Louis Vuitton Steamer Case

Many of my friends seem to all be engaged and planning their weddings. I keep receiving ‘save the date’ cards and keep wondering what I will wear and what I will buy for their gift. Better yet, I ponder what I will want from them at my not-planned wedding. Call me sick, but I enjoy thinking about my own wedding gifts in my sometime-in-the-hopefully-near-future-wedding. A gift that would have me bowing down at the givers feet would be a Louis Vuitton Trunk. I am determined to own an LV trunk and by-golly if I do not get one as a wedding gift I will use part of the gift money to buy one! Style.com had a mini idea section for good wedding gifts, and my eye got stuck on the Louis Vuitton Steamer Case. This case was first invented in 1901 as a smaller piece of travel luggage to be kept inside of the coveted LV Trunk. Gasp to the most perfect inside addition to the LV Trunk. The price is $3,050. So anyone who will be invited to my wedding, keep this post in mind! As usual, shop Louis Vuitton exclusively at eLuxury and this piece is available at select Louis Vuitton boutiques, (866) VUITTON. Try the lovely folks at Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour, Florida.

Via Style

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  • Erin

    Wow I didn’t think of asking for designer bags at my wedding. I missed my chance!

  • La Mott

    If that’s what I’m giving to the bride as a wedding gift I want first dibs on the action with the woman during the honeymoon. :razz:

  • merve

    kinda hermes-esque the style. Im a big LV fan but this seems a little copycat

    • elm

      The LV Steamer bag was invented in 1901. The Hermes Birkin bag was invented in 1984. :!:

  • BeCkY

    This bag is kinda big. But has a Louis Vuitton elegance to it. It can fit every thing I should know I have this one. I take it on every trip with me.

  • Kirsten

    :???: so im kinda lost. im looking for louis vuitton luggage but im looking for some that come in set. like some that come with the carry on and the suit cases all in one. if you know of anything like that please send me something about it asap. it is very very much apreciated.

  • ms.diamond

    so what is this again :?:

  • ccccem

    I thought this was used for storing laundry

  • Robert Ruiz

    I absolutely kick myself for not buying this back in 1986 when it cost “only” $900 and some change (and the Keepall Bandolier was about $300). The LV Steamer Bag originated as a bag to go inside an LV trunk and its function was simply to provide a place to put your dirty clothes between the time you wore them and there were enough to launder/have cleaned. That’s it. It’s the equivalent of a Hefty garbage bag! :) I don’t care. I love it as a suitcase. I always describe it as an elongated milk carton in shape.

  • Robert Ruiz

    Oh, and by the way. When it originated as a laundry bag it was made of canvas and looked like:


    No reason now that it’s in Monogram (plasticized canvas, I believe [also known as “Lousy Vy-nell”] you can’t use it as a suitcase if you want to).

  • Benicio

    @Megs: Hi, I do have one steamer bag (relatively new, not used but collected). If you did not get one for your wedding we can sort something out. What do you think?

  • Princess Adeleine

    Do not say im a spoiled brat for saying this but my dad will buy this for me, maybe even two new wallets.

  • Capone Noel

    i resently came across a vintage steamer bag from the 1920’s that i am inlove with it does have someone else anishals on it such as G.K. but i think of it as my favorite bag out of my whole collection of Vuitton

  • nonette santos

    found one among my mom’s bag collection. how do i clean it?

  • diane

    i own two of these one large one medium perfect condition used a hand full of times…they were special order items……if your interested email me quickly as i currently have them on consignment….squandrygoods@yahoo.com