Valentino Buffalo Handle Bag

If there is any basic bag type that I would advise every woman to have (and why not some men too!), it is the tote. Why you may ask? Well because of its versatility. Honestly, who doesn’t need a big bag to lug around everything important in your life? From college to mommies to the work force, a tote will help you out. As many of you know, I’m a lover of big bags. In my dream world, when I see a bag that I love, I would be able to buy it right away. So for my dream today, I would be buying and awaiting a new tote from Valentino. The Valentino Buffalo Handle Bag is perfectly designed from tan buffalo with corded trim and tan stitching. The focal point of the bag is where the handles meet the body of the bag. Here you will find wooden rings with blue rhinestone accents. That is simply to die for. Many of us always want a practical tan bag, but would love for it to have a little something extra. To me, this bag is near perfect and I am drooling over here- just ask Vlad ;-). The body of the bag is pieced and the rest of the hardware and studs are golden which compliments the tan perfectly. This bag measures 9″H x 15″W x 5″D. I wish my dream would come true today, because I would definitely buy this bag. So if any of you want to make my dream day come true, or of course you could just be selfish and make your own come true- but put me, wait I mean yourself on the pre-order list for $1650 through Bergdorf Goodman.


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