Thanks to Amanda for holding down the virtual PurseBlog fort while Vlad and I spent Christmas in Germany and the Czech Republic. I planned to do some work while abroad, but we spent every minute of every day exploring new cities and taking in the culture (and cuisine). For this reason, I took a straight eight days off work and it was glorious. But now I am back and Amanda will get a little downtime before 2012 begins.

I’m not the only person who spent the holidays traveling, as this is the season for millions to leave home. I have finally come along to the idea of having a more luxurious carry on bag, and the Bottega Veneta leather travel trolley is my latest want.

Ok, so I know it seems like a total waste to spend money on bag that gets banged up and thrown in the dirty luggage scanning belt, but I still have an easier time justifying an expensive carry on versus expensive checked baggage. Bottega Veneta is known for their premium leathers and superb quality, and that gets me thinking that this trolley would be the ultimate luxury.

The chocolate intrecciato leather is the perfect hue of neutral that will also not show wear as quickly as other colors. The black acetate handle extends as you would expect from any trolley and the inside has a zip-fastening compartment, padlock, and detachable protective twill sleeve. Seeing as how Bottega’s classic Veneta bag costs nearly $3,000, the price tag for this spacious piece of luggage seems reasonable. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $4,900.

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  • camilla

    It’s nice nothing to say but for the price…do they think to be Hermes???

    • Eleanor

      (You know you’re talking about Hermes when $5000 seems like a bargain….) The price is high, yes, and I would never be able to afford it – like most of the population, I’m sure – but I think that it is inexpensive compared to Hermes. I mean, some of their all-leather day-time caryalls (like the Evelyne) hover around $2000-$3000, so I’m guessing that this suitcase, if made by Hermes, would be closer to $7000. IMHO. I might be wrong.

  • mimi

    was just looking at this one yesterday !! <3

  • rose60610

    Unless I had a private jet (not gonna happen) I wouldn’t carry expensive luggage. I’ve been in situations where the airline even made me check my carryon. I would be afraid to carry an expensive luggage bag that screams “Please steal me after it’s checked”. My luggage is nice enough not to get sneered at in nice hotels, but wouldn’t be the first target for somebody with sticky fingers. The Bottega is pretty, though.

    • Eleanor

      My luggage ALWAYS gets lost, misplaced, or delayed (Air Canada has misplaced it every time I’ve taken a flight with them), so I get where you’re coming from! Even if the expensive luggage makes it safely from place A to place B, it still has to tumble down to the luggage carousal. Even as carry-on, it will end up getting rammed into an overhead bin and its corners worn ragged. Considering the abuse luggage goes through just through routine flight events, expensive luggage is not happening for me.

  • Dana

    Looovee Bottega. I think they make some of the nicest leather! Therefore, if I had 4k to drop on a luggage piece, this would be nice to have. And of course, this baby would not be checked.

  • marinaharbour

    Love to travel with nice luggage! This Bottega is very cute but I can’t afford it! I just bought the DVF on the go collection with red chainlink, I just love it. it has a separate box for the shoes it’s really so comfortable for traveling on weekends !! I really recommend it! ( I know it’s not leather but… the price is very reasonable)

  • Leda

    this one , at least, looks like natural, kind of less personal then others of the great marks, not too much fashion, what, for sure, wil l call all the attentions to the luggage someone carrys along their trips in the airports, a potential danger do those who cares for someone else belongings

  • Kathryn

    I love the luggage posts! I am in love with luggage bags, of every kind. And summer’s coming up. Better start looking for some nice, sturdy bags.

  • My mom would love this bag and love to see me with it.  She makes fun of my luggage when I travel back home to visit.  She believes in great luggage as well as you should dress well to travel.