The Many Bags Of

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa

Taking a look at the British chart topper's eclectic, cool collection of bags!


Pop sensation Dua Lipa hit the music scene in 2017 with the release of her debut album. The British-born singer quickly rose to international stardom, and in 2018, her single ‘One Kiss’ peaked at number one in the UK and became the year’s longest-running number-one single by a female artist. It was only up from there, and her 2020 album Future Nostalgia garnered many accolades, from top-ten hits to six Grammy nominations.

Ms. Lipa is not only known for her musical talent but for her eclectic fashion sense and a myriad of designer partnerships. Dua Lipa has worked with several designers, walking the runway for Versace and Balenciaga to date. She first hit our radar in 2018, and it’s hard to believe that it has only been 4 years since she appeared on PurseBlog for the first time. Since then, Dua Lipa has been spotted out and about with some seriously coveted designer bags, and we thought it would be fun to take a look at how her collection has progressed over the last 5 years and progressed it has! See below the many bags spotted on Dua Lipa since 2017, from newest to oldest!

Vintage Prada, Balenciaga, Bottega and More!

As of late, Dua Lipa has been loving her Balenciaga, which is not all that surprising considering she works with the brand and probably has quite a bit of access to its bags. Even still, they suit her ultra-90s throwback style very well. This large version of the Le Cagole just works so well on her — she’s 5’8, so it doesn’t swallow her. Her height is also why this cool leather coat works so well, IMHO.

Honestly, I think Dua Lipa is the only person who could make this outfit work. From the ultra-tight neon dress to the rainbow sneakers (are those Asics or Balenciaga, seriously?) and her incredibly cool JW Anderson Bumper bag, there are few who could look good in this pairing.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 23

Leave it to Dua Lipa to debut the seasons most-hyped brand: Diesel. Her version of a Canadian Tuxedo is the only one I’d consider wearing.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 24

I’m not usually a fan of kitschy animations on bags, but Loewe can do no wrong, and neither can Dua Lipa, who wore her Spirited Away Hammock bag to the beach.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 21

This is exactly what I look like walking my dog around New York in the morning…not! Leave it to Dua Lipa to absolutely nail dog walking in style. She paired an under-the-radar cult favorite Luar Ana Mini Bag with sky-high croc boots.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 20

Luar Ana Mini Bag
via Nordstrom

As a street-style darling, Ms. Lipa is almost required to own at least one Telfar bag. I’d honestly prefer to see how she styles the mini (which I own and love), but here she’s got airport style down pat with a large Telfar shopper in sunny yellow.

Dua Lipa Many Bags of Telfar Bag

Dua Lipa was spotted on the streets of downtown NYC on this particular evening with her then-boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. She hit up Ray’s, a bar on the Lower East Side owned by Justin Theroux and others. I know because I, too, was there on this particular night when she wore yet another denim ensemble and carried a sparkly Alexander Wang mini bag.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 19

Honestly, no one wears leather better. This buttery matrix-style coat pairs so well with her Proenza Schouler bag.

If there’s one thing I love about Dua Lipa, it’s that her style is pretty unique. You never know what she’ll be seen wearing or carrying. Spoiler alert: this Thom Browne bag isn’t the only animal purse on this list…

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 18

A second point I’d like to make is that Dua Lipa seems to pick a favorite bag and wear it for a few weeks at a time. In the middle of the pandemic, her favorite was this Shoulder Pouch by Bottega Veneta. Dressed up or down, she makes it work.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 15

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 17
The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 16

I’m not really sure what this top situation is, but I’ll let it slide because her Chanel backpack is on point.

Dua Lipa joins a long list of celebs using their bags to hide from the paparazzi. This time, her Chanel Top Handle Flap was just the right size to block her face as she hurried into a car in New York wearing a patterned sweater and light wash jeans.

