxi skirt is by Acne Studios, which complements a cool Courrèges denim moto jacket. Forever a fan of Bottega Veneta, a pair of knee-high Tex boots were the final touch.

Dua Lipa Gucci Horsebit Shoulder Bag Silver
Gucci Horsebit Chain Shoulder Bag, $3,590

Bottega Veneta Mini Beaded Jodie

Speaking of Bottega Veneta, Dua Lipa chose the coolest, and I mean the COOLEST, version of the fan-favorite Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie. While on her way to a listening party for the new album, which drops May 3rd. Allowing her bag to be the star of the show, the singer paired jeans with simple black pumps and a very Matrix-esque jacket.

Which look is your favorite?

Dua Lipa Bottga Veneta Siver Jodie
Bottega Veneta Beaded Mini Jodie, $5,200

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21 days ago

Still have that super cool beaded mini Jodie since it came out!