Chemena Kamali Brings Back the Chloé Paraty for Pre-Fall 2024

While the design process for Pre-Fall precedes a brand’s larger Fall collection, it is often revealed after the brand’s runway collection. Such is the case for Chloé this year, who unveiled its Pre-Fall 2024 collection earlier this week, the very first one designed by Chemena Kamali, the Maison’s new Creative Director.

By now, we have a pretty good idea of the direction Kamali will take after her runway debut earlier this year. However, Pre-Fall 2024 is really the beginning chapter, and it is there that the return to Chloé’s bohemian roots and revisiting of its core codes and distinct DNA began.

A Return to Romanticism

“As I begin my Chloé journey, I have intuitively embraced the spirit and codes of the house’s history; I want to capture the soul of the Chloé woman that I feel and love,” a press release for the collection read. Since its inception, Chloé has oozed an innately feminine spirit that is romantic and beautiful, and Pre-Fall 2024 is just that.

Pieces feel inherently Parisian, returning to the Karl Lagerfeld era of the 1970s, deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA. The Choé wardrobe is built on the idea of functional pieces that are both statement-making and timeless. RTW sees a beautiful palette of neutrals like tan and beige, with rose and cognac accents—all an ode to Chloé’s founder, Gaby Aghion.

Bags return to the idea of a lived-in feel, utilizing naturally tanned leather for a soft, effortless appeal. Shapes see the return of many distinct codes, like the Chloé lock and adorned handles. Not seen on the runway but new for Pre-Fall, the Chloé Paraty returns. A beloved favorite of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Chemena Kamali brings the Paraty back, and it feels so right sitting amongst this collection.

View the collection below. Images courtesy of Chloé.

The Collection

Chloe Pre Fall 2024
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 2 1
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 4
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 5
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 7
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 8
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 10
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 11
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 14
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 15
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 18
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 20
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 22
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 23
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 24
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 25
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 28
Chloe Pre Fall 2024 29 1

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25 days ago

It’s hard to have an opinion when most of these photos don’t give you a good look at the bag. For what I was able to see (some of the photos show more than others), it’s a mehhh. Not bags I’d want to own but not bags I’d actively dislike.

Carrie K
Carrie K
26 days ago

I honestly love everything from this collection! I think Chloe finally found another designer who understands the brand. My inner bohemian girl is very happy!

24 days ago
Reply to  Carrie K

This collection killed it. Everything was phenomenal. There’s a plaid coat I am now obsessed with from it.

26 days ago

I still have my Paratay. I don’t wear it often because it’s kind of heavy. It’s such good leather. I get compliments every time I wear it. Mostly because of the unusual shape.

25 days ago

This just confirms for me that I am in no way a Chloe person

22 days ago

I’m not sure why this collection has received such rave reviews. To me it’s very textbook Chloe, which is maybe what was missing from the previous creative direction of the brand. But nothing I saw felt fresh and exciting. It just feels like if you asked ChatGPT to design for Chloe or something. And the bags really aren’t that attractive or well designed. But I guess that’s why fashion is subjective!