Early in 2020, just before the pandemic but right after Prada had re-released its iconic Nylon Shoulder Bag, Dua Lipa was spotted wearing leather (obviously) and carrying a vintage Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 10

IMHO I could care less about the tote bag, to be honest. I’m REALLY here for Dua’s vintage red Chanel Bomber jacket from the 80s. Hailey Bieber owns the same one, and I’ve searched eBay countless times for it. It is, unfortunately, out of my budget.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 9

Stalvey has been a favorite of the celeb set for a while. Known for its exotics, the brand boasts a range of fun colors, and of course, Dua Lipa chose a bright green neon.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 8

I guess neon green is a favorite color of hers. This time she paired a bright sherpa bomber jacket with a checkered Off-White Jitney bag.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 7

I remember seeing Dua Lipa in this bag when it first debuted and thinking I HAD to have it. Looking back now at her collection, Louis Vuitton is wildly out of the norm, so it’s not surprising that she was only spotted wearing the bag once.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 6

I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record at this point, but Dua’s collection of leather jackets seems to rival her bag collection. I need this coat, but I would also take this gigantic Chanel.

Ok, I’m now convinced that Dua Lipa and I are meant to be friends with our 6-degrees of separation. Here she is, standing outside of my favorite bodega on the Lower East Side with then-boyfriend Isaac Carew. She nails the girly but edgy look here, carrying a fun green mystery bag!

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 3

As promised, here’s our second animal purse of the bunch, a Panda bag by Loewe. I’m not sure where I was when this bag was released, but I love it and must have it.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 2

Loewe Panda Shoulder Bag
via Ann's Fabulous Finds

Here’s Dua Lipa very early in her career, wearing a fur-free fur jacket (say that three times fast) and carrying a lady-like Prada monochrome bag.

Dua Lipa Prada Monochrome Bag

We’ve made it to the very end of our compilation, and it starts a bit different from how it began, with a large Chanel Boy bag and a denim-clad Dua Lipa in London.

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa 1

Chanel Boy Bag
via Fashionphile


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  1. kang504 Avatar

    Great range. From classic to trendy to playful.

  2. daveloeweyou (Dave) Avatar
    daveloeweyou (Dave)

    The Loewe Panda bag is still on line.

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      Added to my list! I’ve always loved Pandas. As a kid, I begged for a trip to the DC Zoo so I could see them. I would love to own this one day! Especially as my collection gets to be more eclectic and fun.

  3. Jaime Avatar

    So she has literally every bag…a dream to have an unlimited budget. I will live vicariously through her. LOL

  4. DJ BEEBOO Avatar

    She needs to focus less on handbags and more on making quality music.

  5. psny15 Avatar

    She has the worst style for being such a pretty girl

  6. Dorothy Jonus Avatar
    Dorothy Jonus

    Looove the many bags of series!!!

  7. Yazi Avatar

    She’s very pretty but the clothes…

  8. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    I can tell that she has a lot of fun experimenting with different styles!

  9. Kaly Avatar

    I love this!! She really seems to have FUN with fashion!!

    1. Olivia Penzey Avatar
      Olivia Penzey

      I definitely have fun looking at it! People complain about how she dresses, but how boring would it be if everyone dressed in a very understated, tasteful way?

      1. Kaly Avatar

        Exactly!! You only live once so wear what make you happy!!

  10. Irene Avatar

    She is for the most part unrecognisable as a celebrity..
    Kills me she covers her face with her handbag so as not to be “snapped by the paparazzi “..
    Ok princess Diana..
    Pretty girl though, but very transient.

  11. rufiny Avatar

    I have fun looking at the color combo of her clothes and her representation of current trends, i.e., baggy “boyfriend” pants (I’m old not following current trends anymore 😅). I like how some of the tops fit on her that complimented her shape. Love the AW crystal clutch and the very relaxed BV pouch.

  12. Chigirl Avatar

    Seems like very typical super chaotic Gen Z fashion

  13. Maria Fernanda Isola Avatar
    Maria Fernanda Isola

    The mistery bag is from brazilian’s Wai Wai

  14. Maureen Avatar

    Her style is very unique. I appreciate it’s different than what I typically see!

    Maureen |