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Is Designer Luggage Worth It?

My favorite carry-on bag is starting to look busted. It’s time for an upgrade.

After a recent trip across the country, I realized that my favorite carry-on duffle was starting to look really worn. It’s a great bag that’s served me well over the years, but it’s definitely seen better days. The holiday shopping season is approaching fast, so I’m officially on the lookout for a suitable replacement and wondering if I should use this opportunity to upgrade to something a little more lavish.

The way I see it, my carry-on luggage is certainly a bag I use a lot, so why not opt for something nicer if I’m able? However, I still have some doubts and am having trouble deciding if getting designer luggage would even be worth it.

Mainly for two reasons:

1. Fear of Theft

It’s commonly thought that it’s better to have luggage that stands out because it reduces the chances of your bag getting mixed up with those of others. It’s just easier to spot a vibrant one when hurriedly fishing through the sea of bags that were moved by a stewardess or had been stored under the plane at the last minute.

Something bright and bold seems ideal, and that gives me the option to choose from some pretty funky pieces. (I LOVE this Fendi embossed logo duffle, even though I don’t usually go for monograms.)

But at the same time, the thought of carrying something that is both designer and kind of ﹘ loud ﹘ makes me worry that it would increase the chance of my bag being a tempting target for someone with sticky fingers.

Honestly, it’s not really the thought of being in the airport with it that concerns me, but the thought of walking from a car or train drop-off to wherever I’m staying that does. The world is big, and not everywhere is as safe as we wish for it to be, so I try to be mindful of how I come off when moving through certain areas.

2. Quality Vs Price

A big reason I buy luxury bags is that, for me, the quality justifies the price (on top of them being cute.) I’m not afraid to admit when the quality of a bag is subpar or doesn’t meet my needs, no matter how expensive or revered its brand might be.

This makes finding a cute designer bag that can also handle being thrown around for years without falling apart seem like I’m asking for a lot. To increase my odds of getting something long-lasting, I’ve also considered getting a piece from a more trusted luggage brand.

But which? Even with this consideration, I’m still left with a few options:

  • Option 1: Get a bag from a fashion brand with a history of making luggage (Louis Vuitton; Goyard, Fauré le Page, etc.)
  • Option 2: Get a bag from a collab collection with a luggage brand. (Tumi X Missoni; Rimowa X Dior)
  • Option 3: Get a bag from an outdoorsy fashion brand that is now trying its hand at making luggage. (Moncler)

Decisions, decisions…

The options already seem endless, and I’m even open to getting a style that’s technically made for men.

Who knows. Maybe I’d just be better off scrapping the idea altogether and hitting up my local Macy’s for a new carry-on. Thankfully, I’ve still got time to decide.

But what do you all think? Is designer luggage worth it?


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